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The first volume of the reissue of all of Jean Lorrah and Winston Howlett's Savage Empire books will be published in February. SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING contains the first three volumes of the series, the story of Lenardo, the Master Reader (telepath), who must venture into the land of the savages who can cause fires, move mountains--and very easily stop human hearts. There he meets Aradia, Lady Adept. Love, war, and politics become inextricably combined. May be pre-ordered at Amazon .



2004 conventions are now scheduled. Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg will be on hand at most of the conventions throughout the year. For more information please reference the links provided or contact WESTERCON WORLDCON WRITERCON LEPRECON

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Jacqueline Lichtenberg will speak at the Creation Con in Phoenix on Feb 15, 2004. The show is to be held from noon until 6 PM. Topics will include discussions on SEVEN SEASONS OF BUFFY: SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS DISCUSS THEIR FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOWS. More information can be found at

Ms. Lichtenberg will also be signing SEVEN SEASONS OF BUFFY and THOSE OF MY BLOOD at the Barnes and Noble in Chandler, AZ (Fashion Center Mall at I-10 and Chandler Blvd) on January 25, 2004.



SEVEN SEASONS OF BUFFY: SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS DISCUSS THEIR FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOW ed. Glenn Yeffeth has articles on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER by the following writers: David Brin, Sarah Zettel, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Laura Resnick, JACQUELINE LICHTENBERG, JEAN LORRAH, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Nancy Kilpatrick, Peg Aloi, MARGARET CARTER, Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, Christie Golden, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Marguerite Krause, Justine Larbalestier, Carla Montgomery, Michelle West, and Scott Westerfield.

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I'm a Domain Operations Assistant Manager here at Sime~Gen Inc., and I'm honestly still learning what my function here is. In a lot of ways, my mission statement is very simple: keep track of things that need doing, and nudge them along where it's appropriate. Sort of a global assistant type. The notion, in it's simplest form, is that by doing this, I free up the ladies JL from some amount of administrivia so that there's more time for what's *really* important: writing more about the Sime~Gen for everyone. I'm a true newbie around these parts, but I read my first Sime~Gen novel when I was a teeny-bopper back in Paducah, Kentucky. I never forgot the emotional reaction I had to the some ways simple, other ways enormously complex universe, and last fall, it came to me out of the blue to google for Jean Lorrah, through whose home page I landed at
I wandered around merrily for a while, taking note of corridors that looked a bit under construction, and eventually noticed the little sign that said, 'Help Wanted.' Without thinking much about it, I sent off an email to, and introduced myself as a professional project manager and amateur writer, after which Jacqueline swept me into this grand enterprise, where I happily muck about regularly trying to sort things out and move things along and generally be useful. Got a project going on 'round these parts? Drop me a line at , and I'll put it on a list and check it twice :-)



I've been working for for about three years. I started out editing the Perspectives newsletter and did that for almost three years until it became too routine for me. I'm a dilettante by nature and need a change from time to time. Even in my mundane life, I do that. About a year ago, I took on review domain duties to post reviews in the mainstream section and then the science fiction section. Now the structure of reviews is being totally revised. I took over the overall reviews operation at the beginning of this year when the previous coordinator suddenly resigned. Since I'd been around, it was not as difficult for me to take over as someone else from outside.

I also do author interviews for Carol Castellanos's area. I interview mystery authors. I still post the Perspectives newsletter online after it's been sent out by e-mail.

I have relatively flexible hours, as I do not have a regular job. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in 1999 and am unable to work full-time.
-- Laurraine Tutihasi


Rereadable Books Column Update


THOSE OF MY BLOOD by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is a vampire-romance-intrigue novel available for the first time in a new affordable trade paperback edition in October 2003. Read free chapters at or find it on amazonoften at a good discount.

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Books For Soldiers is a soldier support site that ships books, DVDs, and supplies to deployed soldiers and soldiers in VA hospitals via our large volunteer network. If you have old but usable paperback books sitting around, collecting dust, why not send them to a solider for a big morale boost?

Operation Paperback is a non-profit, all-volunteer, grassroots organization of family, personal friends, and Web friends who collect gently used books and send them to American troops deployed overseas [read instructions carefully}



In addition to availability direct from the publisher, TO KISS OR TO KILL is now available for pre-order on at a discounted price.
trade paperback
hard cover edition.
Pre-order your copy of DREAMSPY in trade paperback (April 2004 release) at . DREAMSPY has three free chapters available to view prior to its April release. Check them out at Pre-order your copy of SAVAGE EMPIRE:PROPHECIES, also at SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING will be available in Feb. 2004 at



Promote and advertise your books on Banners, newsletter ads, book cards. LOW Rates. SPECIAL OFFERS for authors and publishers.

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Each Year, on New Year's day, Sime~Gen fans and domain staffers gather in an online chatroom to discuss events of the previous year and vote on who should receive our various achievement the Digen Farris Meritorious Service Award and the Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Award. To view this years recipients, check out


Check out our EVER-GROWING E-BOOK collection. New titles in romance, SF, and everything in-between! Introducing PAPERBACKS -- of our popular titles with more on the way...

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DREAMSPY reviews have now been posted, and are available to read at the link below. There are reviews of Dreamspy by an award winning Romance writer, a well known Mystery writer, and a Nebula Award Winning sf writer, plus the tribute from the Music Industry. This is truly a novel, which has true cross-genre appeal.



AD: In 1776, Benjamin Thompson, a Loyalist spy, makes a deal with Lord Germain that he would time travel to the future, steal the Declaration of Independence, time travel back to 1774, and sell the Declaration to him. In 2276, Huey T. Stone wants to destroy the Declaration and replace it with his own brand of history. Who will succeed with his plans? What will be the course of American and World History? Order SACRED HONOR - .

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This month on simecenter, see all new stories and artwork, including One family remembers Christmas Eve 1943: "Forever Hero" by Ed Murphy You can get lost in the dimensions of: "Flector" by G.B. Chew.



Cafe Press now has Starred Cross T-shirts, mugs, hats, tote bags, mouse pads, stickers, Frisbees available at . Also check out the Orange Rabbit shop and Nessie merchandise at Café Press. Gorgeous artwork by Patric Michael -- take a look even if you're not buying today. If there's a Cafe Press item you want that isn't offered, just write Lois at and she'll get it ready for you to order.

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The spotlights section of currently needs interviewers, spotlight posting personnel, an assistant spotlights gatemaster, and a keygifts store manager.

We are also requesting an Assistant Reviews Co-ordinator - duties include covering when other staff are unable to perform tasks. We are almost finished revamping our reviews section and expect activity to be at a constant high level. We're looking for a versatile quick learner able to put in some time daily. Pluses are good command of the English language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, in that order,) some computer experience or ability to learn, and an interest in books. Direct all inquiries to



Check out our EVER-GROWING E-BOOK collection. New titles in romance, SF, and everything in-between! Introducing PAPERBACKS -- of our popular titles with more on the way...

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All Night Read section:


Dark Eye by Steven Roger Cowan


It's d'PITS by Dr. David J. Hibler Sr. (articles about American Pit Bull Terriers a subject near to my heart)


Changing The Odds: The Deviants #2 by Treva Harte

World Enough: The Deviants #3 by Treva Harte


Eyes of Deceit by Patricia Rasey

Hunters Prey by Neil Howard


Slave Ring: Clan Brujah Trilogy #1 by Tim Dedopulos

Bedtime Read:


House Call to the Past by Janet Elaine Smith

Improbable Solution by Judith B. Glad


At the Stroke of Midnight: : 24 Steps from Hell or Worse.... by Steven Manchester and Victoria Valentine


Crescendo by L. Marie Wood

Eyes of Betrayal by Patricia Rasey


Silk Garters by M.A. duBarry

Unchartered Waters by J.L. Copeland


Before Night Falls by Jeya Jenson

Blood Ruby by M.A. duBarry

Eric The Guardian: Book #2 of the Raven Series by Rhiannon Neeley

Virgin Blood by Margaret Carter

Child of Twilight by Margaret Carter

Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzanne

Full Moon Inheritance by Jacqueline Elliot

Heart's Desires & Dark Embraces by Margaret Carter (Vampires & Elves)


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Author spotlights


Romance articles

Book reviews by Jacqueline Lichtenberg



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