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Today: September 19, 2017
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The Dushau Trilogy

Three Romantic Times Award Winning
Paranormal SF Romances


Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  • Human/Alien Romance
  • Alien Psychic Abilities
  • Reincarnation and Karma
  • Science & Kabbalah
  • Interstellar Ecology

 Dushau (Dushau Trilogy, No 1)
On Amazon pb

On Amazon Kindle


 Farfetch (Dushau Trilogy No 2)
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On Amazon Kindle





Outreach (Dushau Trilogy, No. 3)
On Amazon paperback
On Amazon Kindle


1. Dushau

Readying her Galactic Exploration department for a routine debriefing of a Dushau planetary scouting team, the newly dubbed "Lady" Zavaronne finds that the new Emperor has jailed some of her Dushau as scapegoats for his political failures. Assuming its all a mistake, Zavaronne befriends the team's Artificial Intelligence, Arlai, and breaks the team survivors out of jail. But when the Emperor embargoes the Dushau homeworld, she must decide which side she's on before the Emperor destroys the whole galactic civilzation.

 Dushau Sample Chapters


2. Farfetch

With Imperial Troops in hot pursuit, "Lady" Zavaronne, with her now trusted Dushau friend Jindigar and his friends of many species, crashes on a colonizable planet which the Dushau have kept secret from the Empire, against all Laws. She has forgiven Jindigar that lie, but now she finds he has lied to her again. The planet has intelligent natives, and is therefore embargoed.

They can't survive here unless she joins Jindigar's Dushau exploration team in a psychic bond so they can blend into the local ecology.

They must convince the Natives to hide them from the Imperial troops chasing them. As they take refuge with a Hive Dwelling native, Zavaronne must peel away the Dushau's lies, half-truths, and hidden agenda so she can decide if she can trust Jindigar before the Imperial troops find them. Should she switch sides - again?

Farfetch Sample Chapters


3. Outreach

Settled in safety on the Dushau's secret planet of refuge, among other refugee Dushau, "Lady" Zavaronne, the first human to link minds with the Dushau and survive, must attend the Dushau Jindigar's wedding, but the local Hive Mind creatures attack the Dushau colony. The long-lived Dushau are going into Renewal, the reproductive phase, and losing the ability to psychically shield the colony from the Hive natives. But when the offworlder colony is over run by the Hive, Zavaronne and Jindigar must construct a new Hive mentality this world can accept before they all go insane.

Outreach Sample Chapters

Order the whole trilogy.


In 1985

A New Romantic

In 1985, the first novel of the Dushau Trilogy won the first Romantic Times Award given for Science Fiction, essentially launching a new sub-genre of Romance into orbit.   


Award photo
by Cherri Munoz

In 2009

celebrated Science Fiction Romance
writer Linnea Sinclair wrote:

Step into Lichtenberg's story and be prepared for a gripping, complex yet thrilling exploration of interspecies relationships as greed, loyalty, passions and politics clash. I was captivated by Dushau, thoroughly in the main character's court from the first chapter, and amazed at how effortlessly Lichtenberg drew me into such alien yet believable minds and worlds. Published in 1985, this is a book before its time by an author who has continued to blaze her own stellar path through the subgenres of science fiction. A worthy read!  I want a piol!

~Linnea Sinclair, RITA Award winning author of Bantam Spectra novels Games of Command and The Downhome Zombie Blues linnea@linneasinclair.com






Science Fiction﴿


What happens when you mix

Kabbalah & Science


Fantasy & Science Fiction?

You get the Romantic Times Award Winning novel Dushau and a whole new definition of
Happily Ever After




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1. Dushau 2. Farfetch 3. Outreach

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Dushau (Dushau Trilogy, No 1)  Farfetch (Dushau Trilogy No 2) Outreach (Dushau Trilogy, No. 3)

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