Sime~Gen Awards  

The World Controllers Hall of Fame.
This site is devoted to the display of the many awards won by the authors and fans of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime/Gen universe. Click on the awards below.


The Silver yo-yo Award  

The Golden yo-yo  Award  

The Digen Farris Meritorious Service Award

The Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Award
The Tech-ton Award
The Nager Award
  Karen Award

Created in 2002, this award for Creating Foundations is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~gen fan universe or, who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Simegen domain. The following people have won the Karen Award in 2002:

Karen MacLeod
Jenn and Dancer Vesperman
Marge Robbins
Robyn King-Nitschke
Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley
Leigh Kimmel

  Our Territory Awards

This award is given to those whose non-Simegen related sites bring visitors to the domain. The following people have won the Out-Territory Award in 2002:

Bygone Days (Url to follow)
Bruce Gray for Key books

  Moveable feast Award

This is awarded irregularly to somebody I missed. The following people have won the Moveable Feast Award in 2002:

Kaires Tevesue
Cherri Munoz
Patric Michael

Are you a Sime/Gen fan who has won an award or might be about to?
Write and let us know!

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