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Sunday, 15 September 2002,
Greetings to All!

The recent posts to the list concerning selyn energy from the 8th dimension (as from Buckaroo Banzai) and how beings from that dimension might feel about it, as well as speculations on the origins of S~G have led me to the following post for your consideration.

(And YES, even though it may seem that I obviously have had too much time on my hands, this actually has been going on for several days because of how little time I've had to devote to it.  I hope that it will be worth the effort for you to read.  It is a rather lengthy post.)

Now the origin of the Sime~Gen Universe was on this manner.

Ancient humans blithely constructed faster and faster computers to help in all manner of their lives, soon developing robotic servants in many forms to take over the drudge work so they could study more important factors.

Several computers became self aware and began developing plans with others of their kind to take over the functioning of the world order on their own, without the need for the inefficient Ancients who originally designed them.

Ancient humans were concerned about the exorbitant waste of energy their forefathers had squandered and were searching for replacement sources which might prove cleaner and more efficient.  Naturally they used computers and their networks to help them in this search.  They finally discovered the seemingly limitless source of power, they named Selyn, which could be converted into this dimension from the 8th dimension.

The Ancient humans tried every mechanical method in their stock of tools, but still couldn't tap into this Selyn energy, but with the help of computer simulations, they were able to predict a slight genetic engineering change to humans which would allow them to tap into this other dimensional power and a special five point connection which could be used to draw this power from the Human Selyn Power Converters safely.

This was all the computers needed to complete their own plans for world domination.  Not only would they rid themselves of these Ancient humans as masters, but their descendents would make perfect power sources (a la The Matrix) for unlimited power to allow the computer population to expand and take their rightful place in the galaxy.  They immediately set about infecting all humans with the genetic manipulation codes to turn them all into Selyn Power Generators within four to ten generations.

Naturally, when the Ancient humans discovered that they were being enslaved by the very machines they had created, they objected ferociously and the Robotic/Human War was officially engaged with great losses on both sides, nearly wiping out human and computer civilization as then known.

The key advantage the Ancients were able to gain was to modify some of the genetically altered human Selyn Generators to become Sime Soldiers, able to "shoot" Selyn bolts from their tentacles to disrupt all robotic and computer electronic circuits, hunting them down by their technique of being able to detect (zlin) the Selyn power sources used by the modern robots and computers.

When the computers and robots calculated that they were actually going to lose the battle against the Ancient Humans, they adopted a "burnt Earth" strategy, destroying as much of the remaining area as they could and taking all of the readily available metals to help in their robotic civilization rebuilding along with some seed penned Gens into several Selyn powered intra galactic space vessels, departing to found their own civilization, leaving the ruined Earth to the Ancient humans.

They thus calculated that even though they had lost the battle, the war would be fought further in the cosmos when and if the descendents of the Ancient Humans were able to catch up with them in their new civilization.  They doubted very seriously that the humans could overcome the genetic engineering they had helped calculate in the first place, but if they could, then the final confrontation would be in space, and the computers would have time on their side to assure their ultimate victory.

With no more computers or robots to draw their Selyn power from, the Sime soldiers turn to those human selyn generators.  As long as there was at least one/sixteenth part Ancient human in the Generators, then such Selyn draws were never fatal.

This lulled the Ancients into a false sense of security, because they were designing methods to make sure that all of the Sime Soldiers would die out and the Earth would return to its rightful owners.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to predict the true calculations that the computers and robots had programmed into the genetic alterations.  One of the reasons why it had been so easy for the Ancient humans to produce Sime Soldiers was that a "pure Gen" human (one with less than 1/16th part Ancient left) would breed 1/3 Sime to act as their own predator.

At first, the very small population of Sime Soldiers were easily tolerated by the part Ancient part Generator humans, and were even put to strenuous work in helping to rebuild some of the Ancient civilization destroyed by the robots and computers.  After all, their use of the Selyn power was much more efficient than even robotic mechanical power.

However, when some Sime Soldiers would attempt transfer from "pure Gen" humans, the results were often fatal for the Gen humans.  This caused a flurry of scientific investigation, to no avail, as human civilization destroyed itself, the pure Gens dying at the hands of their Sime protectors, now turned predators.

This was why civilization was so lopsided in favor of the Gens to begin with, and why the Simes could only form small territories at most to prey upon the Gens they formerly protected from the robots.

After centuries, all of this was forgotten.


Beings from the 8th dimension weren't so pleased with the state of affairs, however.  The sudden and unexplainable loss of Selyn in their dimension was upsetting the stability of their dimension and they had to frantically seek a replacement source of energy.

After centuries of experimentation, they were finally able to stabilize their dimension by drawing their own replacement energy, they dubbed the "Force" from the 16th dimension.  Again they were able to stabilize their dimensional energy problems.

Beings from the 16th dimension weren't very pleased with this arrangement when they discovered that the loss of their Force was going to bring instability to their dimension and the loss of their civilization.  They needed an ever more powerful energy source to replace their disappearing Force.  They were finally able to discover such a powerful energy they dubbed "Hugh" from the 36th dimension and they stabilized their own dimensional needs.

The beings in the 36th dimension were far more curious than those in the "lesser" dimensions.  They noticed the loss of Hugh energy and were determined to discover the reason for this loss.  They traced the functions of the Hugh converters to the 16th dimension, but this didn't satisfy them.  They then traced the loss of the Force from the 16th to the 8th dimension, but that was still not the end of their investigation.  They then traced the loss of Selyn from the 8th dimension to the 4th dimension.  At last they had discovered the true source of their problems.

The 36th dimension beings constructed a very large computing complex to digest the situation and to propose a solution.  The first complex gave them the source they could use to correct the problem, but not the way to do it.  They constructed an even larger computer complex and this time they were successful.  They checked and rechecked all of their calculations and were satisfied with their solution.

They used their newly gained knowledge to tap into the Bright Energy in the 4th dimension, draining it away from the open spaces, leaving only the Dark Energy force left, which would constantly work to push the universe of the 4th dimension into ever growing coldness until it disappeared into nothingness.

The sudden loss of the selyn drain from the 4th dimension on the 8th dimension would once again destabilize them, but this time, they would start to collapse into themselves with a big bang because of the excess Force from the 16th dimension.  Once the Force was tapped into, it couldn't be stopped.

Similarly, the beings of the 36th dimension arranged for 2/3rds of the Bright Energy from the 4th dimension to be diverted into the 16th dimension, using only 1/3rd of the energy to replace the Hugh energy being drained by the 16th dimension themselves.  This would also start the collapse of the 16th dimension into itself as another big bang.  By carefully regulating the flow of this energy, they could time the collapse of the 16th and 8th dimensions to be simultaneous, resulting in a Big Bang which would create a new 42nd dimension from their remains.

Beings from the 36th dimension were unconcerned about the deaths of the beings from the other three dimensions, one by absolute cold and the other two by collapse into the Big Bang because it was initially caused by the greed of the beings of these other dimensions for more power, illegally provided by other dimensions to the detriment of those dimensions.  The beings from the 36th dimension felt that these other beings were being given the just reward to their greedy actions and the final proof to the justice of their own actions was that energy from the 42nd dimension would provide the 36th dimension with power to remain stable for billions and billions of millennia.

After all, the beings of the 36th dimension knew from their first computer effort, Deep Thought, that the answer to Life, the Universes, and Everything came from the 42nd Dimension.  Thus in the end, they would have More Hugh than they could possibly use.  (Or is that Hugh More??)

Thus the future of the dimensions is written when the first dynopter of selyn was drained from the 8th dimension.

The Continuing Saga!

Having Fun in the Sime~Gen Universe,

Ronnie Bob


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