Steve Manchester

This consists of two stories each filled with trials, tribulations, emotion, faith and ultimately love.

Three Shoeboxes is a story of a husband and father who due to things he doesn’t quite understand himself loses everything. His wife, his children, his job and worst of all himself. However, the story doesn’t stop there. It is a story of love and faith as well. After losing his family and realizing just how low he has fallen, Dennis sets about rebuilding his life and regaining at least part of his family the very best he can.

Gooseberry Island, is the story of the lessons we all learn during out time on earth. In this story meet David and Lindsey two people made for each other. We follow David and Lindsey from their meeting, to their courtship and beyond. In this story we are taught how love and faith can keep you going even when you think you can go on no more.

Most of the time, my first remark to short stories are just that, they are too short. However, both these stories are so well written that they are complete just as they are.

This book is another testament to Steve Manchester’s skill as an author.


Amber Quill Press

Erotic – Fantasy

In all honesty this reviewer had misgivings when beginning this book. As a die hard Charlotte Boyett-Compo fan I couldn’t pass this book up. However, I had never read one such as this from Charlee and was afraid what if I don’t like it? What if this brilliant author can’t write erotic stories? It wouldn’t be the first time I had read a favorite author who tried a different genre and I was disappointed. However, this was not the case. I not only enjoyed the book, but I intend to read more of this genre from Charlotte Boyett-Compo.

Silk Trevor is sent undercover to Mistrals Cay to help find a man with a birthmark in a very private place. This man’s mother is determined to find him regardless of what it takes. This leaves Silk in a very precarious position since Mistrals Cay is a nudist colony that caters to the exotic wishes of women.

Once Silk arrives at the island and sets about trying to find her mystery man, she finds there is more than one mystery afoot. The owner of the island is a mystery, Silks feelings for the man in the mask that has been trying to seduce her is another. The largest mystery is finding the man with the birthmark. Over all while trying to solve the mysteries Silk comes to enjoy her stay on the island.

This book is full of sensuality and is very well written.

Kate Douglas
Ellora’s Cave

Genre-Erotic Futuristic

This is a follow up to Kate Douglas’s first book about the Lion people of Mirat.

Jenna Lang falls asleep after a not so satisfactory encounter with an ex-coworker and wakes up 100 years in the future. As if that isn’t shocking enough the first thing she notices is she is chained to a bed. Jenna has somehow not only woken up in the future but she is the prisoner of a Lion. A lion of all things like they are real. Well it seems they are real and actually very sexy erotic creatures. It seems that one of Jenna’s deep dark fantasies may just come true.

While Jenna is in a time and place she doesn’t know she decides to make the best of it. First off she and her captor become involved and fall in love. This is a feat unto itself since up until now her captor Garen has never wanted anything to do with a human before. Of course it may have something to do with the prejudices his father has tried to instill in him about humans.

Jenna also comes to the discovery that she has some Psychic abilities, a thing that is considered bad to some on earth. This could be a help to the other psychics on earth who are trying to keep themselves alive, but may also be what gets Jenna killed.

I found this a very erotic and entertaining story. I couldn’t stop reading till the end. I look forward to reading many more books from this author.


Adrienne Kama
Extasy Books


Raven is an angel that had been banished to what we know as hell. One day the angel Michael summons him from below and tells him the one above has a job for him. Raven is to seek out Charity the half- human half Nephilim, tell her what she is. Raven is then to seek out and deliver Charity to the beastman Figlio as an offering in hopes that he will back up the angels in case of war.

Should Raven do this all his past indiscretions will be forgiven. There are just two things that stand in Raven’s way of achieving this. One there is Azriel another angel that seeks Charity out for his own purposes. The other is the fact that Raven has a weakness for beautiful women, and he has been forbidden to love or consort with Charity in any way.

Should Raven fail in his mission the future of all man could be very dismal. Between Azriel, and Raven’s own desires the outcome of the mission is at stake. Raven seems to be falling in love with Charity against his orders. This leaves for very erotic situations, and intrigue galore. I absolutely loved this book and am waiting eagerly for the follow up.


Terry Campbell
LTD Books

Romance-Time Travel

Frankie Matthews has come home to Craig Knoll for a visit. Over the years she has never been able to stay away long. She has also never been able to figure out what her attraction to the place is. Yes, she loves the place. Yes, her aunt and uncle are there, but there is something else. Something intangible that she can’t seem to explain. Could it be her dreams?

Every time Frankie is at Craig Knoll she dreams of a man she doesn’t know and has never met, Ben Craig. Little does Frankie know that the dreams, imaginary kisses on the cheek, smell of magnolias and caresses she feels are real. Actually, who would think there was such a thing as a ghost? Or that a ghost can actually make you feel things or invade your dreams, but that is what is happening to Frankie.

Ben Craig was real, and now is a real ghost. Ben has come to the conclusion that Frankie is the only one that can save him from his past, a very unhappy past in which he dies. Thus to achieve his means to an end so to speak he sets about seducing Frankie. If all this isn’t enough, Frankie has something even more unbelievable happen, she is thrust somehow into the past. A past where Ben Craig lives still, but does not know Frankie.

Frankie must pose as a visiting cousin until she can find a way back to her own time. Some how though while trying to find a way back to her own time Frankie falls in love with Ben. If truth be told he too is in love with her, though he won’t admit it. But of course things aren’t going to be very simple for either of them. Frankie must get used to life in the past, a life with none of the modern conveniences she is been used to having.

Frankie also finds out she is truly Ben’s only salvation, but how to make him see that? In order to save Ben from the fate originally set out for him Frankie must make Ben fall in love with her. How can she doe that when he seems at every turn to find another reason not to trust her? How to keep Ben’s shrew of a sister-in-law from sinking her hooks into Ben now that her husband has died? How is Frankie to keep everyone from finding out who she is and where she truly comes from?

The ultimate question is if she overcomes all the other obstacles will she be able to save Ben from his what fate has in store for him? Personally, I felt this book was riveting and well worth reading. It left very few questions unanswered. I also truly enjoyed seeing the reality of a modern woman traveling to the past would face. This book is very much recommended to anyone loving a good romance.


Kathryn R. Blake
New Concepts Publishing


Life has chosen a hard path for Claire to follow. Her mother Marguerite is dying of cancer, her brother Robert has aids and she is trying to hold it all together. It breaks Claire’s heart every time she visits her mother. All Claire can do is keep praying for a miracle, one that she knows probably isn’t going to come.

When Germaine the son of Andre’ a previous lover from Marguerite’s past shows up to visit Claire is drawn into a whole new world she never knew existed. First it so happens that Germaine is the one producing the musical that Claire is staring in. Marguerite keeps insisting Germaine is actually Andre, all Claire can do is chalk it up to Marguerite’s failing health. Claire’s own boyfriend Harry isn’t to crazy about Germaine which also doesn’t matters much. Not to mention the fact that Claire walks in on Germaine kissing Marguerite as if he were her lover, not the son of one.

As if all this isn’t enough Claire and Germaine fall in love. She finds out he is actually Andre’ and is a vampire, and didn’t keep her mother from dying. Even though Germaine wouldn’t save Marguerite and Claire must struggle with that fact she sets about trying to ensnare Germaine into at the very least saving Robert. As if this isn’t enough going on, Harry doesn’t like Claire and Germaine’s relationship thus tries to make trouble. Germaine has a few enemies out there that Claire knows nothing about and Claire finds out there is a whole world she never imagined.

There is a whole vampire culture in the world there that most humans are never exposed too. Claire has not only come in contact with this culture, but has now become subject to the petty squabbles, wars, vendettas, relationships and even the laws that govern their society. This makes for a book well worth reading. I was not only pleasantly surprised to find it was one of the longer e-books I read, but one of the best I’ve read all year. This is not only a good vampire book, it is a good book in general. I would recommend it to anyone. I personally hope for a follow up book very soon.

Wieck, Fleming, Griffin et al.
White Wolf Publishing


This is the beginning of the end of a much loved story line by White Wolf Fiction. Many books have come out over the years in the World of Darkness line. I for one have been a dedicated reader and still have many of their books in my personal to be read pile. I found the prologue and the guide in the back of the book to be very helpful in learning who the different clans are and their affiliation. The guide also gives insight into who some of the key players are.

I started this book not knowing it was the first novel to what will lead up to Gehenna, but as you read further it becomes apparent there is almost no other way it can end. Gehenna is the name given to the time when the Antidiluvians (ancients of the race) rise up and devour the Kindred. For those who follow Vampire the Masquerade books, TV series (Kindred The Embraced), and role-playing games this is not a new term. However, I would be willing to bet that not many thought Gehenna would ever come. I myself have conflicting feelings on the ending of a beloved series of books.

The book itself consists of previously published story lines that are happening concurrently as well as new stories or facets of the old stories. Each story leads up to an all out war between the Camarilla and the Sabbat in Atlanta, Georgia. At the beginning I found it slow going, then upon further reading I found more of the characters I have either come to love or hate from previous books. I think anyone reading these books will find they are siding with one or another of the characters. It’s almost unavoidable. The authors spin their respective tales to artfully that you can’t help being drawn into someone’s story.

This is definitely a sad parting for dedicated readers, yet at the same time, I look forward to the rest of the Clan Saga Novel series as well as other books in the Vampire The Masquerade line.

Nancy & Michael Kilpatrick
Five Star Publishing


Claire Mowatt and her son David haven’t been having an easy time of it lately. First, she loses her husband David’s father to a freak accident, now she loses her aunt. To make matters worse her aunts body hasn’t even been recovered, she has inherited her aunt’s land and is in the middle of a land dispute so to speak.

It seems the owners of the newest addition to the Eternal City’s living communities wants to buy Claire’s land. Claire’s first inclination is to sell. Although her aunt loved the land, it’s not a place Claire actually cares to live, and she could use the money for David’s education. On the other hand, there are neighbors pressuring Claire not to be another sell-out. They don’t want to give up their land to some developer that wants to turn it into a private parking lot for the tenants of the community.

While all this seems quite a forthright deal where developers want the land and the tenants don’t want to sell it truly isn’t. There is a mystery afoot. For one thing it seems anyone not wanting to sell eventually turns up dead. Just like Claire’s aunt. Not to mention the fact that something is polluting the lake so bad that no one can swim in it without getting sores and ulcers on their body. Something about the members of Eternal City is just not quite right. They seem to perfect, no wrinkles, perfect clothing, just not normal almost as if they are playing at being human. Of course that’s silly, isn’t it? Really there couldn’t be any connection between the new community and the lake pollution could there? Even when the tests come back that the lake is polluted by a very potent feces, one never seen before except in bats. However, considering amount of pollution found in the lake the bats would have to be six feet tall. But, there couldn’t be bats that big living in the area someone would have seen them wouldn’t they? Well they should have, and if they did they would report it wouldn’t they?

Even though her aunt Lillian loved the land Claire may still sell, though Gord one of the land tenants tries to convince her otherwise. All of this comes to a head when Claire’s son David and Gord’s son sneak into the city and see something they truly weren’t prepared for. Now Claire must go in after the boys alone, since Gord is out of town personally taking the land and water samples to be tested. Claire is truly unprepared for what she finds. Everything in Eternal City is truly worse than anyone could imagine. It seems humans are not the only intelligent life on earth, and very possibly not the dominant one.

Be prepared for a whole different look at vampires with this book. For anyone wanting an old traditional Dracula type book this is not for you. However, for anyone wanting a new fresh look at vampires, and the possibility that humans are not the only thing that has evolved on earth this is perfect for you. As a fan of this author I can say I’ve never been disappointed with any of her books. As a reviewer, I can say this author has a uniqueness and quality to her writing that isn’t always easy to find in a book these days.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
BenBella Books
October 2003 Reprint

Vampire – Science Fiction/Romance

I was pleasantly surprise with this book. Personally I am not normally a Science Fiction fan of any sub-genre. I have found very few SF Vampire books that I truly enjoyed. However, I can say that due to the quality of the writing and the story line I enjoyed this book to the end.

The essence of the story is that there are vampires living secretly on earth. These vampires are another species, very possibly from outer space. The vampire community is divided into two factions. One believes that humans are no more than cattle and that vampires are the higher species. This faction believes they should rule over humans, not have to live in secret. They also believe if they can reach their ancient race in outer space they will be able to achieve this goal.

The other faction on the other hand, believes humans are equals and should be treated thusly. They also believe that reaching the ancient race will be a disaster and that the race will look down on them for being half bloods. This faction does not even drink real blood. They drink a synthetic blood substitute.

Due to these differences the two factions are in a silent war. One to reach the ancients of their blood the other to stop the first and avoid disaster. Both factions end up on a space base on Luna in order for one to attempt communications and the other to sabotage the communications and possibly save humans and vampires alike.

During all the action there is a romance happening as well as murder, deceit, and all the other good emotions that make a great book. In ending I would say this book is great for anyone. I totally enjoyed this book. It’s a romance, science fiction, vampire and action. Something for most readers.

Charlaine Harris
Ace Books
May 2003

Vampire – Mystery

This is another delightful addition to Charlaine Harris’s vampire series. The book starts with Sookie’s romantic partner Bill (Vampire) being sent on a secret mission by the Queen of Louisiana. Bill gets kidnapped and now Sookie is in danger also. To make matters worse, Sookie has felt something wrong with her and Eric’s relationship lately and soon finds out just how bad things can be. Eric has been lying to Sookie, he never went on a secret mission, he is having an affair with another vampire. This revelation turns Sookie’s life upside down.

Bill has been cheating, and planned on leaving Sookie when he was kidnapped. Now Eric and others need Sookie’s help to rescue Bill. Hmm. It seems like Sookie is in a predicament. Right now she feels as if she could kill Bill herself, yet she truly doesn’t want to see him hurt. So Sookie agrees to help to save the same man that has hurt her to the quick. There is much danger, intrigue and almost a romance or two in the process.

Personally while I loved this book I was a bit disappointed that Bill had cheated on Sookie. Even some of the most jaded reader like to see a happy-ending with certain characters. I’m interested in seeing where these characters go in the next book. This reviewer is thinking since Bill and Sookie broke up the door is open for another to take his place, maybe Eric or possibly that sexy were she met recently.

Tarot Six of Wands

Jackie Rose
Extasy Books

Vampire – Humorous short novella

I won’t go into the major particulars story since it is short.

Essentially the story is about a young woman that is a campaigner for a politician. This woman is accosted by a vampire and is changed against her will. She doesn’t let this stop her from what she feels is write however. She actually goes about trying to get those of her kind to back her politician.

I did enjoy this story and found it a welcome change of pace.

Stephanie Burke

Vampire, Shapeshifter – Erotic Romance

I read this book quite some time ago but have just gotten the chance to write the review. This book is about Dark a Wolfen girl who must marry the king of the Vampesi in order to unite the two clans. Both clans are not to happy with the arrangement either. Of course neither is Dark at first. Truly if not for the promise to her dying parents that she would fulfill the terms of the contract Dark would never have thought of such a thing.

Now that she has agreed though there are many obstacles put their paths. Both Vampesi and Wolfen alike do not want the joining and will do much to keep it from happening. Dark must not only face these dangers, but the one danger she never expected. She is beginning to have feelings for this man, the Vampesi king. But can he have feelings for her too or is he just fulfilling the contract as a means to an ends? The unfolding to this story is one not to be missed.

This is the first story I read by this author. I found it very interesting and hear that there are soon to be sequels. I for one will be looking forward to them.

Kate Hill
Changeling Press

Erotic – Vampire

Mel is a vampire who would like a mate that is more than her equal. She wants an old fashioned relationship where the man is in charge. This is a thing hard to find when you are a vampire and for the most part equal in strength to other vampires. Mel has been dreaming of an ancient, one who can love her yet also be more than just another vampire.

This is what leads Mel to Zigor’s brothel, he’s and ancient rumored to give woman pleasure like no other. All those who visit him once wish to come back again. More important he is known for having that Alpha type personality, something that very much appeals to Mel. Thus Mel contracts to be with Zigor for a full twenty four hours. What Mel doesn’t know is that she could be in for much more than she bargained on. I found this to be very erotic and very good. This is an excellent read for any erotica reader.

A. Leigh Jones
Imajinn Books
June 24, 2004
Trade Paperback

Vampire – Romance

Olivia Peters is a woman with a unique talent. She can feel the dead prior to their crossing. She knows how they feel, what they think and what happened. This talent makes her a valuable asset to the funeral home she works in and to the police that she is hired out as a consultant to.

The world Olivia lives in is like ours, but different. Sometimes the dead don’t stay dead, were animals are real and so are vampires. With the talent Olivia has this makes for a very busy and interesting life. Olivia’s life is about to get even more interesting. It seems there is an ancient and powerful vampire killing people and the head vampire in town seems to think Olivia is the only one able to help catch him.

This in and of itself would make for a very busy but interesting life. Yet there is even more, Olivia must have close contact with the local were-leopard Rahjann, which is something she really isn’t looking forward too. Olivia was attacked by a were-leopard years ago and still has some lasting effects. One of those is an intense dislike for were-leopards. Between the rogue vampires, the were-leopards, her own issues and the rest the world Olivia has a full plate.

Personally I enjoyed this book and hope to see more like it. It wasn’t the typical vampire yet is was very interesting. The plot was great, loved the world the author built and the characters all had their own personalities. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Ellora’s Cave
September 2004

Erotic – Vampire/Werewolf

Jameela has been trained in the art of pleasuring a man. Her destiny is to become the wife of a Conclave member. Which member she does not know since it depends on who wins her. This in itself is scary not knowing what kind of husband you could end up with, but when your heart belongs to another it’s much worse. Jameela has grown very fond of her trainer, Dagan, the one who has taught her all she knows of pleasuring a man.

Luck is with Jameela as she is to be wedded to the Conclave’s Grand Master himself. By wedding the Grand Master Jameela will only have to please him, and not whomever her husband wishes to share her with. While she pledges to be the best wife she can be her heart truly belongs to Dagan. When Jameela meets her husband she is truly in for a terrific shock. She has just wedded her hearts desire’s twin, Hagan or so she thinks. Jameela is then informed she has married both Hagan and Dagan. Hagan to produce an heir to the throne and Dagan to spend her time with since Hagan can not walk.

Jameela has been granted her heart’s desire. Well until Dagan must ride out to solve an issue with the blood drinking Ordonese. Dagan is taken prisoner and Neith the first female reaper takes a liking to him. Life as they know it for all is about to take a drastic turn of events.

As a long time fan of this author I have never read a book I didn’t like by her. That said this story was a very pleasant surprise. With this being only the second erotic story I have read by this author I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when this author combined Reapers and erotic writing. I found I am now looking forward to what I hope is the to a very intriguing new series.

For those who have read other books by this author you will get a bit of insight to the beginnings of the Reapers. For those who haven’t read previous books by this author you are missing one of the best authors I’ve read in a long time.