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April 2003


Check out our EVER-GROWING E-BOOK collection. New Titles in Romance, SF, and everything inbetween! Introducing: PAPERBACKS--of our popular titles. With more on the way...

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SWEETER THAN WINE by Michaela August published by is a true winner among novels.

I can see no reason this book would not have been published as a Lead Title from any of the biggest publishers and become a best seller. Although the subject material in the book has nothing of great personal interest to me, I simply could not put it down. It is not your typical "well researched" book where there's an overburden of detail inserted simply because the author knows it.

Each historical winemaking detail comes up as a natural and integral part of the plot. Each historical detail regarding prohibition comes up as an inevitable and necessary part of the plot. And the solution to the terrible and threatening dilemma this California winery faces will probably come as a neat twist and surprise to most readers.

I knew it was the solution from the beginning but only because I grew up in California and knew that particular bit of historical fact about prohibition.

And even knowing the solution to the terrible dilemma, I STILL couldn't put this book down. It is a romance with a solid, strong, compelling plot and characters who are my kind of hero. These people are not wimps or hand wringers. They live their lives and fall in love anyway. They don't obsess -- they solve. And yes, they make mistakes. But they're mistakes you or I might really make. Very smooth, tight writing. And what's even better, I think all the facts are real because I know most of them are, so the rest seem plausible. So this book isn't "realistic" -- it's a "reality-show."

Now kids can save Baby Nessie, in a choose your-own-adventure format at .

There is new material in A COMPANION IN ZEOR and a "reprint" of a "Somerset News" piece from CZ #10 in 1990.

The items are in our "new" box on the CZ main page and will be later linked further down the page.

Here are the individual works and the exact links....

"Test of Courage" by Mary Lou Mendum

"A Mother's Choice" -- A short story by Winged Wolf

"More Tribblets" - cartoons by Linda L. Whitten

"Whatever Happened to Shen the Tecton?" compiled by Ronnie Bob Whitaker

"Wild Speculations" by Ronnie Bob Whitaker

"The Cesspool Monster" by Lyndie Whiddlesom and Kara Litspiter



THE THIRD CORNER (A Dark Watch Novel) by J. L. Abbott

"Beautifully written" -- Electronic Book Reviews
"A winner!" -- Timeless Tales Reviews

Shots slam into a back alley of post-Civil War Washington, D.C. Two government operatives fall at the hands of a traitor in the Grant Administration. A conspiracy ring threatens the nation. The President turns to the agents of Dark Watch.

From Amber Quill Press in paperback or download.

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Starting April 1st, FMAM ’FUTURES MYSTERIOUS ANTHOLOGY MAGAZINE’is pleased to bring you their 6th Annual FIRE TO FLY SHORT STORY CONTEST FOR 2003.

The stakes are higher, the topics more varied. And they are doing something new this year: they will be adding MORE WINNERS! Yes, more chances for YOU to WIN!

1st prize: $300, plus publication in FMAM, and a caricatoon drawn by James Oddie.

2nd prize: $100, plus publication in FMAM, and a 1-year subscription to FMAM

***New!***3rd prize: $50, plus publication in FMAM, and a 1-year subscription to FMAM

***New!***4th thru 8th prizes: Honorable Mention PLUS a one-year subscription to FMAM.

ALL winners will receive an original art award certificate created by Pete Welling. TOP 10 FINALISTS will also be considered for publication in FMAM by the head of fiction, Earl Staggs, who is also one of the final judges.

RULES: Enter by following these three simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your short mystery of 5000 words or less using one of the following categories:
1) Crimes of Passion
2) Crimes in the Future
3) Crimes that take us Back in Time
4) Crimes mixed with Horror
5) Crimes of the Spirit (ghosts, supernatural, etc.)
6) Crimes that Imitate your Favorite Classic

***New!*** This year there is a separate FLASH "fire to fly". You may pick any one of the above categories and write 500 words or less. FLASH will have its own winners/prizes.

1st place FLASH "fire to fly": $100 and publication in FMAM. Minimum of 20 entries or money will be refunded.

Three Honorable Mentions will receive one-year FMAM subscriptions and the special art certificate created by Pete Welling.

Step 2: Send your check (payable to FUTURES MAGAZINE) in the amount of $15 per story to FUTURES, 3039 38th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Enter as many as you like. NO LIMIT!

NOTE: You MAY enter reprints, and you may also enter your story and specify that you do not want it published in FMAM if it wins. That is always your choice!

Step 3: Paste your entry in an e-mail to by the DEADLINE of Oct. 31, 2003. Put ’"Fire to Fly 2003" in the subject heading. In the body of your e-mail (no e-mail attachments, please) include your story, title, your name, address, phone number, email, word count, and short bio. At the end please include the words THE END. All entrants will be notified that stories have been received. Questions? Contact Contest Director Courtney Mroch at OR Babs at

Please note: If you would like to have your story considered for an issue of FMAM, too, (and it is NOT a reprint), please write to Babs for instructions at

Insider Tips:
We LOVE a GREAT title. Use your imagination from the get go. We also love a great mystery that keeps us on the edge of our chairs. We want a great beginning and a great ending. Surprise us on occasion. If you need some tips, go to G. Miki Hayden's HOW TO WRITE A MYSTERY. Give us characters to love and hate and do not be afraid of unusual settings. Take us to the future, back to the past, or right here to today, but make it the best you've got!

WESTERCON 2003 sponsors a writing workshop by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg on How to Commercialize Your Crazy Ideas. See all the details at .
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Poetic Mayhem /Contest Ends 9-30-03 FMAM Poetry Contest

$100, $20, $10 and 3 Honorable Mentions
FREE Subscription to one Publisher's Choice Poet. Is this YOU?

First Poem FREE/ $1.00 each additional
No Limit! Submit as often as you wish. (Payment Process acts as acknowledgment.)
SASE for winners.

To clean language poems, all lengths, all styles:
Mysterious, Haiku, Sonnets, Inspirational, Light Verse, Lune Tall Tales, Narrative, Abstract, Acrostic, Ballads and Beat, Limerick, Prose, Nonsense, Rondeau, Sestina, Villanelle, Sijo, Senryu, Tanka, Fantasy, Rhyming and FREE Verse.

We consider all works for publication in FMAM.
Accepts previously published and simultaneous sub.
Be Wild! Be FREE!
For personal attention SNAIL MAIL direct to rch/Editor, 902 W. 5th St., Winona, MN 55987-5120/
Final Judge is RC Hildebrandt, Award Winning, Internationally Published Poet, A warm Thank-you from FMAM to rch for her time, expertise and YES! attitude.

SASE to enter. Requires bio.

DEADLINE 9-30-2003
Submit, resubmit, and have FUN!

Guidelines for E-mail submissions may vary
PASTE poems into E-Mail
POETIC MAYHEM on subject Line
$2.00 First Poem
$1.00 each additional
Write Payment CHECKS to FMAM
3039 38th Ave S Mpls. MN 55406


Karen McLeod recommends this site for finding calls for submissions, contests, and lots of other information. .

Bruce Gray has updated the page to include the 2004 Phoenix World Fantasy and World Horror Cons, as well as checking out links, dumping the very few dead ones, and including a few newbies. .

New stories and art await you at the SimeCenter. Visit to see the latest offerings, and donate to our worthy recipient, Arrowhead Drop-in Centre ...And don't forget to tell them that you were "referred" by SimeCenter.
This month's story is appropriate for the season. It recounts a well-known tale of betrayal and forgiveness: "The Book of Joseph" by Lois June Wickstrom.

Lois has many tales to tell, both on-line and in print. Like this one, many are designed to be appreciated by younger readers. You can see some of these works at her various websites. For example: - Lois is co-author of the Orange Forest Rabbit series. - She has plays, poems, and essays at: .
In the Art department, we have a peaceful, moonlit landscape by Michael Cox, called "Laid Back." I have a favorite word in Spanish, that doesn't really translate well into English: descanso. It kinda means a situation where you are at peace with yourself, and at peace with the universe. Usually, 'descanso' implies that the sun is out, but I have that feeling when I look at this picture.

This piece has been edited to display well on both Mac and PC. You can see the untouched original at . (Wonderful images there!)
I want to add a special note of thanks to this month's contributors.

We are most grateful for Lois's continued support of SimeCenter. I don't have a complete record of all the past editions of SimeCenter (I've only had access to the archives since late in 2001), but I suspect she has contributed more stories to SimeCenter than any other authors except the "JLs"...who started it all. And those of you who have been with SimeCenter for a while know: Lois did all the logistics and programming for the first year of SimeCenter...a HUGE task, believe me.

Michael is also one of our most faithful contributors. The records I have on art for SimeCenter are even less complete than for the stories, but I know that he generously contributed his beautiful work almost every month for the first year I was running the site. That sure made it easy for me to take over; I didn't have to scuffle to find art to post each month. And when I wrote to him last month, he greeted me like a long-lost friend, and said "Sure" when I asked if I could use this piece. Made me feel so good!

These are two wonderful people. If you enjoy their work, please tell them so.

The latest story to be posted on Bygone Days is "Music Lessons" by Laura Mazzuca Toops .

In Classical Music there's a great remastered recording of Bach's "Goldberg Variations" that any fan of classical should rush right out to get. In Progressive Rock there's a new jazz fusion / progressive rock CD I think fans of ProgRock might enjoy. In gospel music there's the wonderful soundtrack to the new LEFT BEHIND II: TRIBULATION FORCE movie that will leave Contemporary Christian fans asking for more.

In the politics shelf is a book that all people should at least look at about the scam that the IRS puts off on American Taxpayers. In the Christian Bookshelf is the tenth volume of the best selling "Left Behind" series that has spawned a children's book series as well as two movies. In the Children's section is a pre-order form for the 5th Harry Potter book. There's a wonderful book about using Oz for spiritual journeys and inner self-discovery in the Oz bookshelf. There's the latest expansion of the "Mind's Eye Theater" rules in the RPG bookshelf that all Live Action Role Players should get and read - it makes humans much easier to role-play in the World of Darkness. And finally in the Trek a bookshelf is the new 2-disc set of STAR TREK: THE VOYAGE HOME, which I believe was the best of the Star Trek movies to date.

Karen McLeod found two sources that want to provide books to the troops overseas. Check them out.

If you'd like to send some gently used paperbacks for the troops in the Persian Gulf--uh, they do ask that we send no extremely racy covers or category (Harlequin/Silhouette) romances, though single titles are fine, and there's a great need for "guy books"--please send them to:

Author, Author!
READ Operation Paperback
5975 N. Academy Blvd #206
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Another place for this effort where they supply templates for the labels and the addresses so you can send the boxes directly to the troops can be found at .


Promote and advertise your books on Banners, Newsletter Ads, Book Cards. LOW Rates. SPECIAL OFFERS for authors and publishers.

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