A Vampire Romance  
with multi-genre appeal

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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Susan Sizemore, award winning Vampire Romance writer Introduction by Susan Sizemore printed in the book
Harriet Klausner Review of Dreamspy posted on Best Reviews website by Harriet Klausner May 2004
Dreamspy impresses Susan Sackett, famed for her work with Gene Roddenberry on Star Trek.  

Her current work is a nonfiction book Inside Trek by Susan Sackett.  See Jacqueline Lichtenberg's review of it on amazon.com.    

In Dreamspy, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, one of SF's most talented writers, has penned a story that is at once a gut-grabbing page turner, a thrilling romance, and a beautifully crafted literary work.  There are few authors today who know the art of SF writing -- or any kind of writing, for that matter -- better than Ms. Lichtenberg.  Dreamspy leaves other SF novels in its wake as it propels us across a galaxy of adventure, yet Ms. Lichtenberg never loses sight of the art of good storytelling.  A gleaming gem to treasure!


Dreamspy captivates award winning Romance writer Linnea Sinclair aka Megan Sybil Baker

Read her full review here.  


Within the first few pages, I knew  Dreamspy was going to be a great adventure that I'd find hard to put down. The action, the setting, the characters drew me in immediately. Kyllikki is an intense yet compassionate protagonist flanked by equally fascinating secondary characters, all of whom are richly drawn, from the mentor Idom to the vampire-like luren, Zuchmul, to the handsome, enigmatic Elias. Working against seemingly impossible odds, and with telepathic talents that are often more a hindrance than a help, the outcast Kylliki and her companions must stop her power-hungry cousin from altering the fabric of space travel, destroying not only a galactic economy but thousands of lives as well. I highly recommend this fast-paced novel of deep space adventure, intergalactic intrigue, psychic talents and love.
Dreamspy intrigues an established mass market Mystery writer.  

Claire Daniels (AKA Jaqueline Girdner), author
of the Cally Lazar mystery series. 

In Dreamspy, Jacqueline Lichtenberg races past the boundaries of genre with all the grace of a woman carrying an interstellar passport. And most important of all, she never loses sight of the Story. The telling of the Story defines any novel, and Jacqueline Lichtenberg tells her story welland compassionately with strong, vibrant characters,intricate plotting, and good, solid writing. Whateveryour genre preference, you'll find Dreamspy an intriguing and compelling page-turner.
Sheila Finch - Nebula Award Winning sf/f author and linguist, author of the Guild of Xenolinguists series says:  A page-turner of a novel, but it's more than that. Unlike most stories that merely use telepathy to get around awkward plot points, Jacqueline Lichtenberg gives us a thoughtful exploration of what it might really be like to be a telepath. I enjoyed the experience.

Dreamspy has influenced the Music Industry.  

I found the name used by someone else while searching the web, and wrote the following email:

I found your web page
http://www.machinelove.com/story/  in a search engine. 
I would love to know where you first found the name DreamSpy. 
As far as I know, I coined that word as the title of my novel DREAMSPY from St. Martin's Press in the 80's.  It is now being reprinted. 
If my novel inspired the name of your company, I would love to note that in the new edition of the novel. 
Live Long and Prosper,
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
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Here is the answer to my query about the use of the name Dreamspy in the music industry.  


It's good to hear from you! As a bit of a Star Trek and Vampire enthusiast I have come across your name and work before on the Web. A few years back when researching on the Web the name DreamSpy, which I originally thought of after seeing the movie Twelve Monkey's actually, I then came across your book and subsequently that is what solidified for me what name I wanted to call my band.

So it wasn't the first thought of the name from seeing the book, but rather what I came to associate the name with after being introduced to it. Anyway, the band eventually changed it's name to Machine Love, and now I have taken the name DreamSpy as my music publishing name (DreamSpy net Works) . So yes, I am happy to be mentioned,  since it did play a part. If you could mention the url. http://www.dreamspy.com  and Machine Love all the better.

best to you.
Vincent James

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