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The 8 original Sime~Gen novels have been reprinted by Wildside Press in Trade Paperback and most ebook formats, with 4 new never before published volumes.

They are currently available on Amazon in Kindle and paper, on Barnes&Noble Nook, fictionwise.com and a variety of other outlets.

Find them in this handy store:

Audiobook editions on http://audible.com

Find the SimeGen® Group on facebook with http://facebook.com/jacqueline.lichtenberg



  Molt Brother  

City of a Million Legends  

reprints by Wildside Press in Trade Paperback, and
e-book in just about all formats. 

 2011 AUDIOBOOK being recorded for audible.com iTunes amazon.com

You may now buy them on amazon.com, at the publishers' website, or in bookstores.  

Read free chapters now, and get an overview of the universe premise.   Scroll down the amazon page and look on your right to sign up for an email notice.  more... 


Those of My Blood  


Those of My Blood is now in  Trade Paperback, by Ben Bella Books 

Dreamspy is now in Trade paperback by Ben Bella Books. 

Read chapters and the marvelous praise heaped on these two novels by other writers.  

Books are available on amazon.com  more ...





Available on Amazon Kindle

Mass Market paperbacks

Dushau (Dushau Trilogy, No 1)

 Farfetch (Dushau Trilogy No 2)

Outreach (Dushau Trilogy, No. 3)  

Read Three Free Chapters

Comment on the Dushau blog

Jean Lorrah

Famous Star Trek novelist, Jean Lorrah, co-owner of  Sime~Gen Inc., has many original series of her own.  

In addition to her award winning Vampire novel, Blood Will Tell,  out from Ben Bella Books, Spring 2003, she has a reprint deal for her long series titled SAVAGE EMPIRE -- another famous Star Trek fan Winston Howlett (editor of the famous Star Trek 'zine Captain Uhura) will be doing a new book in the Savage Empire series with Jean.

Jean also has an article in the Ben Bella compendium on Buffy The Vampire Slayer titled Seven Seasons of Buffy .  


Audio-only dramatizations of the vampire short stories called The Dorian St. James Saga.  The full texts of the stories are posted for free comparison. 

This series began with a short story for Andre Norton's Witch World series -- where she allowed Jacqueline Lichtenberg to put a vampire on the Witch World -- a very special vampire.  That story is published in Tales from the Witch World II, and all the rest of the published stories are prequels. 


DEC. 2013 publication

FIC: Why Fanfic is Taking Over The World

I have an Article "Recollections of a Collating Party" connecting Sime~Gen, Star Trek, and Darkover in FIC.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer "

 I have an article on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in an anthology of such articles by SF/F writers, titled Seven Seasons of Buffy published by BenBella Books Oct. 2003.  Jean Lorrah and Margaret L. Carter are also in the anthology.  See all contributors here.  


In the meantime, check out "Heaven and Hell", an anthology which contains Jacqueline's  short story "Vampire's Friend", the sequel to "True Death". Both these stories are under contract to be recorded.  

Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire, Glenn Yeffeth, ed., BenBella Books Oct. 2004
Both Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah have articles in this fine collection, a sequel to Seven Seasons of Buffy.  

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