This is a log of JL's visit to Bender Cove Sime Center on IRC. To make it more readable more editing has been done than usual. Nothing has been left out, but some lines have been rearranged.

Cast of charactors


Hilo Ambrov Zeor Sectuib in Zeor and Sectuib Virena ambrov Keon

Regulars in no particular order

Veraik Bender Cove Controller, Rabharm ambrov Zeor, Second Channel in Zeor, Devida ambrov Zeor First Companion in Zeor, Alea Farris ambrov Zeor,Companion , Sectuib Aran ambrov Chanel, Lisa ambrov Chanel, 1st order channel the Sectuib's daughter, Jorgre 2nd order channel Lisa's Fiance, Briel ambrov Chanel first order channel, Aran's Fiance, Pares ambrov Carrie Lisa's Donor, Serena donor in training, Darrel Second Order channel on staff, the caterers




* Rabharm is waiting in the Lobby with Devida by his side for the arrival of the Sectuib in Zeor

* Devida is calmly sitting near the door watching Rabharm pace and smiling to herself.

* Darrel paces back and forth, wondering how he once more he got stuck with duty in the Dreaded Lobby.

* Serena_ is putting up a final flower arrangement.

<Darrel> Monkeys playing pick-up-sticks, monkeys playing pick-up-sticks....

* VeraikNoH goes to his office and waits. ~ nervous ~

* Serena_ walks over to Darrel to support him.

<Serena_> Relax Darrel

<Serena_> They'll be here and gone soon enough.

<Darrel> Serena, we're going to have whole hordes of powerful dignitaries running around expecting us to be perfect, and poking into everything.

* Darrel shudders.

<Darrel> ~~ freaking ~~

* Hilo This is quite a nice town now. I think that's the Sime Center were were directed to over there -- behind that big warehouse.

* Serena_ ~~here for Darrel~~ I did my panicking last night.

* Hilo If I can zlin them, they might be noticing our approach by now.

* Caterer sweeps through the front door, carrying a large tray of finger foods.

* Caterer beckons to his assistant.

<Caterer> Right through here.

* Rabharm glances around the lobby Ok people on your toes I can zlin the Sectuib now.

<Rabharm> Serena would you pleaase go get Veraik?

* Devida rises and calmly moves towards the door, her eyes sparkling with anticipation

* Serena_ Yes sectuib. Leaves to find Veraik

* Hilo It's so good to be around Virena again. I do hope she managed to get some of that imported chocolate for the party.

* Darrel 's tentacles are tying themselves into knots.

* Darrel 's tentacles are tying themselves into knots.

* Serena_ goes to Veraik's door and knocks

* VeraikNoH cringes when he hears the knocks. [must be Serena]

* Caterer turns around to see where his assistant has gotten to, and stumbles.

* Hilo Aha, that's the building right there. It hardly resembles what mother described in here letters.

<Caterer> Oooops!

* VeraikNoH answers the door.

* Caterer2 Enters with both hands full of trays of food

* Caterer 's tray goes flying.

<Serena_> Rab sent me for you Veraik.

* Caterer2 Tries to catch flying trays and still hold on to mine

* VeraikNoH nods. "Let's go."

* Serena_ nods

* VeraikNoH uses Serena's field to help calm himself as they walk down the hall.

<Caterer> Oh, no!

* Caterer winces as all three trays crash to the carpet.

<Caterer> Oh, no!

* Serena_ gets in step with Veraik and offers ~~calm support~~

<Caterer2> What now? Clean up or more food?

* Hilo Good driving folks. You can pull the wagons up right over there.

* Darrel augments over in a desperate attempt to catch the trays and slips in the mess.

* Rabharm gestures to a couple of rensimes to block the double doors open

<Caterer> Err....

* Serena_ looks at Veraik

<Caterer> I really must go see if the trin supply is sufficient....

<Serena_> It will be fine

* Serena_ ~~stronger support~~

<Hilo> Come on, Virena, and all the rest of you. We have an investigation to run, remember? We have to interview everyone who was involved when Mother was here.

* Caterer2 Starts cleaning up mess

* Caterer flees back to the kitchen, leaving his assistant to deal with the crisis.

* virena Virena joins Hilo.

* VeraikNoH goes to Devida as soon as he enters the lobby.

* Darrel picks himself up off the floor, bits of food spattered on his uniform.

<Darrel> You shouldn't have brought these through the lobby.

* Hilo opens the front door to - the *lobby*

<Hilo> Oh, no, wrong door.

* Serena_ takes her position by the lobby desk and frantically looks at the mess in what was the immaculate lobby.

* Caterer2 Asks another Gen for help before everyone arrives

<Rabharm> WElcome to Bender Cove Sectuib

<Caterer2> Oh no, I didn't make it in time

* Rabharm steps forwards hands and tentacles outstretched in weclome

* Darrel catches a glimpse of the First Order nagers and starts shaking like a leaf.

<Hilo> Thank you, and this is Sectuib Keon.

* Serena_ walks over to Darrel to support him

<virena> Hello. Things have changed since last time I was here.

* Hilo reaches for Rabharm feeling warm all over.

* Darrel wipes cream cheese from his shirtfront.

<Rabharm> Welcome Sectuib Keon Zeor and Bender Cove are honered by your presence

<Darrel> Shen.

* Rabharm enterwines tentacles with his sectuib

<Serena_> (whispers) What happened Darrel?

* Hilo accepts Rabharm's embrace.

* Devida moves smoothly to Hilos' side

* Darrel points a limp tentacle towards Caterer2, who is trying to clean up.

* Hilo Davida is here somewhere. I can zlin her.

<Devida> Welcome Sectuib It is soo good to see you again

* VeraikNoH waits in the background until he is introduced.

<Darrel> They brought the food through the Lobby. Should have known better.

<Hilo> Ah, Davida. Oh, it's good to zlin you again.

<Darrel> They brought the food through the Lobby. Should have known better.

<Hilo> Ah, Davida. Oh, it's good to zlin you again.

* Hilo embraces Davida.

* Caterer2 Gets the rest of the food on the trays and leaves room, fast

* Devida gently touches Hilo's wrist in welcome and support

<Hilo> me/ ~~warm feelings~~

* Darrel looks at the mess left behind on the carpet.

* Serena_ rolls her eyes but projects ~~calm, can't be helped~~

<Rabharm> Sectuib may we present Hajene VEraik?

* VeraikNoH steps up.

* Rabharm gestures Veraik forward

<Darrel> And there's no time to change!

<VeraikNoH> Sectuib. Welcome to Bender Cove.

<Hilo> Hajene Veraik, a little closer.

* VeraikNoH steps closer.

* Devida provides a bubble of nageric privacy for Hilo and Veraik

* Darrel fishes a slice of bell pepper from his hair.

* Devida provides a bubble of nageric privacy for Hilo and Veraik

<Serena_> (whispers) Smile and go with it. Can't be helped Darrel.

<Hilo> Thank you. Sectuib Keon, this is Veraik, the Second Order Channel who has asked to Pledge Zeor.

* Darrel fishes a slice of bell pepper from his hair.

<Hilo> Thank you, Devida.

* Rabharm offers Tentacles of Welcome to Virena

<virena> I hope you will be happy.

<VeraikNoH> Sectuib Keon. Welcome

<virena> Thank you.

* Darrel thinks, yep, he's blown it again: he's NEVER going to convince any First Order officials that he's responsible enough to be assigned OUT of Bender Cove.

<Hilo> Virena -- just zlin Veraik. Notice that nageric depth? Second to High First in a flash.

<Rabharm> Sectuib we're prepared my office and Devida's for your use and the Cafeteria is ready for the ceremony

* Darrel goes over to the refreshments table, wets a napkin with tea for the pot, and tries vainly to clean the worst of the mess off his shirt.

<virena> [to Hilo] That's amazing.

<Hilo> Yes, Veraik is pretty amazing.

* Rabharm smiles proudly at his protege

<virena> Veraik, how did you come to choose Zeor?

* Darrel mostly succeeds in smearing himself worse.

* Caterer2 Tries to help Darrel get the worst of the food off but only makes things worse

<Hilo> And I remember a letter from him about how he'd never make it.

<Rabharm> Sectuib Keon we have an office prepared for you too right next to mine

<virena> Thank you.

<Hilo> Oh, thank you Rabharm.

<Hilo> Virena will you take charge of the Interviews, since you were here the last time my Mother was.

<Rabharm> Veraik has done very well in preparnig for this Sectuib Devida and I have every confidence in him

<VeraikNoH> Sectuib Virena. It has been a life-ling dream of mine to become a member of Householing Zeor.

<Hilo> And while you're doing that, Zeor will meet for our premliminary work with Veraik.

* Caterer2 Had arrived back with more trays of food before trying to help Darrel and is wondering if she should just disappear in embarresment

* Caterer2 Had arrived back with more trays of food before trying to help Darrel

<virena> Ah--caught up in the legend.

<virena> Hilo, exactly what are you looking for?

<Hilo> Isn't it amazing how many ambrov Zeor are here in this little town? We'll have to have a business meeting -- we almost have a quorum of the Channeling Staff alone!

<virena> Murying did not disappear from Bender's Cove.

* Darrel discovers to his dismay that trin tea does NOT remove tomato sauce.

<virena> Why do you expect to find clues here?

* Aran_A enters the lobby accompanied by his daughter and approaches teh group by the door

<virena> Is someone here the last person to see Muryin alive?

<Rabharm> Ah Aran's here. Sectuib you remember Sectuib Aran ambrov Chanel

<virena> Is someone here the last person to see Muryin alive?

<Hilo> I don't expect to find any clues, but the assignment that brings me here is to retrace my Mother's footsteps before she disappeared. This is as far back into her journey as I'm mandated to go.

<Hilo> But after here, she went to Gulf Territory, and then to Leander -- and we have no idea what happened after that.

<VeraikNoH> The legend? No. The desire to strive for execellence was what spoke to me, Sectuib.

<Rabharm> Almost everybody on staff was in the lobby when she rode out. I'm afraid that won't help you much

<virena> Oh, Hilo--you are Sectuib in Zeor now.

<virena> _You_ make the mandates.

<Hilo> So perhaps someone here heard her say something about any plans she might have had for the visit to Leander.

<Aran_A> Welcome to Bender Cove Hilo

<Hilo> Well, there is the Continental Controller's Office.

* Aran_A holds out tentacles of welcome

<virena> Don't ask. Then they have no opportunity to say no.

<Hilo> If the referendum passes, no doubt we'll go back to calling him or her the World Controller -- really will be a World Controllership soon now, I think.

* Darrel looks at Caterer2

<Darrel> How do you get this stuff off, anyway?

<virena> You have to learn how to handle the Tecton, Hilo.

<Hilo> Aran! Long time no zlin!!

<virena> Hello, Aran.

* Aran_A grins "It is sure good to see you Hilo and this I assume is the lovely Sectuib in Keon?

<Hilo> I know I have a lot to learn, Vir -- and with you to help, it should be easy.

<Aran_A> Welcome Virena

<virena> Yes, we'll be happy to help you.

<virena> Aran, you're a flirt.

* Hilo twines tentacles with Aran..

* VeraikNoH shifts closer to Devida.

<Rabharm> Sectuib would you like to retire to your offcies or go directly to the cafeteria

* Hilo ~ now Aran has grown a lot too!! ~~~

* Aran_A smiles "ah not quite.

* Darrel shoots a galnce at the immaculate company of Firsts.

* Aran_A offers tentacles of welcome to Virena

<Aran_A> ~so has Hilo finally looks like a Sectuib~

* VeraikNoH zlins the power from Sectuib Hilo and Sectuib Virena

* virena Virena entwines tentacles with Aran.

* Aran_A winks at Verina

<Hilo> I think we'll meet in your office, Rabharm, while Virena conducts interviews in the other office. Call the open staff meeting for the cafeteria in - oh, what half an hour, Virena?

<Rabharm> Sounds good sectuib

<Hilo> Let's go.

<Rabharm> Serena will you notify the staff

* Serena_ nods

* <Hilo> Ambrov Zeor -- this way!

<Rabharm> if you will come with Sectuib

<Serena_> Yes Rab

<Hilo> ~flashes field to summon members of Zeor~

* Rabharm leads the visitors down the hall to the waiting offices

* Rabharm leads the visitors down the hall to the waiting offices

<VeraikNoH> ~ nager held tightly ~

* VeraikNoH follows the Sectuib.

<Caterer2> Darrel I think it is lost cause, didn't you say that you brought another shirt to change into later

* Darrel watches the parade go by from the shelter of a potted plant.

* Serena_ looks ar Darrel

<Darrel> It's upstairs in my room.

* Rabharm leads Hilo to his office and ushers him in

<Darrel> It's upstairs in my room.

<Serena_> Go change your shirt, and you can help me notify the staff. I'll wash that one for you later.

<Hilo> Thank you Rab! Hey, this is something!

<Hilo> Really nice place you have here.

<Darrel> And I'm supposed to be on duty while the high mucky mucks have their party.

<Rabharm> If you will excuse me I'll see to having some tea brought

<Hilo> Really nice place you have here.

<Hilo> Is that a painting of Rimon?

<Darrel> And I'm supposed to be on duty while the high mucky mucks have their party.

<Caterer2> Darrel now might be a great time to change and then you can get back on duty with some dignity

<Serena_> Maybe I can find Jeru to keep you company.

<Rabharm> yes it is. YOUR mother gave that to me many years ago

* Darrel doesn't require a second invitation, but flees for the stairs.

<Rabharm> Virena your office is right across the hall. We took the liberty of decorating it in Keon colors

<Hilo> That might be nice. We brought some along, though. The drivers should have delivered it to the kitchen entry by now.

<Hilo> It's the good stuff.

* Caterer2 Goes into kitchen and returns with a fresh pot of trin tea

* Devida remains close to Hilo quietly suppportive

<Rabharm> I'll check into it.

* Caterer looks up as his assistant enters.

* Rabharm smiles warmly at the sectuibs and leaves for the kitchen area

* Serena_ goes to her desk and starts writing out the meeting notices for the staff.

* virena enters office and waits for explosions to begin

* Hilo ~thanking Davida nagerically~

<Devida> ~very happy to be serving her Sectuib again its been a long time~

<Hilo> Veraik?

* Caterer2 looks at caterer and asks for directions

* VeraikNoH almost steps back then goes to the Sectuib as ordered.

<VeraikNoH> Yes. Sectuib.

<Caterer> That's not looking bad.

* Caterer Is there enough trin?

* Hilo hmmm, seems I lived through walking through the Lobby. Not even any tomatoe stains on my cape. It's not as bad as Mother indicated.

* virena Virena leaves her office where nothing is happening, and goes to eavesdrop on the Zeor contingent.

* Hilo on the other tentacle -- well, there was a peculiar feel to the place. Lots of pent up potential.

* VeraikNoH slightly smiles. "You were lucky."

* Caterer2 brings out 2 more pots of trin and looks over table to see what else is needed

* Serena_ distributes the meeting notices. Then returns to try and set the lobby back to order.

* Hilo Zeor contingent is waiting for Rabharm and the tea.

* Rabharm goes to the ketchen

* Caterer takes a looks at the mess that the arriving guests tracked across the lobby and down the hall and winces.

<Rabharm> Can someone fix a tray of tea and sweets for the Sectuib in Zeor

<Rabharm> ~now!~

* Serena_ thinks to herself, if the caterers did this to the lobby, what will my kitchen look like?

<Caterer> I don't suppose you know any carpet cleaners who can take a job on sort notice?

* Caterer2 fixes tray with tea and sweets to take to the Sectuib

<Hilo> Veraik, sit down over here and let's talk a while.

* Rabharm smiles. "Thank you. I'll take it up

* VeraikNoH sits.

* Rabharm takes the tray and returns to Hilo's office signaling descretly for admission

* Caterer winces as Rab and his assitant spread the tracks even further.

<Hilo> What is the real reason you want to pledge Zeor?

<VeraikNoH> ~ professionally ordered Zeor-style nager ~

* Caterer goes back to the lobby and finds Serena.

* virena withholds a snicker.

* Rabharm signals again a bit louder

* Caterer2 muttering while trying to clean up some of the mess tracked

* Hilo rough nageric work, but then he's grown so much so fast, it's hardly surprising he doesn't know his own strength.

* Serena_ looks at the caterer

<Caterer> Does the Sime Center here have a janitorial staff?

<VeraikNoH> Since before I was Sime, I have always tried to do my best in everything that I do.

<Serena_> Yes. I'll make arrangements for them to get right to work.

<Hilo> Why?

* Aran_A returns to his office to wait until summoned

<virena> ~Zeor style nager, indeed~

<Hilo> Why strive so hard at everything?

<Hilo> Why strive so hard at everything?

* Serena_ ~~exasperated~~

<VeraikNoH> When I read that Zeor stood for excellence, I had hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to pledge to the House.

* Darrel races back down to the lobby, in a fresh shirt.

<virena> ~Ah--that boy's got some of his father in him~

<Hilo> Today you have that opportunity. Do you still want it?

<virena> ~He'll be good for Zeor~

<VeraikNoH> Yes.

<VeraikNoH> Oh yes.

<Serena_> Good to see you back Darrel.

* Devida nudges her Sectuib "Hilo Rab's at the door

<VeraikNoH> Oh yes.

<Hilo> Why? You have just achieved a new plateau in your development as a Channel. Why do you think you want more?

* Darrel looks around, relieved when it appears no new disasters have occured during his absence.

* virena seeing Hilo engrossed, Virena opens the door for Rab

<VeraikNoH> To stop striving is to become stagnant.

<Serena_> I've sent for the janitorial staff. This is too much for us to handle alone.

* Hilo ~beckons Rab with his nager~

<Rabharm> Thank you Sectuib I brought tea and cakes

<VeraikNoH> Striving to the next goal is part of life.

* Rabharm sets the tray in a corner and pours tea for everyone

* Darrel would actually prefer that all disasters took place during his absence, but not if he gets reprimanded for not being there.

* Rabharm sets the tray in a corner and pours tea for everyone

* Darrel would actually prefer that all disasters took place during his absence, but not if he gets reprimanded for not being there.

<Hilo> Ah, tea! Wonderful.

* Caterer2 Looks up relieved when janitorial staff arrives to take over the cleanup and heads back to kitchen

<Hilo> Veraik, you might want some now. You have a trial ahead of you today, if you decide to go through with this.

<Serena_> Maybe after all this excitement things will quiet down.

<Hilo> So what is your next goal?

* Rabharm serves Hilo and Virena then hands Veraik and Devida cups of streaming Zeor trin before taking a quiet seat in the corner

<Darrel> ~~ skeptical ~~

<VeraikNoH> Thank you Sectuib.

<VeraikNoH> Thank you Rab.

* Serena_ ~~hopeful calm~~

* Caterer looks up as his assistant returns.

<Caterer> We're short three trays of food.

<VeraikNoH> Thank you Rab.

<Caterer> ~~ dismay ~~

<Devida> ~calm soothing support for all the channels focused primarily on Hilo

* Hilo I wonder what that commotion is out toward the kitchen?

* Caterer2 starts preparing more trays from food set aside "just in case"

<Caterer> What can we do?

<Hilo> Veraik, can you zlin that through all this insulation?

* Caterer would start tearing his hair out, but he's already bald.

<VeraikNoH> My next goal is to better educated the Gen Territory children who are further inland than our neighbors across the river.

* Caterer would start tearing his hair out, but he's already bald.

<Rabharm> the caterers made a mess but it's being taken care of. Not to worry

* Rabharm hopes he's telling the truth

* Hilo signals Virena not to interfere with the test of Veraik.

<Serena_> If they trashed the lobby this badly, what are they doing to the kitchen.

* Hilo signals Virena not to interfere with the test of Veraik.

* Darrel looks at Serena sympathetically.

<VeraikNoH> I can't. Sorry Sectuib.

* virena just watching and zlinning

<Hilo> So, Veraik, politics is your next goal? Diplomacy?

* Serena_ smiles "Nothing I can do about it now."

* VeraikNoH slightly frowns, I thought I had the best Farris insulation installed in all the offices at the Center. You must be over rated even for that.

* Hilo turning around toward the door to call out

<Caterer> Check the pantry, and see what you can find, will you?

<Hilo> Will someone invite Aran in here -- and the other ambrov Chanel!

* Rabharm says softly "He's sectuib Veriak much more sensitive

* Caterer2 Looking into pantry and whooping for joy...there are cakes and cooks that we can use

<VeraikNoH> Perhaps but more of proximity as a way of intelligent decision.

<Rabharm> I'll send for him

<virena> ~~Oh, he is like his father--loves an audience~~

* Rabharm goes to the door and sends a messenger for Aran and Lisa

<Caterer> ~~ relief ~~

* VeraikNoH nods to Rab. "I zlin that and it is amazing."

<Caterer> Well, then, get them arranged..

* Aran_A runs to Lisa_A room to fetch her.

<Caterer2> Ok, I'll have these done in a snap and if the crew out there is as efficient, it will still go beautifully.

* Aran_A and Lisa rush to Hilo's office and politely signal for admission

* Darrel looks around as the janitoral staff works on the carpet.

<Darrel> What now, Serena?

<Serena_> I guess we just sit and wait.

<Serena_> I put out the invitations for the staff meeting.

* Hilo ~nagerically invites the Chanel in~

* Aran_A and lisa enter the room

<Serena_> How about those pick up sticks?

* Caterer2 thinking to myself ~~think goodness cheese trays weren't the ones to fall, they would have been harder to replace

<Aran_A> Hilo you have no idea how good it is to see you

<Serena_> How about those pick up sticks?

* Lisa_A runs over to Hilo and forgetting protocal hugs him

* Caterer goes to help his assistant raid the pantry, and discovers an ornate box hidden on a shelf.

<Lisa_A> Hilo it soo good to see you again

<Lisa_A> ~excited and happy~

<Hilo> Veraik, go into the middle of the room and find the saddle point in this ambient.

<VeraikNoH> ~ welcome to Aran and Lisa ~

* Caterer opens it and discovers a set of wooden skewers.

* Hilo hugging his Chanel members he sends them to the side.

* Lisa_A looks at Veriak and giggles then schools her filed to professionalism

* VeraikNoH does as he is told.

<Caterer> Here, use these to string some of that fruit.

* Aran_A gestures Lisa to join him in a corner

<Caterer2> What a good idea, these will look great

* Hilo studies Veraik's positioning critically. Watches Veraik move as the Chanel reposition themselves. Not bad, Not bad at all.

<Caterer> It will looks very nice if you arrange the colors nicely.

<VeraikNoH> Thank you Sectuib.

* VeraikNoH zlins the fields as shifts a tiny bit more to the left.

<Hilo> OK, Veraik, now zlin me deeply and tell me what you zlin.

* Caterer2 watches in amazement when Senerna arrives and takes all the fruit off the sticks

* VeraikNoH readies himself by calming himself inwardly.

* VeraikNoH zlins.

* Serena_ washes off all the sticks, and puts them away.

<Serena_> You don't know an Ancient game when you see one?

<Caterer> Game?

* Serena_ nods

* Caterer2 shaking head and wondering What Game?

* Rabharm puts a plate of Hilo's favorite treats on the desk before him

<Serena_> If you would have asked me, I would have provided you with anything you needed.

<Hilo> Rabharm, could you please close that door and keep it closed. The kitchen is awfully noisy.

* Caterer finishes decorating a tray with little monkeys he found in a small keg.

<Serena_> The game is called "Pick up Sticks!

* Serena_ looks at his tray.

<Caterer> Pick up sticks?

<Serena_> That too!"

<Serena_> Another game.

<Hilo> Veraik, what do you zlin when you zlin me now?

<Caterer> ~~ bewildered ~~

<VeraikNoH> Calm but readiness. Power tempered. Confidence

<Caterer> I thought that was your pantry back there?

<Aran_A> ~calm professional power less than Hilos but still there

<Serena_> Yes it is. But some things in the pantry were personal items.

<Lisa_A> ~calm professional but fluctating showing love and awe for Hilo~

<Serena_> I see you appropriated all the food I made, and will no doubt take credit for it as your creations.

* Serena_ ~~calming, control of self~~

* Caterer wonders what sort of games they play here, using monkey's and sticks.

<Serena_> Now, what would you like for decorations on your trays?

* Caterer2 knows when to keep quite and let her boss take the flack

* Caterer decides that perhaps he's better off not knowing.

<VeraikNoH> Also Hile, I zlin a slight annoyance probably from zlinning the commotion coming from the kitchen.

* Serena_ removes the monkeys, also cleans them and puts them away.

* <VeraikNoH> Also Hile, I zlin a slight annoyance probably from zlinning the commotion coming from the kitchen.

<Devida> ~calm fully Zeor professional maintainnig a calm ambientfocused on Hilo primarily

* Serena_ brings out all kinds of garnishes from the pantry.

<Caterer> Well, have you got anything appropriate?

<Serena_> You can use these.

* Caterer inspects the selection.

<Caterer> Oh, those are wonderful.

<Serena_> Or I can make more.

<Caterer> ~~ satisfaction ~~

* VeraikNoH holds himself steady as he zlins Devida focussing on Hilo.

<Caterer> ~~ satisfaction ~~

* Devida winks at Veriak

* Caterer waves his assistant over to garnish the trays.

<Serena_> And I respectfully ask that the kitchen be left in perfect order when you are done. If you need anythng else, just ask me.

* VeraikNoH suddenly smiles.

* Serena_ closes her eyess and tries to adjust the chaotic ambient in the kitchen

<VeraikNoH> Hilo. I zlin that you would like something sweet. Chocolate maybe.

* Rabharm surpresses a chuckle.

* Caterer is trying to get the even more chaotic trays in order.

<Devida> ~ripple of amusement~

<VeraikNoH> And also that prehaps you would like to have post with Lisa.

* Rabharm surpresses a chuckle.

<Hilo> Veraik, what we will do here is called an Interflow. We will exchange selyn now, in this private ceremony Primary system to Primary system. In public, in the Cafeteria (if there's any cafeteria left by the time we get there) we will do the regular exchange of Secondary system selyn. It will be an endurance trial for you, Veraik, but I am fully convinced it is already well within your capabilities. Once the pubic pledge is over, then you will have transfe

* Caterer is trying to get the even more chaotic trays in order.

<Hilo> And no - I couldn't eat anything right now.

<Serena_> I'll help you if you like

<virena> ~~Good for you, Veraik!~~

<virena> ~~Good for you, Veraik!~~

<Lisa_A> ~I'll get you for that VEraik~

<Caterer> Oh, no! We have no cinnamon!

* Caterer turns to his assistant.

<Serena_> Cinnamon?

<Caterer> Quickly, go to the market and find some.

<virena> ~~Admit it when he's got you, Hilo.~~

<virena> ``Your mother would have.~~

<Caterer2> I'll run out to get some

* Serena_ goes into the pantry and produces the cinnamon

* VeraikNoH zlins Lisa and smiles. ~ only did as the Sectuib told me to do ~

* Devida is having trouble remaining professional in the light of all the unprofessonal nageric interplay among the channels

<Hilo> Are you ready now, Veraik?

* Aran_A chuckles. He's know for a long time that Hilo is attractive to Lisa even if he wont ever admit it verballly

* virena wonders why Hilo is trying to act so uptight among these of all people.

* Devida rises and moves to Hilo's side

* Hilo concentrating fully on Veraik despite the nageric noise.

<VeraikNoH> Yes. Sectuib.

* Hilo Ah, Davida, good. ~very good~

<Devida> ~calm professonal bubble ~

<Hilo> Davida, now for Veraik.

* Hilo reaches out tentcles toward Veraik.

* Devida shifts her focus to Veraik preparing him for the ceremiony.

<Hilo> To me, then, Veraik.

* Devida now has the bubble of calm around both channels

<VeraikNoH> ~ panic quickly calmed to professionalism ~

* VeraikNoH offers tentacles.

<Hilo> Primary to Primary, Veraik -- hyperconscious, now.

<Devida> ~calm zeor bubble for silence for both channels~

<Veraik> ~ hyperconscious ~

* virena watches with interest, careful not to interfere

* Devida places one hand on each channel's arm

* Hilo ~lateral tentacle contact seated~

* Devida places one hand on each channel's arm

* Hilo selyn flow engaged -- balanced. Leaning on Devida.

<Devida> ~steady calm balanced~

* Veraik looks into Sectuib Hilo's eyes.

* Hilo Good - now.

<Hilo> Great! And reverse.

* Veraik reverses.

* Hilo right on. Knew he could do it. Easily, too.

* Hilo disengaging tentacle grip.

<Hilo> Thank you Davida.

* Devida smiles nothing makes her happier than working with Hilo

* Veraik holds nager in exhausted check.

* Caterer starts to brown some onions in butter.

<Hilo> Veraik, the pledge.

* Veraik holds nager in exhausted check.

* Caterer starts to brown some onions in butter.

* Serena_ moves to the corner of the kitchen, thinking the kitchen supervision is more important than the lobby

* Darrel is thus left ALONE in the Dreaded Lobby.

* Veraik recites the Zeor pledge.

<Veraik> Unto the House of Zeor, I pledge my life, My trust.

<Veraik> My undying loyality. I commit my Life, My substance and my children.

<Veraik> Unto Zeor Forever

* Hilo drapes insulating edge of Zeor cloak over Veraik's and his joined hands and returns the pledge.

* Caterer sees a small black shape move onto a tray.

<Caterer> Is that a ROACH!!!

* Caterer runs over to the tray and starts beating at the roach.

<Hilo> Unto Zeor, Forever

* Veraik zlins and feels the cloth around his neck.

<Caterer> You didn't say you had a roach problem here!

* Caterer looks at Serena accusingly.

<Hilo> In token of this pledge, I present to you the Zeor Ring, with Channel's crest.

* Rabharm slaps himself in the forehead he forgot the pledge cloth

<Hilo> And the Tecton symbol.

<Serena_> We don't. It could have come in with YOUR provisions.

<Rabharm> ~sorry Sectuib!

* Veraik hands out his hand, hand slightly shaking.

<Caterer> What!

<Hilo> me/ ~soothes Rabharm his old, failing memory is forgiven.

<Rabharm> ~growl~

* Caterer glares at Serena..

* Rabharm digs in a drawer and finds the cloth

* virena wants to strangle Hilo for being so _young_

<Serena_> The kitchen was spotless last week, and the exterminator was here as well.

<Rabharm> ~proud of you Veraik~

* Rabharm moves forward and offers his tentacles to Veraik in congratulaton

* Caterer smells smoke.

<virena> Congratulations, Veraik.

<Caterer> My onions!

<Rabharm> Congratulations Hajene

* Veraik entwines tentacles. "thank you Rab."

* Serena_ rushes over the covers the pan.

<Serena_> Enough!

* Veraik goes to Virena and entwines tentacles. "Thank you Sectuib Virena."

* Caterer looks at the mess.

<Caterer> I was told about this place.

* Devida puts her arm around Veraik and wispers "I am so proud of you

<Caterer> I was told about this place.

* Caterer backs towards the door.

<Caterer> I thought they were just stories.

<Serena_> Good, take your staff and go then. I can complete your job.

<Caterer> But they're NOT!

* virena thinks the nageric clutter in this place is worse than at Keon!

* Caterer flees.

* Veraik entwines tentacles around his bare arms. "Thank you Devida." ~ slightly more than emotion then a Channel/Donor pair would have ~

* Rabharm gives Virena an apologitic look. "Sorry Sectuib Bender Cove is the most chaotic center in the Tecton I do believe

* Serena_ ~~relief~~ but suddenly realizes how much still needs to be done.

* Darrel wanders by the kitchen, hoping to get at least a few minutes' support before he has to go back to cover the Lobby.

<Darrel> Serena, what's wrong?

* Serena_ ~~calm~~ The caterers tried to trash the kitchen. They then saw one of Smitty's decendents, and decided I insulted them when I suggested they brought it along.

<Serena_> So they left.

<Darrel> Left???

<Serena_> Now I have to pull all this together, and I have no idea where to start.

<Darrel> ~~ apalled ~~

<Serena_> They said all the stories they heard of Bender Cove were true.

<Serena_> And they wanted out of here.

<Darrel> Well, they are.

* Darrel can't blame the caterers for running; THEY have the option to work elsewhere.

<Serena_> Plus I don't know what other assignments I might be given while the dignitaries are here.

* Serena_ tries to remain calm.

* VeraikZeo steps back from Devida so she can go to Hilo.

* Serena_ starts to put out the food in the cafeteria for the party.

<Hilo> Congratulations and Welcome, Veraik. Now, we should adjourn to the Cafeteria so your friends and associates can share your public pledgege

* Hilo ~Ah, Davida -- wow, is she ever high field after that!~

<virena> ~~more pledging?~~

* VeraikZeo goes to Hilo and offers his Zeor ring back. "I think you will require this."

<VeraikZeo> Thank you Sectuib.

<Hilo> Virena - there you are. I feel as if you've been there all the time. Well, let's go. I think the cafeteria is this way.

<Rabharm> I think you will find everything in order

<Hilo> Yes, Veraik, good thinking.

* Hilo ~puts the ring away again~

<virena> Something's been going on there.

* VeraikZeo zlins the ring in the Sectuib's hand.

<Rabharm> I think you will find everything in order

* Serena_ is sure everything is ready and in order for the Pledge Ceremony

* Darrel looks around.

* virena whispers to her Companion to get the shiltpron they have brought along.

* Serena_ looks at Darrel

<Serena_> Think we can pull this off.

* Devida winks at Veriak then moves to Hilo's side in her standard working mode

<virena> ~~If anything will get Hilo to loosen up, it's getting him to play shiltpron~~

* Rabharm moves to Virena's side and gallently offers her his amr

<Rabharm> May I escort you Sectuib Keon?

* Darrel1 looks around at the food-laden tables.

<virena> Thank you.

<Darrel1> Well, it doesn't look too bad.

* Rabharm leads Virena to the cafeteria with a proud flourish

* Darrel1 casts a nervous glance upwards at the lights and sprinklers, hoping that they will both continue to function until this is all over.

* VeraikZeo follows Sectuib Hilo and Devida. ~ trying to calm systems ~

<Darrel1> Shall I see if I can round up some emergency waitstaff?

<Darrel1> Well, it doesn't look too bad.

* Rabharm leads Virena to the cafeteria with a proud flourish

* VeraikZeo follows Sectuib Hilo and Devida. ~ trying to calm systems ~

<Darrel1> Shall I see if I can round up some emergency waitstaff?

* Rabharm whispers to Hilo "may I assist Veraik? He doesn't feel quite right"

<VeraikZeo> ~ need showing despict all efforts ~

* Hilo Rab - you better hold him up a little. He's one of ours now.

* Serena1 nods "I think it would be helpful

* Hilo hey look at this! The Cafeteria is still here! But what's that stench coming from the kitchen? animal fat? Nawww. Couldn't be.

* Rabharm noes and moves to Veraik's side offering him a strong gen field to lean on

* Serena1 nods "I think it would be helpful

* VeraikZeo zlins Rab and gratefully leans on his nager.

<Hilo> Aran - come help me move these tables to make a platform so everyone can zlin this!

<Aran_A> yes Sectuib

* Aran_A moves to help Hilo

* Devida moves to Veraik's side and takes over supporting him

<Devida> ~here for you ~

* Darrel1 sees the dignitaries come in, zlinning perfectly controlled as usual.

* Hilo thinks longingly about Dad's band. Now that would be a party - real shiltpron music.

* Rabharm moves to hep Aran and Hilo

* Serena_ stands by the main table ~~calm~~

* virena , who also saw Zhag and Tonyo perform, knows what Hilo is thinking and agrees.

<Hilo> Oh, thank you Rab! Yes, this is where we'll want the tables. Oh, this is perfect.

* Hilo Shen, she's just like my mom - reads my mind right out of my nager. Oh, but I miss him so.

* Hilo all right - there's work to do. I'm supposed to be the Shendi-flaming Sectuib these days.

* Rabharm winks at Virena thinking he really likes this young lady even if she is a Tigue

<Rabharm> ~Then act like it~

* Rabharm is in rare good humor today

<Hilo> Oh, thank you Rab! Yes, this is where we'll want the tables. Oh, this is perfect.

* Hilo climbs up on the table and offers Veraik a hand up.

<Hilo> All right now, Veraik, one more time. You can do this.

* VeraikZeo takes Hilo's hand and joins him on the table.

* VeraikZeo swallows and nods.

* Rabharm and divida join them

* Hilo offers a transfer grip

* VeraikZeo zlins Sectuib Hilo.

* VeraikZeo takes the grib.

* Hilo ~nagerically invites Davida to level them again

* Darrel1 looks at the Firsts walking around on the tables and wonders why people object when HE does things like htat.

* Devida2 levels first Hilo then Veraik and provides the Zeor bubble

* VeraikZeo zlins and feels his systems leveling as Devida works the fields.

* Rabharm pulls the pledge cloth out of his pocket and readies it

* Hilo now that's a pledge cloth - whee that's insulated. ~right here Rab~

* Darrel1 settles back to zlin the show.

* Rabharm assists Devida in calmng the local ambient

<Hilo> Ready Veraik?

<VeraikZeo> Yes Sectuib.

<Devida2> ~calm bubble~

<Devida2> ~here for you Veraik~

<Hilo> I'll take all the selyn in your Secondary system this time. Don't panic, in a moment, it will be returned.

<VeraikZeo> I trust you.

* VeraikZeo opens his systems to Hilo.

* Hilo hyperconscious and plunging the fields so all the Secondary selyn drains into his own Secondary system.

* Rabharm smiles

* Hilo and immediately the flow stops, returns it fast, hard, hot and filled with all the nuances of Zeor.

* Hilo makes the interchange of selyn take only the briefest moment -- so brief that most of the Simes in the room don't know anything happened at all -- not even a ripple in the ambient

* Rabharm places the pledge cloth over their joined hands

* Devida2 has tears in her eyes

* VeraikZeo zlins the cloth then realizes that his systems are more open than even before he became 4+.

* Rabharm places the pledge cloth over their joined hands

* Hilo wondering if he has to prompt Veraik to the pledge again

* Darrel1 supposes the Firsts have to have their games.

<virena> ~~support him, Hilo! Not everybody's a Farris or a Tigue!

* Devida2 nudges Veraik

* Hilo zlins a second order Channel off to the side being amused, but focuses tightly on the now trembling Veraik

* Hilo he'll catch his breath in a moment, I'm sure.

<VeraikZeo> Unto the House of Zeor, I pledge my life, My trust.

<VeraikZeo> My undying loyality. I commit my Life, My substance and my children.

<VeraikZeo> Unto Zeor Forever

* Hilo Now that is surely the mother of all stenches coming from that kitchen.

* Hilo I hate going hypo in the midst of a kitchen. Oh, at last!

* Devida2 is having trouble not crying

* Hilo listens carefully and zlins Veraik's pledge, one tentacle reaching into his pocket for the ring. Knows he put it here somewhere.

* Serena1 wipes tears from her eyes at the ceremony

* Rabharm retrives the ring from the floor where it was dropped and hands it to Hilo

<virena> ~~support him, Hilo! Not everybody's a Farris or a Tigue!

* VeraikZeo hands out his hand, shaking with reaction and with need.

<Devida2> ~strong support for Veraik

* Hilo oh, thank you Rab! takes the ring.!

* VeraikZeo zlins the ambient in a chaotic swirl remembering that Hilo was complaining about it and now understanding as he zlins the clarity of the room.

* Hilo Davida!! Protect Veraik - he's getting too much now.

* Serena1 wipes tears from her eyes at the ceremony

<Devida2> ~stronger support for Veraik~

<Devida2> ~yes Sectuib~

* Devida2 gently draws VEraik duo ~only a few more minutes now

* VeraikZeo turns to Devida. ~ tight hyperconscious focus ~

the room.

* Devida2 very unprofessionally puts an arm around her channel

* VeraikZeo engaging Devida's support and then rest on it. ~ better ~

* Devida2 gently draws VEraik duo ~only a few more minutes now

* Hilo leaning forward saying softly but ernestly and lovingly the words of the pledge they have already shared, now here for Veraik's close friends, accepting this wonderful channel into Zeor for all to know that now and forever, Veraik ambrov Zeor has the protection of the entire House of Zeor and all its daughter Householdings.

* Hilo takes the ring and slips it under the pledge cloth.

<Hilo> And this ring is the token of the surety of that pledge, for all to know.

<Devida2> ~intensehappiness

* VeraikZeo looks and zlins Sectuib Hilo. ~ gratitude, unable to have more in the face of need ~

* Hilo turning to the gathered staff of the Center

<Hilo> I present to you Veraik ambrov Zeor!

* Devida2 claps her hands in delight

* VeraikZeo turns to the people.

<Hilo> And I send him off with the First Companion in Zeor for a much deserved transfer! Bye Veraik - Davida!

<Hilo> Off with you now!

* Devida2 winks at her sectuib

<Devida2> Come VEraik its our time now

* Hilo helping them down off the table and jumping down to hand Rabharm down.

<Hilo> Let's celebrate! Did someone say there was a shiltpron around here?

* Rabharm accepts Hilo's help in leaving the table at a slower pace

<virena> I brought one.

* Devida2 leads veraik off to their transfer room

<Hilo> Aha, knew I could count on you? Is this Dad's? Wow.

<Devida2> ~intensehappiness

* VeraikZeo goes with Devida, her field and the weight of the ring weighing heavily.

* Hilo turning to the gathered staff of the Center

<virena> Zhag Paget played it.

<virena> Your dad played it sometimes,

<Devida2> Come VEraik its our time now

* Devida2 leads veraik off to their transfer room

* VeraikZeo goes with Devida, her field and the weight of the ring weighing heavily.

* VeraikZeo goes with Devida. ~ hyper, need ~

* Devida2 deepens her contact with her channel

<Veraik> You are my life.

* Devida2 offers Veriak her arms

<Devida2> ~here for you~

* Devida2 smiles "no just your donor

* Veraik takes her arms.

* Veraik makes fifth contact, hestitates only slightly then begins a swift, over the top draw that he has never experienced before.

* Devida2 yields all control to VEraik and flattens all barriers letting VEraik draww at his top speed

* Veraik draws savagedly.

<Veraik> knowing that he can't hurt a Farris

<Devida2> ~joy happiness ~

<Veraik> ~ joy love caring safety love ~

* Veraik takes it all in a glowing, ripping crescendo.

* Veraik feels the end and gently terminates the transfer.

* Veraik throws himself into Devida's arms, crying with joy and rection

<Devida2> ~spirling happiness

<Veraik> Devida. You are....

<Veraik> Am I really?

<Veraik> I made it.

<Devida2> You have made Zeor proud Veraik ambrov Zeor

<Veraik> I'm ambrov Zeor.

* Devida2 is beaming

<Devida2> You have made Zeor proud Veraik ambrov Zeor

* Devida2 holds VEriak close rubbing his back while tears of happiness fell her eyese

Devida2> ready to join your party?

* Veraik holds her.

<Veraik> Yes. Oh yes.

* Veraik looks at his robes and his ring.

* Veraik stands and offering Devida his hand. "Let's go."

* Pares`` stands toward the back and listens quietly

<Hilo> Well, yes, but when he played -- he PLAYED!

<virena> I brought one.

<Hilo> Rabharm, put this pledge cloth away. I think it may be required again, soon.

<Hilo> Aha, knew I could count on you? Is this Dad's? Wow.

* Hilo peers around the room. zlins.

* Lisa_A spots her donor and runs over to him

<Lisa_A> Pares am I glad to see you

< <virena> [chuckles] You get your double entendres from your dad, too.

* Pares`` smiles at Lisa

<virena> But you know he mostly performed with his voice and nager.

* Pares`` stands toward the back and listens quietly

<Pares``> hello, little channel.

* Pares`` offers rock steady support.

* Lisa_A sighs "do you have to call him that?

* Pares`` ~~ amusment ~~

* Darrel1 sees the shiltpron and wonders; he's never seen one in a Sime Center before.

<Pares``> if you would prefer, of course I don't.

* Hilo sits down with the shiltpron and thinks longingly about tea -- and chocolate.

* Lisa_A sighs "do you have to call him that?

* Pares`` ~~ amusment ~~

* Darrel1 sees the shiltpron and wonders; he's never seen one in a Sime Center before.

<Pares``> if you would prefer, of course I don't.

* Hilo sits down with the shiltpron and thinks longingly about tea -- and chocolate.

* Lisa_A accepts Pares support

* Hilo it's probably all gone by now. What is that stench?

<Lisa_A> not here anyway

* virena thinks, I won't say that you're the result of your dad's "playing."

* Darrel1 wonders how come Firsts can get away with that sort of thing.

<Lisa_A> Come lets go say hello to Sectuib Keon

<Lisa_A> And you have to meet Hilo

* Hilo trending duoconscious to cut the stench, starts strumming the shiltpron and humming a welcoming tune for Veraik.

<Pares``> I think it best if I don't.

<Pares``> She's quite busy right now.

<Lisa_A> And you have to meet Hilo

* Hilo trending duoconscious to cut the stench, starts strumming the shiltpron.

* Serena1 appears out of the back of the room with a tray of tea and fine chocolate for Secuib Zeor.

<Pares``> She's quite busy right now.

* Pares`` smiles warmly at his channel

* Serena1 places the tray on a table near him.

<Devida2> never to

* Serena1 places the tray on a table near him.

<Hilo> Take your time, the party will still be here when you get back. I smell the good trin out in the kitchen --

* Hilo under the stench

<Lisa_A> bet she would be glad to see you

<Lisa_A> come on

* Lisa_A drags Pares over to Virena

<Lisa_A> Sectuib Keon may I present Pares ambrov Carrie? I think you two have met

* Pares`` sighs patiently and walks with his channel offering steady sure support

<virena> Nice to see you again, Pares.

* Pares`` nods politely

* Darrel1 tiptoes out to the kitchen to get away from the big shots.

<Pares``> Virena. My pleasure.

* Hilo wholly absorbed in the shiltpron now that some of the Gens have started dancing

* Darrel1 tiptoes out to the kitchen to get away from the big shots.

<Pares``> Virena. My pleasure.

<Pares``> I've only been here a short time. Lisa here is my first assignment.

* Hilo chocolate? hmmmm. Oh, please, I hope that's for me.

* Serena1 nods

* Hilo maybe chocolate and trin will overpower that stench..

<Serena1> Excuse me, but your cooks were responsible for your discomfort.

* Pares`` looks at Lisa, shrugs and wanders off

<virena> It certainly is different from any other center I've been in.

Lisa_A sighs and smiles apologetical at Virena

Lisa_A Guess he had someone else he wanted to talk to

Lisa_A Excuse me

Lisa_A goes after pares

* Darrel1 decides to make himself useful and brings a tray of food out.

* Aran_A wonders the center looking for Briel

* Briel`` is dressing

* Hilo surfacing from the ecstacy of good shiltpron and marvelous Gens -- looks

<Hilo> My cookies made that stench?

* Serena_ nods

<Serena_> And they made a hasty retreat too.

* Aran_A signals at Briel's door

* Briel`` knows she is running late, but...

* Hilo wow - what was -- oh, their transfer!

<Briel``> Come!

<virena> Hilo, you're drunk on shiltpron, and you didn't even have any porstan!

* Aran_A enters the room

<Aran_A> Ready darling?

* Hilo the insulation in here is really good. I barely noticed that.

<virena> That's a Farris for you!

<Aran_A> The party is begining and I am dying to show you off

<Hilo> Drunk? Me? don't be - oh.

* Briel`` glances up.

<virena> Have you ever combined shiltpron and chocolate before?

* Darrel1 tries to figure out where to put his trays, and goes over to ask Serena.

<Briel``> sorry...I...

<Hilo> Maybe. <brightens> Is there porstan?

* Briel`` slips on her jacket and composes her features.

<Darrel1> Serena, where....?

<Briel``> Okay. Let's go.

<Briel``> Forgive me, Aran.

<Aran_A> you look lovely my dear

<Aran_A> Well worth waiting for

* Serena1 looks over at Darrel

* Aran_A offers Briel, his arm to lean on

<Hilo> Chocolate and Shiltpron? Could that be it? Well, no, actually.

<Serena1> Just put them in the pantry sink, one of the staff should get them.

<Darrel1> Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

<Briel``> thank you.

* Hilo I don't think chocolate would go well with porstan.

<Devida2> ~happiness an abudence of dancing Zeor selyn

<Briel``> it was more false labor again.

* Briel`` sighs

* Briel`` walks with him.

<Briel``> I thought this time...I thought it was real.

* Briel`` sighs

<Aran_A> Well love it won't last much longer

* Briel`` walks with him.

* Darrel1 realizes that his shirt is improperly buttoned.

* Aran_A leads Breil to the cafeteria

* Darrel1 realizes that his shirt is improperly buttoned.

* Lisa finds Pares and grabs his hand

<Briel``> thank goodness.

* Aran_A leads Briel to where Hilo is sitting

* Briel`` waddles sedately along by Aran's side, dressed in Chanel colors, though not officially Chanel yet.

<Aran_A> Sectuib I would like you to meet my fience

* Serena_ retreats to the kitchen

* Hilo stuffs his mouth, wipes hands and tentacles carefully with one eye on Virena as if on his mother, then bends back to the shiltpron and sounds a loud chord.

<Aran_A> This is Briel Ambrov Chanel

<Aran_A> Briel Sectuib Hilo Zeor

* Aran_A winces at the noise

<Hilo> Which Sectuib? I would like to meet her.

<Briel``> Not offically, Aran.

<Briel``> I'll be pledging next week.

<Hilo> So you're Aran's bride?

<Briel``> I'll be pledging next week.

* Briel`` looks at Aran glowing with love and joy

<Hilo> So you're Aran's bride?

* Briel`` looks at Aran glowing with love and joy

<Aran_A> you Hilo

<Aran_A> ~pride~

<virena> Who is supposed to be Companioning Hilo?

<Briel``> yes Hajene.

<virena> Will you please take that boy in charge?

* Alea strolls into the melee and walks up behind Hilo offering silent support since there is no other Companion around.

<virena> Thank you, Alea.

<virena> Hilo will thank you in the morning.

* Dallel2 wonders why these things always seem to happen when he's around a First.

<Alea> of course, hajene [murmurs softly]

* Alea ~~ steady support pleasure ~~

<Alea> I'm sure.

* Hilo hmmm, maybe in other ways too?

<virena> Alea, use your field to affect the music.

<virena> Bring him down.

<virena> Gently...gently.

* Hilo totally lost in the pure sensation.

* Alea gently but firmly guides Hilo down duo, grounding him firmly in reality

<virena> No--don't fight him. Join him.

* Aran_A puts an arm around Briel and draws her away

* Hilo flying on the wings of pure nageric bliss

<Aran_A> Guess this issn't a good time.

* Alea lifts an eyebrow at Virena thinking she said...ah...nods....

<virena> Good work.

* Briel`` smiles at Aran.

* Serena1 comes out of the kitchen with more food, and directs Darrel where to put the ones he has as well.

<Briel``> I'm with you. That's all that matters to me.

<Briel``> Come, walk with me, please...I'm starving.

* Aran_A shakes his head wondering for the millionth time what it is about Farrises they cam't hold either their liquer or their music

<Aran_A> yes let's get something to eat

* Hilo <That> is Alea? hmmm. mmmmhhhhhmmmmm

* Aran_A leads Briel to the refreshment table

* Darrel2 places the trays as directed.

* Devida2 takes Veraik's hand and goes with him back to the party

* Alea closes her eyes and allows the music to flow through her, picking up the joy of life the pleasure of serving to pour out.

* Serena1 smiles at him. Moves to wait by the kitchen door.

* Hilo everyone have chocolate!

<Briel``> They're Farrises, what do you expect darling.

* Veraik opens the door to the cafeteria and sees the party is full swing.

* Hilo maybe there's some porstan too. Virena often has good ideas.

* Aran_A whispers to BRiel "He's acting like he's drunk

<Briel``> he probably is.

* Serena1 points to several trays piled high with chocolates

* Briel`` chuckles

* Aran_A whispers to BRiel "He's acting like he's drunk

<Briel``> he probably is.

* Devida2 enters the room with Vearik and looks around at the corwn

* Hilo ah, Alea is as sweet as chocolate.

<Aran_A> This soon? He's going to be a basket case by the end of the party

* Hilo marveling at Alea

* Alea is delicate with her field, allowing it to blend and move as will.

* Rabharm goes to Virena and bows deeply

* Hilo redoubling his shiltpron weavings around her field. Now that is a field!

<Rabharm> Would you care to dance fair lady?

* Hilo redoubling his shiltpron weavings around her field. Now that is a field!

<virena> Thank you. Alea, can you handle Hilo now?

* Darrel2 flinches as Alea's field is magnified.

* Hilo ooooooohhhhhh

<Briel``> he's a farris.

<Aran_A> That's no excuse.

* Serena1 walks over to support Darrel

* Briel`` goes over to the table and picks up a piece of cheese.

* Aran_A fills a plate and hands it to Briel. "here eat

* Hilo aaaaahhhhhh* Hilo aaaaahhhhhh

<Briel``> I don't care for farrises too awfully much, Aran.

<Briel``> um...

* Briel`` pauses

* Darrel2 clutches as Serena.

* Briel`` pauses

* Veraik goes to RabHarm. ~ glowing ~

<Briel``> are you okay Aran?

* Briel`` zlins curiously

<Serena1> ~~here for you Darrel~~

<Aran_A> yes I'm fine.

<Darrel2> This is a little much.

* Serena1 nods

* Alea enjoys the music while staying next to Hilo

* virena and Rabharm dance. Others join the fun.

* Hilo thinking seriously of taking Alea to bed extends his laterals to the shiltpron strings and sends the ambient up, up and AWAYYYYY!

* Alea grins at Hilo

* Darrel2 places Serena between himself and Hilo, not that that does much good.

<Alea> Virena didn't have this in mind....

* virena thinks, "Just like his father."

* Alea ~~ joy pleasure ~~

* Hilo grins at Alea, a really silly grin.

*Rabharm happily twirls Sectuib Keon around the floor forgetting he's easily twice her age

* Alea chuckles and takes control of the field gently pulling Hilo under control.

* virena enjoys the dance.

* virena enjoys the dance.

* Hilo noticing Virena enjoying the dance redoubles his already incredible efforts.

* Rabharm totally engrossed in the music twirls Virena faster

* Hilo ~~~oh, not NOW, Alea~~~~

* Devida2 twinkles up at her channel

* Alea nods and closes her eyes and allows her love and joy, her desire for life to fill her, humming softly along with the music as she totally yields herself to Hilo

* Veraik turns to her.

<Devida2> Want to dance Veraik?

<Veraik> Yes.

* Devida2 twinkles up at her channel

* Veraik takes Devida in his arms.

* Devida2 moves to the center of the floor and holds our her arms to Veraik

<Devida2> ~happy and content~

* Darrel2 goes over to get a chocolate, staggaring slightly.

* Veraik holds her tight, hoping that no one notices his problem.

* Hilo leaning into the pure gentle, tender beauty Alea is weaving, changes the tempo to something slow, moody, and moving.

* Alea feels the music change and allows sensuality to flow into her field

* Aran_A takes Breil to a quiet corner and feeds her with his own gentle fingers

<Veraik> I wish Devida.

* Hilo notices Veraik's problem

* Hilo notices a lot of similar problems around the room.

* Briel`` smiles softly and cups his cheek.

* Devida2 wispers "Cool it Hilo;'s watching

<Veraik> I wish Devida.

* Devida2 makes her field more professional less personal

<Briel``> thank you, my love.

* Veraik gently rubs her back as he smells her scent of soft beauty.

* Aran_A kisses Breil

* Briel`` ~~ love gentle pleasure ~~

<Devida2> Um Veraik I need a break. Why don't you go talk to Serean

* Hilo thinking about how much longer he really wants to sit here playing shiltpron while everyone else has fun.

* Veraik straightens with the name Hilo.

* Devida2 gently disengages from Veraik's arms

* Darrel2 is finding it more and more difficult to walk.

* Veraik lets her go.

<Hilo> Alea -- what did you have planned for this evening?

<Briel``> I can't wait until next week.

<Alea> not a thing, Sectuib.

<Aran_A> Our party won't be as much of a circus but it will be fun

<Hilo> I think you can change your plans then, can't you?

* Alea continues to hum with joy and pleasure

* Devida2 goes over to Pares "Hi handsome

<Briel``> yes it was.

* Alea opens her eys and looks at Hilo

<Alea> of course, Sectuib.

* Hilo tones down the shiltpron with a great effort.

* Veraik looks around at the party then spots Serena.

<Alea> ~~ here fore you ~~

* Hilo leans over and whispers

<Hilo> Is there a really, really well insulated room in this building? I mean where -- mmm -- orgasm wouldn't bother the whole building?

* Veraik walks over. "Hi Serena."

* Alea blinks.

<Alea> um...yes.

* Serena1 looks up at Veraik

* Hilo keeps a slowing but steady rhythm up while Alea considers.

<Alea> We have several farris insulated rooms and suites.

<Serena1> Congratulations VEraik Ambrov Zeor

<Alea> So many Farrises in and out.

<Hilo> Good. Can we go now?

<Alea> oh...of course.

* Darrel2 thinks, funny, shitpron never affected me this badly before.

* Alea nods

<Veraik> Thank you Serena.


* Hilo finishes the tune with a flourish and sets the shiltpron aside.

* Pares`` grins at Devida

<Pares``> hello you old windbag.

<Pares``> How is my favorite Donor

<Devida2> want to dance?

<Hilo> Show me this room.

<Devida2> I am feeling no pain

* Darrel2 leans against the wall, watching the Firsts have fun.

* Alea nods

<Alea> This way.

* Alea falls in beside Hilo and offers steady support

<Pares``> I'd love to.

<Pares``> I'd love to.

* Veraik listens as the band strikes a tune instead of the Sectuib.

* Devida2 takes Pares' hand and drags him out onto the dance floor

* Pares`` takes Devida's hand and carefully pulls her into his arms.

* Hilo takes her around the waist and escorts her out, enveloped in his field so nobody else will notice they're leaving (except the Tigues of course)

<Pares``> one less Farris..actually worry about.

* Pares`` winks at devida

<Veraik> You did a great job of the party.

* Lisa_A zlins Devida's state smiles gently at her donor and quietly leaves the room

* Hilo closes the door behind them.

<Devida2> lets dance then

<Serena_> Thank you. After the caterers left I thought we would have another disaster.

* Pares`` begins to dance her around the room, strong sure movements like any Tigue

* Briel`` smiles

<Veraik> We ddn't. You didn't.

* Devida2 melts into Pares making no effort to hide her growiong desire

<Serena1> I wasn't about to let that happen for your sake.

* Aran_A looks aroudn "people are sure paring off early this time.

* Darrel2 thinks it must be a First kind of thing; not even Aran has said hello all evening.

<Aran_A> Its got to be that horny Farris ambient

* Jorgre finishes up his duties and goes in search of lisa

* Aran_A kisses Briel

<Veraik> Thank you Serena.

<Veraik> Would you like to dance?

<Serena1> I'd be honored kind sir.

<Briel``> well they did do one thing right...

* Briel`` smiles

<Aran_A> What's that?

<Briel``> let's go find a room...

<Briel``> let's go find a room...

* Briel`` ~~ desire ~~

<Aran_A> Oh my

<Aran_A> your wish is my command

* Aran_A rises and picking up Briel carries her from the room

* Veraik takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

<Briel``> keep carrying this pregnant woman like that my dear and you won't have a back to carry that burden of Sectuib.

* Briel`` nevertheless leans foward and kisses him

* Devida2 leans her head on Pares' shoulder

* Pares`` dips Devida and chuckles

* Devida2 is breathless

* Pares`` wraps his arms around her and continues to dance.

<Devida2> Shen Pares you are doing things to me.

<Pares``> well it's one of the times I can get away with it.

* Rabharm shakes his head at the goings on and leaves for his room. he's getting too old for all this

* Darrel2 watches the cafeteria empty and thinks, yup, they went off to have fun, and left the mess for the Seconds and staff to handle, as usual.

* Veraik sees Devida with Pares but schools his emotions because he knows that there is nothing that can be done.

* Devida2 chuckles true

* Devida2 looks over at VEraik

* Pares`` winks slowly at her.

<Devida2> Good he got the message

<Devida2> now for what I really want

<Pares``> you're too much on top of things to let me get by with much.

* Devida2 leans forward and gives Pares a quick but suggestive kiss

<Devida2> Well dear tonight is a special occasion

* Pares`` lifts an eyebrow ~~ amused ~~

* Pares`` leans forward and gives her a much slower, much more thorough kiss

<Pares``> it certainly is.

<Pares``> would you care to go discuss just how special?

* Darrel2 counts up the hangovers in the making and thinks, yup, I'm going to be stuck with Lobby Duty again tomorrow.

<Devida2> I think that might be in order. I don't think either channel is goign to even miss me

* Pares`` nods and as they approach the door gently dances her out it.

* Galinda sees Darrel. "Some party."

* Devida2 happily follows Pares' lead

<Darrel2> Yes. How come the rest of us get strange looks over a simple taffy pull?

<Galinda> oh I don't know.

<Galinda> Want to dance?

*** Pares`` is now known as Jorgre

* Darrel2 shrugs.

<Darrel2> Why not?

* Darrel2 swirls Galinda into the crowd.

* Lisa_A goes to Jorgre's room and waits knowing he wills show up sooner or later

* Galinda laughes with the joy of the music and a Channel at her side.

* Veraik holds Serena close as he dances with her.

* Darrel2 is very much "under the influence" at the moment.

* Serena1 snuggles closer to Veraik, thoroughly enjoyig the party and the company

* Veraik snuggles with her as he dances to the song.

* Galinda realizes what she is going and backs off only slightly.

<Galinda> This is a nice song.

* Veraik whispers in Serena's ear and waits for an answer.

* Serena_ nods

* Jorgre stops by the party, zlinning the ambient and then goes in search of Lisa to see how things went.