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These pages are dedicated to preserving history of Sime~Gen fandom, in the universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg has had an active following of fans for over 30 years now. They have published zines, produced art, music, stories, attended conventions and meetings, roleplayed online and in person, and more recently invaded the internet with many delightful sites devoted to this wonderful universe. In coming months we will be collecting and posting here records of those many activities chronicling the growth of this phenomenal group of fans.

What you see on these pages (photos, articles, historical notes, etc.) has been contributed by fans.

If you have items you would like to contribute or memories to share please contact the Sime~Gen historian.

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Other Events





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Staff Spotlights




Reference Material

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Fan Activities

Ancient Ceremonies

On this page you will find photos and logs of various fan happenings in the Ancient Tecton.

Zeor Pledge Party

On Sunday November 1, year 30 Veraik formerly ambrov Liore Bender Cove Controller gave his pledge to Sectuib Hilo ambrov Zeor (JL) who made a state visit to the Bender Cove Sime Center for this express purpose. Householding Chanel made a recording of these proceedings for posterity.

(I believe chocolate plays an important part in the events.)

Presence at Cons

We have parties, ceremonies, and other activities at conventions.

The latest obvious Sime~Gen presence was at WesterCon06.

Our historical photographer Cherri Muñoz took many marvelous pictures over the years.  And our image wizard " ECJB" has edited them and made proofsheets. Watch this space; they'll be posted soon.

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Fan Communications

The Sime~Gen Universe had some of the earliest fanzines:

Vantage Point News an irregularly published newsletter put out by JL

First Transfer a Welcommittee newsletter

FANAC Various fan activities and documents

Zines Fliers and newsletters for the four Sime~Gen Fanzines

Our people became expert in both "worldbuilding" and fanzine creation from experience
with the alternate Star Trek universe called Kraith.

A great deal of the material in the Sime~Gen fanzines is now online:

Ambrov Zeor - the first fanzine

Companion in Zeor - it keeps going...

Zeor Forum - stories and commentary

Chanel Inquirer - Sime~Gen QnA

GenFarm Journal - new on-line zine in the works

The Sime~Gen domain also has over a dozen discussion lists and newsletters. Here are a few:

SIMEGEN-L - A discussion list for Sime~Gen fans

RATHOR-L - Mysticism at Simegen.com

LIFEFORCE-L - Vampires, published novels, and more

These and others can be found on the List Archives page.

We also have a newsletter for happenings around Sime~Gen Inc. and simegen.com called PERSPECTIVES (newsletter-l on the list sign up pages).

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Our Hardworking Fans

Over the years, our fans have received many awards and honors. You can find them compiled on the Awards pages.

We've started trying to honor our most faithful volunteers by posting biographical "Spotlights".

Also, if you've explored the domain, you'll see that many pages have a standard format,
with "local" links at the top and domain-wide "global" links on the side.
Our webmaster has just added a new feature to the page template, a list of contacts,
by function or page identifier and E-Mail address.
We're just starting this, so it isn't very complete yet, but it will become a valuable resource.

By the way, here are the people who created this section of the domain:

The Original Sime~Gen History Project Staff

Marge Robbins
Historian (emeritus)

Karen MacLeod
Timeline Coordinator

Ronnie Bob Whitaker
OCR Technician

All of these people are still active in the Sime~Gen Universe:
Karen is assistant webmaster for the domain, among other things, and is now a professional editor.
(At this year's Annual Meeting we invented a new award for "Karen-like activity" in her honor.)
Ronnie Bob is still the one we call for everything having to do with getting paper records online.

The current Sime~Gen History Project Team

Kaíres Tévesu

Cherri Muñoz
Historical Photographer

Image Editing Wizard

As far as I can tell, Cherri has been around since the dawn of Sime~Gen fandom. "ECJB" (Eric Berlin) has been a part of Sime~Gen since 1999.

I'm a newbie: I didn't even see the domain until the end of 2000. I'm still having fun exploring.

Several other staff members help run the domain presently, or have assisted us, and subsequently left. Some of their background information can be found in our "spotlights" or biographies sections.

Some people influential in the past workings of Sime~Gen fandom have died. We'd like to introduce you to those people here:

A tribute to Linda L. Whitten, Member of the SIME~GEN WELCOMMITTEE, cartoonist, fanzine contributor.

A tribute to Jay Schiff friend of Sime~Gen and A COMPANION IN ZEOR.

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...and their creativity

If you are anything like me, you originally came to simegen.com looking for fan fiction.
Well, we have dozens of stories, from short short-stories to novels (really!).
You can find them in The Rimon Farris Memorial Library, "cataloged" by title,
by author name (sorted into sets of related stories), and in a few cases
by "subject" or "series"...the few of these that exist are links from the "author" catalog.

We also have art in several places, the main being the Arensti Art Gallery.

There's even music: "Two Kinds of Man"

(Various pages also claim that there was once a film script posted.
If it was ever here, it probably isn't any more.)

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For more information on the Universe and links to lots of Sime~Gen fiction on the web visit Rimon's Library, or read plot summaries of the Sime~Gen novels while you wait for them to be republished!

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