Kirstin South

Erotica - Mystery

Basically this is an erotic who dunnit.

Ashley a model meets Jake a photographer, their first meeting is a volatile one. Jake sets about irritating Ashley from the beginning. Yet even though irritated Ashley has erotic dreams about Jake. Then a woman turns up dead in Jakes studio. Ashley tries to help Jake prove he didn’t do it, Ashley and Jake end up having a thing for each other.

Then Ashley and Jake end up having to stay at Albert Simm’s place, in order to keep from being prosecuted for murder. They are forced to do photo shoots for Simms’ magazine. All the while having sex between shoots day and night. In between they decide to try and escape, get caught and end up being take down the torture chamber for sexual torture.

While the book was interesting I think this author is capable of much more. I would be interested to see future books by this author.



Fantasy-Elves, mages

Vladawen is an elf and the high priest of a long dead god. In previous books he tried to resurrect the god of the elves in order to save his kind from extinction. Unfortunately the resurrection was sabotaged and the god could not come back. Now there are others wishing to resurrect this god in a warped unholy version of his old self.

Vladawen must now travel the lands and find a titan that may help him prevent this terrible thing from happening. However, there are a few problems added to the mix, ones such as the fact that seeking a titan is forbidden by law. Not to mention that evil doers are out to stop Vladawen and there are very few on his side to help. Vladawen must over come much in order to achieve his goal, that is, if it is even an achievable one.

While I think many fantasy readers would enjoy this read, it was not able to keep my attention. The story was good, but not as riveting as I have found most of the other books put out by White Wolf Publishing.

Greg Stolze
White Wolf Publishing

Horror-Demons & Angels

In this third and final installment of the trilogy the war comes to a head. Demon and Angels are warring among themselves some for earths salvation and others to end humanity as we now know it.

The line between angel and demon, good and evil has pretty much been obliterated and the world hasn’t a clue what is happening. It’s hard to tell much without giving away the ending, however I will say that some will be happy some won’t depending on what demon or angel your sympathies lie with.

I found that while this was the ending book two was still the better of the three.

Andrew Berubee
Publish America


I tried to read this book several times, and was not able to get past the constant switch from one place and person to another. Each time I tried I would only get a bit further before I had to finally give up. While It looks to be a very good book and the author is a talented writer, if you are the type of person that can keep track then this is a book you would like to read. However, I would say if you don’t like constant switching of perspective and person this book is not for you.

Personally, I was unable to get far enough to even describe what this book was about. However, in the same respect as the author is talented I would welcome reading other works by this author.

M. A. Dubarry
Amber Quill Press


Torin Mac Killan is a very nasty man. He has taken Gwenyth his stepsister prisoner, and intends to have his way with her. He’ killed her lover the O’Keefe. Now he now intends to take all of Cormac’s relatives prisoner, or at least the ones he doesn’t kill first.

Gwen is at her stepbrother’s mercy. The torture he has planned for her is more than any normal woman can handle. Gwen is no exception, but handle it she must or give up a secret she had sworn never to divulge. But at least Gwen was able to send Cormac to safety right at the moment of his death. She may not have been able to help herself but she could help him. However, Cormac thinks she betrayed him, and plots his revenge from the other wordly place sent. As time passes, Torin is killed, and Gwen if freed, however the story doesn’t end there. Gwen must set about trying to find and free Cormac from where she sent him. This was an enjoyable, but short story.

I look forward to reading more from this author.


Jerald Fine
Self Publish

The stories on this CD are reminiscent of some you may see on the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone.

I found each of these books delightful to listen to during my ride to and from work. They all each have a twist to them, but are not so graphic that your older child couldn’t listen. I found it helps make a long ride much easier to bear. I personally recommend this book to anyone that likes listening to stories with a twist.

The paperback version of this book was due to come out in February 2004 for those who prefer to read the book.

For more information go to www.taleswithatwist.com

Lawrence Crossett
LTD Books


The Luchorpan are evil foul creatures loose in what we now call Ireland. These creatures can turn a human child and set about doing so as often as possible. Should they infect a child that child is lost to the family forever. He becomes one of the foul creatures and must be killed.

The only way of saving a child infected by a Luchorpan is to kill the one who infected him prior to the child’s full transformation. This is something that has been going on for centuries in Ireland and now is happening in present day United States. Some time in the past a Luchorpan made it’s way to the US and from there hibernated until it was time to awaken and create another of his kind.

In this book we are taken back in time to history of one family’s fight to kill the Luchorpan, how they got to the US and then taken to current times where the Luchorpan is trying to claim another victim.

From beginning to end this book gives a whole new light to what we call the Leprechuan. This Luchorpan, or Leprechaun is evil and hates humankind.

This is a book I would imagine most horror readers will enjoy.


A DUEL WITH THE DEVIL (Sherlock Holmes)
Roger Jaynes
Breese Books


This book is compiled of stories about Moriarty that were never before told. It consists of three stories.

While reading through them I found they were pretty easy to figure what was going to happen. If you like Sherlock Holmes you may like this book. However, for me, although I like Sherlock Holmes the stories were enjoyable but very, very predictable.


(No cover or ordering information could be found)THE FAIRY SICKNESS
Jenna Kay Francis
RFI West

Romance - Fantasy

Vala Kalei is a young woman who has had to live a hard life. In her village from the time she was young no children have been born and lived. She herself is the youngest in her village. It is said that Vala herself was supposed to die, but due to a strangers help she lived. But, it too is believed that because she lived that all the others have died. For this Vala’s life has been full of pain. The villagers blame Vala each time a baby is born dead. They feel if she had died, their future children would be alive today and not be another sacrificed to the fairies.

Vala has had to see her friend lose three children at birth. Determined to put a halt to all the dying and to try and strike a bargain with the Fairies Vala hides at the burial place. Things go wrong from there, instead of fairies coming for the baby wolves come. Vala tries to fight them off, but they escape with the dead babies body. In the process of fighting off the wolves, Vala falls and strikes her head. Upon regaining consciousness she walks and finds she has somehow stumbled into the lands of the fairies. From here is where the real adventure begins.

Vala is taken prisoner, escapes, taken prisoner by her own people and again escapes. This is only part of the story along the way Vala meets people and fairy alike who are not what they seem. In the end many things are revealed that neither the fairies or Vala herself expect.

While this book is fantasy and very enjoyable, it also brings to light how destructive prejudice is. While this happens to be prejudice between species so to speak it, the message is still the same.

Rosemary Laurey & J.C. Wilder
LTD Books

Romance – Fantasy

This book consists of two stories, one by Rosemary Laurey and one by J.C. Wilder. Both authors are very good writers. Each author is also on my ever growing list of favorite authors.

The first story Adriana is by Rosemary Laurey. Adriana was a young girl whose family was killed by the Astrians, leaving her an orphan. She was taken in by two women and once old enough she dedicated her life to the goddess of revenge. For years Adriana would use her magic and womanly charms to lure Astrian men into the woods where she would leave them to wander lost forever.

Well that was true until today. A man claiming to be from the king has ridden into Adriana’s territory. This man says he is trying to ascertain if there have been injustices perpetrated upon the people of Adriana’s land. What to believe? This man is one of the hated enemy, yet he seems to be very refined and speak truth. During Adriana’s her seduction of the man the tables are turned, the man makes her feel things she has never felt before. This could be dangerous to Adriana and her mission. But in truth, what if she leaves a man to die that has been telling the truth? These are just a few problems Adriana must face. This story is well worth the read.

Story two is Nova by J.C. Wilder. Nova is a strong independent woman who wins more at cards than she bargains for. While playing cards in order to get money to set herself up for life Nova wins that and a slave to boot. After winning the slave Nova has all intentions of having him fix up her house and then setting him free. However, life doesn’t always go the way one intends and Nova is in for much more than she knows. First the man is in chains, has been severely beaten and is ill to boot.

That’s not the first of what Nova must face. This slave is no normal man and has more than the normal man’s secrets. Once at her home, Nova and Wyn set about getting it habitable, no easy task as it’s in horrible condition. During this time Wyn and Nova get to know each other and even care for each other, however there are secrets on both sides that get in the way.

I found both these stories to be very enjoyable and as always would recommend anything by both of these authors.

Karen McCullough
Imajinn Books
August 31, 2004
Trade Paperback

Fantasy – Romance

Alsa is a very brave young woman. She is about try and get past a dragon to make a bargain with a wizard in order to save her village. Alsa wants the wizard to train her in magic so she can help repel invaders intending to take over her village. Alsa has everything planned as to how she will learn magic and save her village. The only thing Alsa doesn’t plan on is the bargain the wizard wishes to make. The wizard agrees in exchange for Alsa bearing him a child. This child wouldn’t be just any child, but it would be the product of two wizards, which means it would be very powerful.

With very little choice Alsa agrees, thinking it won’t be to bad of a bargain. Alsa begins her training. During this time Alsa and the wizard grow to care about each other. Or so it seems, until the day the invaders show up and the wizard refuses to help Alsa. Alsa’s pain at this refusal is such that she cannot overcome. After striking a new bargain with the wizard to keep her baby, Alsa and her son move back to the village. This is a move she now wishes she had never made, the villages give her no rest with their constant requests for her magic skills.

Now what is Alsa to do? Her son’s magic skills are becoming more than she alone can handle. The villages are becoming more frightened of him all the time, yet at the same time more demanding of Alsa as well. Where is Alsa to go? She can’t rightly go back to the wizard after his refusal to help her can she? Or can she?

This is a well written, and very enjoyable read.

Barbara Cary
Imajinn Books
Trade Paperback
July 15, 2004

Romance – SciFi

Marista is a diplomat stationed on a humanitarian Terran outpost. Marista’s job is to insure that all prisoners of war are treated humanely. However, this is no easy task in the best of times. When new prisoner is brought it the task becomes almost monumental. The Albians want the prisoner in order to interrogate him. This Marista knows she can’t do since the Albian’s interrogation techniques are not very nice. Then there is the problem of the Charge’. How can you insure the safety of someone when your own boss is siding with the people that want the prisoner. This in itself raises questions in Marista’s mind. Why is the Charge’ herself refusing asylum to this prisoner and siding with those who wish to bring this prisoner harm? The whole point of the outpost is for humanitarian purposes, not to allow prisoner’s cruel treatment.

After talking to the prisoner Marista feels there is more than meets the eye to the whole situations. Thus she decides to fight for his rights, losing her job in the process. From there things just go from bad to worse, the prisoner is freed by his comrades and Marista is taken prisoner. So now the prisoner, Tynan, is no longer at Marista’s mercy but she at his. Although it doesn’t seem too bad as they both have growing feelings for each other. However, where could a relationship go with a man that has no future? This is what is in Tynan’s mind when he sends Marista back to her own people. So now both are miserable and both have no future where the story goes from there is the most intriguing part in this reviewers opinion.


Edited by Jean Marie Stine
Renaissance Publishing


This is a series dedicated to the female vampire.

This book consists of various stories of which all a woman is the main character. In each story is unique unto itself. I had read some of the stories such as The Blood Is The Life by Marion Crawford in other previously published anthologies. However, this did nothing to detract from the enjoyment I derived from the reading of this book.

Some stories were your basic blood-drinking vampire, however some fed via less traditional methods. Each story was unique unto itself and each was well worth reading.

Marianne LeCroix
Amber Quill Press

Vampire-Erotic Romance

Alonso is in torment by the memory of the life and love he lost. First he loses his wife to the plague, then after a night of drunken debauchery he loses his life. Or maybe it was just his humanity as he does technically still live, at least he is an animate being, a vampire.

Loneliness is all Alonso sees in his future until one night when he gets a psychic plea for help. How this can be he has no idea, but there it is. A plea Alonso cannot ignore, more so because of the reason the woman must make the plea. The evil that created Alonso is now after this woman.

Alonso feels he must go to the rescue of this woman in distress for various reasons. Alonso can’t let Lucius hurt this woman and more so he must find out how she can contact him mentally. From here the real story starts. Such as what is the connection between Alonso and this woman? Could she be the mate that all vampires pray for in order to end their loneliness? What is Lucius’ attraction to her, and will he win over Alonso? Will the woman even accept either of them?

I enjoyed this story with the exception of the fact I felt it was much to short leaving some unanswered questions.

Laurell K. Hamilton
Berkley Books
April 2003


For those new to L.K.H. you may find you like this book, those who have followed her through all this series may be quite disappointed. I found that most of the book consisted of sex, having sex or wanting to have sex.

Basically the essence of the story is: Belle Morte sends her lackys to pay Jean-Claude a visit and to take Asher back to Belle. Anita and Jean-Claude have sex with Asher in the hopes or proving he is theirs thus can not be taken back to a fate worse than death for him.

During all this there is also a werewolf killing and raping women in a very gruesome fashion. However, this is truly only a back burner story.

A third story line is that Anita touches the conscious/unconscious Dark Mother; mother of all vampires. In between these story lines there are a few other sub stories happening. While I did read the book to the end, am a dedicated L.K.H. fan, and will read her next book, I must also say this book was a bit disappointing for me.

Jayme Evans
Wing's Epress

Vampire – Romance

While lounging by the pool Holly Winthrop overhears her uncle and father arguing. It seems to be about her, so she inches closers wanting to hear how she is involved in their disagreement. To Holly’s horror she hears that she isn’t even really her fathers’ true daughter. Holly is then terrified by what she sees, Holly witnesses her uncle kill her father. Holly then realizes she may be next, sneaks to her room grabs a few things, heads to her car and drives away.

A lucky thing Holly did too, since her uncle was on his way to her room to kill her next. Then since he couldn’t kill her he does the next best thing. He goes public with the knowledge that Holly isn’t a true Winthrop and frames her for the murder of the man who up until this point she thought was her father.

While driving Holly has an accident and is taken to a strange man’s house while unconscious. This is where the real excitement begins. The man offers to help Holly, but he seems to be a recluse and obviously has secrets of his own. So while Holly is in fear of being caught before she can prove her innocence she is also curious and maybe even a bit afraid of the man who is helping her. Little does she know he is a vampire and the secrets he has could be her undoing.

This book has all the elements of a good romance. I personally enjoyed it.

E. F. Watkins
Amber Quill Press

Vampire – Horror

Peggy is a young woman with the unfortunate luck to be kidnapped by a cult. Or so it seems. This cult seems to be like most, their members begin as prisoners, and eventually are brainwashed into believing they want to be a part of the group. That’s about where the resemblance ends however, this cult’s leader drinks blood and promises his loyal followers immortality.

Life for the cult has been going fairly well, until they made the mistake of kidnapping Peggy. Peggy is the daughter of a Senator Dan Walsh and he’s determined to find her and bring her home. Senator Walsh is approached by and decides to hire Dr. Renascut to free his daughter. This is something the FBI is not happy about. Dr. Renascut is a very mysterious man without a past, or at least any traceable one.

No far into the search for his daughter Dan Walsh finds out the cult leader is much more than he seems. For that instance he finds out Dr. Renascut is not what he seems either. Life takes a terrible twist for Dan Walsh, and he must face the fact he may never get his daughter back.

I found this to be an interesting read.