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Here you will find Links to our Courses, how to register for a course after registering for the school, quizzes and tests for each course, the syllabus and schedule of Assignment due-dates and submission instructions to post your Class Assignments on the passworded Student Showcase, plus the class-schedule for real-time chat meetings. 

Course Name Online Quizzes Available Course Syllabus with Enrollment Instructions,  Assignments & Schedule Required Reading   Classes In Real Time Chat
"The Essence of Story" Quiz One: "The Essence of Story"  by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.
Take this quiz BEFORE and AFTER working through the entire course.   Save your answers and compare to your answers at a later date.  You'll be surprised what wisdom you will discover in your own words.
Syllabus with Assignment details and instructions.  Theme-Conflict Integration

When Plot Conflicts With Theme

Conflict Generates Plot

Choosing a Protagonist

Conflict Workshop Post dated Jan 1997

Conflict=Story & Writer's Block

Conflict in a Fantasy Romance by Jean Lorrah

Conflict, both internal and external, Goals, and Motivations. You will see a red herring outlined and then fixed.

  Movies and Television Shows as Textbooks

The Character Driven Plot

Plot-Character Integration &

The "Homework" mentioned above is not to be turned in.  You may, however, choose to post it  on the WorldCarfters open, non-passworded discussion boards and then invite teachers or others to comment on that open board. 

Keep in mind that these postings will remain there for future students to read.  

  How to Find our Classroom

Use Class Log Index to find logs of Classes 1-3

Class #1

Required reading for Class #1: Zhag&Tonyo


Class #2

July 4th, 1999, log posted

Class #3


Impromptu class workshopping three students through Assignment 7.

Thanks to Karen Litman for cleaning up our Logs for posting.

"The Radio Play"   The Radio Play Radio Example 1   TO BE ANNOUNCED IN WORLDCRAFTERS-L


ON THE QUIZ PAGE:  Do not expect the "help" and "hint" buttons to work.  Don't be dismayed if you click "check" and are told your answer is INCORRECT or has only one word correct.  After you've written your answer (and pasted it into a text file to keep it), click "SHOW ANSWERS" to see a short discussion of the possibilities. 

More complete discussions are posted in the Workshop.  If you've read the Workshop posts, you'll be able to answer these questions, but if you really understood the Workshop posts, your answers will not match anything stored in this online quiz.  They will be wholly original answers.   This program does NOT submit your answers for scoring by our teachers.  You may, however,  choose to post your answers to the non-passworded, open Bulletin Boards of WorldCrafters-L and invite other students and teachers to comment. 

If there is a question you can't answer, you can hunt for the answer in the workshop. 

Always remember, "Writing is a Performing Art."   There are no "right" answers, only useful ones. 

Quizzes presented here were made on Half-Baked Software's excellent software.   Teachers check this site out.




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