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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter
September 2002


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Jacqueline and I have been running so madly the past three days that we have had no time in the Internet Cafe, except for a frustrating 45 minutes discovering that three different techs could not figure out why my notebook cannot connect to their network. So today I am at a borrowed computer on webmail.

While frustration has been the name of the game at ConJose, triumph over adversity has been our motto. We have met with our publishers and discussed marketing and cover art for the new Sime~Gen books, and they are very much on the same wavelength we are.

You will soon see photos on the website of the contract signing at the Meisha Merlin table yesterday (Friday, 30 August) afternoon. We had quite a gathering of fans for the occasion, and Jacqueline cast an astrological chart that shows that it was a very auspicious moment to do the deal.

The S~G tattoos are snapped up by everyone who sees them, and now people are wearing them all over the convention. At last night's party, people arrived wearing them, having followed signs with the same symbol on them, with no idea of what they meant except that they were beautiful and intriguing. Naturally, we enlightened them (as well as fed them), for the best Sime~Gen party ever!

It was not easy to find our party, but people did. First of all, the Fairmont (the party hotel) is a warren of narrow halls and inadequate elevators, so it's hard just to get to any party room. However, if you wanted to find the Sime~Gen party, merely finding the room we had advertised was not enough.

You see, Kaires carefully ordered a party room, confirmed by telephone before arrival that she had a party room, confirmed upon arrival that it was a party room, and reconfirmed yesterday morning that we were having a party in her room. Then, as we arrived to set up the party yesterday evening, what do we find but a new sign on the hallway leading to her room, saying "This is a quiet hallway. No parties."

The hotel then offered to move us to another room. We helped to pack everything up, put a sign on the door to tell people to go to a different room, and made the move. Cherri took signs with the new room number and set out to post them on every floor, while the rest of us started to set up the new room.

Hardly had we begun then there was a phone call from the hotel--they had put us in another quiet room and there were already protests from the neighbors at seeing a party moving in! They issued yet a THIRD room! We started packing again, thinking our party had pretty well been destroyed, as now no one would find us.

However, the new room had an auspicious number:  1701.

We moved, leaving yet another sign directing people--and we barely had time to get set up in 1701 when people started arriving. This was the biggest S~G party we have ever had (and possibly in the smallest room). Over the course of the evening, there must have been 500 people through. We gave tattoos, bookmarks, and flyers to everyone, explained S~G, and gave out door prizes.

Our publishers came at the height of the party, and we cut the beautiful cake Cherri and Mary had provided (look for pictures soon). Then they talked with our fans, telling of their plans for the series and discussing fan concerns about cover art--folks, we have NEVER had this kind of personal care from publishers before! It's possible that our books may have interior art as well as cover art.

The cover artist is Todd Lockwood.

The party continued until we closed the door at 12:15 am, because people kept coming! We were a huge success--now if only it sells books next summer!

Today I'm doing a panel, and tomorrow Jacqueline has a panel, and we both will teach in the writing workshop and do an autograph session.

And that's it! This was a little breathing space today, so I came to give you a report--I don't know if it's the only one you will get, but that may happen because I can't use my own computer.

We are busy and happy and exhausted.

There are new additions: "Blood Taint", by Katherine X. Rylien

A filk page

The latest installment of A NEW BEGINNING by Doreen DaBinett titled "Friends and Enemies"

"BookPublish 2002"

Small Publishers Association of North America Publishing College & Trade Show for authors, self-publishers and independent presses October 18-20, Denver, Colorado.

Dog Writers Association of America 2002 Writing Competition
Deadline: September 28, 2002
Awards: Various (see site link for list)
Entry fees: US$10 for current DWAA members; US$15 for nonmembers; each special-award entry must include an additional US$2 entry fee The work must be original and must have been published, broadcast or released in the competition period: September 1, 2001 to August 31, 2002.

Poetry Institute of Africa Poetry Contest
Deadline: October 31, 2002
Prize: R3 000\
No entry fee


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Here's a contest for flash fiction that has cash prizes --

We have a new recipient this month: Arrowhead Drop-In Center / Arrowhead Centre Society Arrowhead helps adults with serious and persistent mental illness. It is a member driven, staff managed and supported, peer support drop-in center using a psychosocial approach.

Please take the time to visit their page, and donate to this worthy organization, by way of thanking them for their efforts...and in return for enjoying the excellent stories and artwork our contributors have donated.

...Don't forget to tell them that you were 'referred' by SimeCenter.

In the Art department, we have yet another fantasy artwork by one of our most faithful artists: "The Approach", by Michael Cox.

The story that's posted now is "Lying Day" by Lois Wickstrom, wherein a young man learns a valuable lesson. (Lois was the one who found Arrowhead, our new recipient, for us.)

Please visit SimeCenter to enjoy these offerings, and make donations to our newest recipient.

Karen Litman reports: As of 6 August, it appears we have 395 signed up for the Hardcover. That's assuming the records are correct and no one has changed his mind.


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BITTERSWEET by Louisa Trent

FORGIVE THE MOON by Maryanne Stahl

LAIR OF THE LION by Christine Feehan

NEVER TOO MUCH by Lori Foster

THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD by Susanne Marie Knight

SHADOW IMAGE by Jaye Roycraft

STRAY THOUGHTS by Elizabeth Stewart

TREMORS by Jaid Black

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