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June 2003


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Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg will be presenting a one-day WorldCrafters Guild writing workshop under the auspices of Westercon July 2 2003 at Seattle's SeaTac Airport Doubletree hotel.

It will be the day before programming begins at Westercon. For Westercon details see:

For details on the workshop see:

Meisha Merlin will have SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY for debut at Westercon (ink still wet!). BenBella Books will also be there with Jean's BLOOD WILL TELL. We'll be doing signings in the dealer's room as well as programming. Westercon is running a weekend long intensive writing workshop track of programming as well for beginning and selling writers.

There are only a few spaces open in the workshop, so sign up now.

We now have the actual cover of SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY displayed at .


They enslaved her body, but not her heart. BROWNE CANDIDATE by Nicole Givens Kurtz. Available in trade paperback from Crystal Dreams Publishing and ebook from .

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by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

LepreCon was amazing. I met a lot of people working on the convention and as book dealers who were very enthusiastic about the reprint of the Sime~Gen novels and other books.

The biggest delight of the convention for me was an encounter with Susan Sackett, who was Gene Roddenberry's exec assistant for so many years.

On Friday, at the very beginning of the con, I walked into the hotel and sitting there in the lobby was Cherri Munoz, who has been working hard to get book signings lined up for me at the local bookstores here in Phoenix, so I knew I'd have a lot of fun at this convention. You can't be around Cherri without having fun!

First thing I did was put a few piles of freebies on the freebie table, flyers for books by Jean Lorrah and me, and some other promo material for other BenBella Books releases.

On Friday afternoon, I did two panels, one on writing and the other on "The Vampire As Good Guy". Both panels turned out very well, though sparsely attended. I met some other writers and got a couple of review copies for my review column and ended up doing an impromptu writer's workshop session in the hallway for an hour or so. When you tear someone's published novel apart and they then break out in an enormous grin and attend all your other panels to take notes, you know you've met a new pro who's going far!

I also toured the dealer's room and found two dealers had bunches of my books they'd brought for me to sign. While I was talking to one of the dealers, about three copies of the IF MAGAZINE he had for sale (the issue that has the first Sime~Gen story ever published in it -- my first sale, though it's not labeled that way --) two fans came up and bought two of the three copies (for $10 each!). Later, I left three copies of RENSIME hardcover with one of the First Edition Collector's dealers, and all three sold. They weren't even in pristine condition!

But the con started for me on Friday evening at the Meet The Pros.

I was standing at the entry to the lobby bar where the Event was in progress when I heard my name called in a delighted tone of voice. I turned and from the churning crowd there emerged -- Susan Sackett. Could have knocked me over with a feather!

I had not gone over the guest list carefully and had missed her name. She told me mine was the only name on the program list she recognized. We hadn't seen each other in well over ten years. So there in the midst of the loud party, we stood and talked and talked trying to make up for lost time. She even remembered my husband, Salomon, who was with me. And I introduced Cherri Munoz. And I told her about my being invited to be interviewed in the sequel to TREKKIES -- called TREKKIES2

I turned around and there was Jan Howard Finder (Wombat) -- so I introduced him to Susan, and they talked and talked. Jan had been teaching at a children's camp in California for a few weeks and just drove over for LepreCon. He still lives in New York.

While we were all talking, several of the committee organizers came up to welcome us, and it turns out a number of them are Sime~Gen fans and/or readers who appreciate some of my other series. As I was talking to the chair of LepreCon, (who was saying nice things about my books) I mentioned I was trying to figure out how to get onto the program at World Fantasy Con and World Horror. He grinned and said, "Talk to me." And explained that he was also chairing the two World conventions here next year.

The next day I was walking through the dealer's room again as some of the late arrivals were opening their tables, and Susan Sackett hailed me from her table where she was selling copies of her newest book, INSIDE TREK, in trade paperback. She has a website where she has other things for sale too. You can get it on amazon as well.

She was sharing her table with a friend who makes 3-D photographs and prints them out right there. I got to watch him processing the photos and printing them, while I sat with Susan and between customers, gossiped about mutual acquaintances and friends and various career developments. Later my husband and I got a 3-d photo made of the two of us. Everyone loves my husband's smile.

And in the course of all of that, Cherri Munoz came by and it hit me. Susan now lives in this area. She's semi-retired, and does things like being president of the local Humanist organization's chapter, and is very involved in Mensa activities. She's also caring for her elderly mother, and helping a friend start a business. She hasn't got much spare time, but we can do book signings together! So Cherri and Susan began talking.

Eventually, I got around to telling Susan that I do reviews, so she gave me a review copy of her book which I started reading right there at the table and couldn't put down. The opening is such a grabber; you just have to keep turning pages. So I told people that and had them just read the one-page introduction. A number bought the book on the basis of that introduction. It is a very well written book.

As I was sitting behind Susan's table chatting, several people came up to talk who became interested in so I bent their ears as well. Some may become advertisers with us eventually.

Saturday night we went to two bid parties for other cons in the area. Some con organizers from California turned out to be Sime~Gen fen. This is an amazing place to live!

On Sunday, I did a panel on Buffy where we hammered out an idea for where the show can go after Buffy dies. As moderator, I led the panelists and audience through the process that goes on at Hollywood story conferences. After that I did an autographing session, and then went to Susan Sackett's slide show presentation that -- despite being opposite the art auction -- was very well attended.

After that the con was winding down, and I hung out at Susan's table for a while. One of the local people who do TV and video production (commercials and documentary) came over to chat with Susan, and they did some quick networking. Susan isn't in the business anymore, but she's still totally delighted by the people who are and has interesting things to say.

Today, Monday, Cherri has just finalized dates for me to do four book signings around the Phoenix Area at the middle and end of July, and has garnered invitations to do more signings over the next year and a half. And Susan and I will be doing a couple of joint ones in the fall.

Now Cherri has begun thinking about getting us even wider exposure for our books. It seems that in addition to having a green thumb, she has a publicity-thumb!

Living in Phoenix has become not only very intensely busy -- but very, very exciting as well.


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The Nessie's Maze Board Game is now online at Nessie's Grotto . It's a big download file. The game board is 4 mBs, and the other file of rules and pieces is .5 megs. The game can be played at two levels. It's a color-matching game for younger children. Older players can learn about Loch Ness and tangrams as they play with the Fun Facts Cards (which were verified by Tony Harmsworth) and the puzzle of Loch Ness that covers Nessie.


WESTERCON 2003 sponsors a writing workshop by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg on How to Commercialize Your Crazy Ideas. See all the details at

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A wonderful new story and artwork await you at the SimeCenter .
This month's story is "Recompense" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW once referred to her work as "science fiction in the grand manner"...This is a superb example, of that and of her spectacular talent for exotic world-building and character-driven storytelling.
In the Art department, we have "a sparkling poem in light and color." It's called "WindSongs" a magnificent artist, Michael Cox. We hope you enjoy it.

This piece is also exceptional in that it looks good on both Mac and PC...and somewhat different in its emotional impact on the two displays. Try it both places if you have the opportunity.
The next edition of SimeCenter will probably have a new format. We want to make it match the global format that we're installing throughout the Sime~Gen domain.

If you have any ideas for improving the format or content, we'd very much like to hear from you. Please send your comments to ''.

NovelBooks, Inc. will re-open for submissions on June 1, 2003. The on-line publisher is looking specifically for books in the following genres:

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    Paranormal of all sorts

The above genres can (and are encouraged to) have romance, but we are not looking for Erotica or Romantica. Hot or Steamy are welcome.

NBI is NOT looking for Mainstream or Contemporary Romance at this time. We will accept submissions for other genres, but a very limited number will be accepted for publication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the submissions guidelines on NBI's website and submit all manuscripts according to those guidelines. Submissions that are not according to NBI's guidelines will be deleted unread.

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Orange Forest Rabbit has a cafe press shop now, too.

If you are interested in items that are not listed, please let Lois know (

DANGEROUS DESIRES by Julia Templeton

FORCE OF NATURE by Susan Johnson

LUCAVARIOUS by Stephanie Burke



A MUTAL FAVOR by Ann Jacobs




TEARS OF AMUN by Jordan Summers

TWISTED DESTINY by Treva Harte, Sherri L. King, and S. L. Carpenter

VIRGIN BLOOD by Margaret L. Carter

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