Whatever Happened to Shen the Tecton?
Evolution of a book title
compiled by Ronnie Bob Whitaker


Originally inspired by correspondence sent to Karen MacLeod.


I'd very much like to read the following thread from Simegen-L in May 2002, which the search engine on simegen.com turns up.  (See below for the 6 search results, pasted in.)  Unfortunately, although the search engine provides links to all these messages, this thread cannot actually be viewed: the archive for May 2002 seems to be unavailable on the Sime-Gen website.  The available archive seems to only go back to September 2002.

Is there any way you could email the May 2002 archive to me?

Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide.

- Susan Armstrong

(who met Ms. Lichtenberg at a Star Trek convention many MANY years ago as a teenager :-)

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FWIW, I've just finished reading sf about a woman: her name is Therem Harth rem ir Estraven. She rescues the (male) hero of the book from imprisonment, and keeps him alive during a difficult and dangerous journey ...  http://www.simegen.com/pipermail/simegen-l/2002-May/047437.html 05/04/02, 3365 bytes
[Simegen-L] Re: Boy stories / girl Stories: Re: SHEN THE TECTON : Re: [Simegen-L]
... with you. Every parent, most particularly every single parent, knows what that is.  FWIW, I've just finished reading sf about a woman: her name is Therem Harth rem ir Estraven. She rescues the (male) hero of the book from imprisonment, and keeps him alive during a difficult and dangerous journey back ...  http://www.simegen.com/pipermail/simegen-l/2002-May/047436.html 05/04/02, 3530 bytes
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Dear Ms. Armstrong:

Welcome to Simegen.com.  I hope you'll explore many of the offerings we have here.  Please note that the Sime~Gen novels are being re-released, beginning this year.  Information on that may be found at www.simegen.net.

Due to a software glitch, we lost both the list archives and the membership for all the lists in September. That is why you are able to find the September archive easily, but not the earlier one for 2002.

The Webmaster Department is now reconstructing the earlier archives for 2002.  That may take some time.  There should be some story information about SHEN THE TECTON in Rimon's Library, if this is what you are searching for.  I remember this was to be a tentative title of a Sime~Gen novel, back in the 1980's.  Material about it may well appear in an article on book cover discussion in my fanzine "A Companion in Zeor" which is in Rimon's library.  www.simegen.com/sgfandom/rimonslibrary/cz/.

Please check the library contents to see if there is anything related to your query there. www.simegen.com/sgfandom/rimonslibrary/alphabet.html.

I've copied Ronnie Bob Whitaker of our Welcommittee who may also be of help to find information you may be seeking.

Thanks for contacting me.  If I can be of further help, in navigating Simegen.com please let me know.  I'm sorry that for the moment, the archives information you seek is not available.


Karen MacLeod
Assistant Webmaster, List Manager, Simegen.com
Editor, A Companion in Zeor

Ronnie Bob's Compilation Follows

Monday, 27 January 2003,

Dear Ms. Armstrong,

In a message concerning the S~G Archives,
Karen Writes:

I've copied Ronnie Bob Whitaker of our Welcommittee who may also be of help to find information you may be seeking.

RBW Comments (Ronnie Bob Whitaker)

Since you seemed to be interested, I decided to pluck some of the most relevant material from the published novels, historical documents (such as Vantage Point News) and the published fanzines.  (It was fun searching them out and refreshed my own memory about the progression of what Shen The Tecton started out to be and what it might actually become if it is given a chance to be written, which is becoming more likely if the current publisher does well with the Sime~Gen reprints and new novels.)

The primary published reference for Shen the Tecton was in First Channel under the Chronology of the Sime~Gen Universe.  (The one in RenSime! has it combined with Zelerod's Doom and it is hard to separate out what might be what.)

It is stated that this is Year One for 10 to 15 years.Pivotal Event is:  Third Order channels identified.  Klyd founds "modern" Tecton.  Hugh founds Distect.  Keon opts for Tecton.Published or Planned Story:  SHEN THE TECTON *** (in development)Historical Background: Tecton takes over Territory government, initiates negotiations with nearby Gen government; they cooperate to eliminate last great group of Freeband Raiders.  First Contract signed:  Tecton undertakes to see that Simes never feel need.  RenSimes denied direct Gen transfer.  New calendar established.  Simes allowed in Gen Territory, but with retainers confining their tentacles.

RBW Comments:

As can probably be concluded from the above, Zelerod's Doom took over some, but not all of the things planned for Shen the Tecton.  More would probably have been in it had it not been cut so drastically.

From CZ#6 We have the following comments from Jacqueline:  (The chronology mentioned is before the one in First Channel.)


The tentative title for the HoZ sequel is SHEN THE TECTON!  It came from the button that Jean ((Lorrah)) was wearing at the dealer's table this morning.  It basically has the theme of the book and of the period in which it takes place.  Jean was very fond of her title - TO OUTLAW LOVE, but I wouldn't accept it.  It makes a fine short story title, but not one for a novel.  It's a real forceful title, and the fans here at the con seem to like it when I've mentioned it.  The problem is that the only English word is 'the' but I guess we will get the point across.  In our chronology of the Sime Universe, the book is listed as untitled.  I know we mentioned TO OUTLAW LOVE in CZ#5, but here's an official retraction.  I hope we can sell the publisher on it, but if fan opinion means anything, I am fairly sure that SHEN THE TECTON! will be the title.

RBW Comments:

In AZ#17 in a conversation between Kerry and Jacqueline, the following is mentioned:

KS:  Are there other Householdings that were considered Distect?

JL:  Yeah.  We haven't invented them yet.  (But fans are very busy doing that and writing stories about those houses.  We hope the fanzine can publish most of it and I can eventually incorporate those Houses into professionally published novels, even novels by the originators themselves.)  One of the things that happens in ZD is that Keon almost goes Distect.  For a while, they are in Valleroy's camp.  Maybe a handful.  I don't know:  5, 10, 15, 20, 35?

KS:  I'm assuming that it isn't just Rior equals Distect.  The Distect would be a wider movement that might include other things, not just pure Valleroy?

JL:  Yeah.  At one point it might have been one third of all the Householdings.  This is before the actual letters of confederation form the Modern Tecton.  It is after Unity, after Faith Day.  After Unity, there has to be a sort of Continental Congress to write the Constitution for this unified government, the treaties or whatever, the agreement between the Simes and the Gens.  The projected novel, Shen the Tecton, covers that period.  Part of that activity is told in ZD, when the Tecton takes over Nivet Territory.  It destroys the junct Sime government.  Having taken over that Territory, they have to rewrite the constitution, the laws, everything.  The transfer laws are part of it.  There has to be a Congress of some sort where people hassle out what these laws will be.  This is going to take a great deal of time.  It's done in small stages because even the Congress doesn't meet all year round.  They have to go back to their constituents and find out what most people think, and have votes, and that mechanism takes awhile, till they get their act together.  When the time comes, the entire public is behind that drive.  At some time during this process, Valleroy may have in his camp one third, or even one half, of all the Householdings.  He probably has a good amount of support among the non-Householders, too, which doesn't do his reputation much good among the Householders.  That's the kind of thing that's going on.  At some point, he reaches a high-water mark.  After that, it's all downhill.  By the time of UNTO, the Distect consists of one little shabby Householding:  Rior, hiding in the mountains and trading with one little town anonymously.

RBW Comments:

The following offhand comment is made by Jean in Householding Chanel Inquirer # 1

Jean:  Of course a Companion can relinquish control of his field to a Channel when that Channel has to be able to manipulate the selyn fields as one unit for some critical function.  It is used most often when the Companion is stronger than the Channel, as is the case with Sergi and Yorn, so that the Companion might overcontrol the Channel.  It's no big deal - except, of course, that a powerful Companion might indeed have psychological hangups about it.

Let me put it this way:  Once under the control of the Tecton, every Farris Companion would be required to learn to do it, since only rarely would a Farris Companion be paired with a Channel who equaled his strength.  That should make Jacqueline understand, and explain why Farris Companions loathe the modern Tecton.  In fact, if we ever write SHEN THE TECTON!  the practice may even be the crux that gets Zeor Companions to participate in the title activity (non-activity actually.)  ((JL:  Right))

RBW Comments:

The following is from Vantage Point News in July 1984.  (A similar mention with less information was in Vantage Point News January 1985.)ZELEROD'S DOOM by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, an original DAW book, the sequel to HOUSE OF ZEOR.  It's only half the story we've wanted to tell all these years, so there should still be a sequel to it, SHEN THE TECTON.  I'm going to KY to write ZD with Jean from early June to Mid July '84....

Or Jean and I could do the sequel to ZELEROD'S DOOM which involves the open split between Hugh and Klyd into Tecton and Distect, titled SHEN THE TECTON.

RBW Comments:

The following is from ZF#5 which said that it was 23 pages of rambling from Jacqueline condensed into an outline of Zelerod's Doom by Jean Lorrah.

This is the third book in a tetralogy consisting of AMBROV KEON, HOUSE OF ZEOR, ZELEROD'S DOOM, and SHEN THE TECTON.  The last two books are about a power struggle among three ideals--Zeor, Rior, and Keon--represented by three people:  Klyd Farris, Hugh Valleroy, and Risa Tigue.  The three are in complete agreement that Sime/Gen Unity is the only defense against Zelerod's Doom (the point at which the growing Sime population kills off all the Gens, then dies of attrition).  What they cannot agree on is how to bring about, and then safely maintain, Unity....

But Risa and Sergi are in torluen (supposedly unbreakable dependency).  Klyd fears his daughter will be shenned out of her First transfer.  However, Risa and Sergi insist that they have managed before, twice in fact, when someone else had needed Sergi more than Risa.  (Note setup for Klyd's belief in SHEN THE TECTON that he can break his dependency on Hugh.  Anything Keon can do, Zeor can do better.)  Yes, it is immensely uncomfortable--but what is misery for a few hours and discomfort until their next transfer together compared to a channel's whole future?...

Unity is achieved; now the Tecton must see that it works.  Since Klyd's plan did work, he and Hugh are reconciled, somewhat reluctantly on Hugh's part.  Their final parting will not come until SHEN THE TECTON.  For the moment, the world has been saved, and both Simes and Gens can now look forward to a better future.

RBW Comments:

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the published comments in historical documents that mention Shen The Tecton.  You may be able to find more discussion on the simegen archives after they are successfully retrieved and posted again.

Having Fun in the Sime~Gen Universe,

Ronnie Bob


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