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MAY 2007




When Susan (Ross Moore) and I drove up to the convention hotel Thursday night (May 24), the first thing we noticed was the three parking areas nearest the hotel taped off as temporary handicapped parking. We thought there must have been a conference for handicapped people ahead of us. Instead, it turned out that the special parking was for members of MediaWestCon.

And that is strongly related to the graying of fandom.

All through the con are people in wheelchairs, people on scooters, people carrying tanks of oxygen--but they are HERE. They're participating and enjoying themselves, not sitting home and watching life pass them by.

One of the panels I was on yesterday was "Over 40 and Still in Fandom--Is it Time to Get a Life?" The answer, of course, was a rousing "No!" We talked about how fandom is family to many of us, and I talked about how I turned my fannish interests into scholarly papers to boost my academic career.

Equally interesting but more depressing was the panel on mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation) in fan writing, as of course only we old grouches attended to complain about how sloppy and inaccurate fan writing (and the writing of younger people in general) has become over the years. The funniest thing was a line _attributed_ to George Bush as an undergraduate (_some_ poor undergraduate shlub really wrote it, but whether it was actually George Bush is another matter). "She stood there with lacerates running down her face."


If you think about the student looking up "tears" in a thesaurus, you will realize what happened: he looked at the _wrong_ "tears," the verb meaning "to rip" instead of the noun "clear excretion from the eye." But how could a college student not notice that he was looking at verbs rather than nouns, or that the meanings of the other potential synonyms didn't make sense?

It's funny--but it is also sad.

I was also on a bunch of panels from the bottom of my list of choices, about TV shows that I watch, but haven't seriously studied (except Buffy).

My cat Dudley was with us again, and had an even better time than last year being petted and fussed over. He loves to party hop in the evenings, and this morning he is absolutely hung over, having overdosed on sheer worship last night.


RELAY FOR LIFE--Defeat Cancer in Our Lifetime

If you do not have a local team, please feel welcome to donate through Jean's team , which is made up completely of cancer survivors.


BROKEN GODS: House of the Rose, Book Three ~ . In a medieval world at war, the vampires who call themselves djinni protect the House of the Rose from Crusaders, Saracens, and Mongols. They also preserve the past-life memories of the people of the House. Can a young Mongol warrior adapt to the secret life of a djinn, or will the intrigues of the ambitious Seer Nadira lead all to ruin?

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SimeCenter proudly announces the FINAL installment of:

     Savage Empire (by Jean Lorrah)
     Chapter 8: A New Outlook
     - not an ending, but a beginning

The accompanying artwork is:

     Alien and Therapist (by G.B. Chew)
     - it makes sense if you back off

These compelling works were contributed in support of the American Cancer Society and their "Relay for LIfe" (a celebration of survivors!) Events are taking place all the time...more than 3 million participants nationwide. Find one near you.

Or, you can donate to the group in Jean Lorrah's home town, where she is an active participant. The link is

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UPCOMING in Simecenter: a 'brag' page honoring all the authors who have donated stories to SimeCenter, with links to their own webpages, and also to their "affiliations" (like BroadUniverse, Clarion, and SFWA).

Send your comments, questions, etc.--about the site, the stories and art...whatever--to the address below.

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Kate Rizor's The Governor's Wife is more than a romance. This novel resonates with a message of hope and peace for the future for the future. Read more at . We offer flat rate shipping!

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They may not be completely ready for "prime time" -- and please report quirks of operation, but two new sites of interest are now available.

Ed Wilson's work on the Supervolcano (which has given the Simegen list some wonderful discussions) may be found at

You will also find Winston Howlett's SAVAGE EMPIRE fanzine WULFSTONE (from 1989) online.


epress-online is proud to announce that two of our books are EPPIE finalists: Needle by L.L. Whitaker, SF and Hierath by Joanne Hall, fantasy . Available as multi-format ebooks through Fictionwise and also as Trade pb.

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The latest group of episodes of Borderlands, the S~G collaborative fiction scenario, has just been made available at the usual place.

This part is called "Physicians Across Borders," and focuses on Sosu Cristal of the Hannard's Ford Sime Center, who becomes the center of attention (or bone of contention) for healers from both Territories. Another plot thread encompasses the further adventures of Nick and Katsura as they return to civilization, or what passes for civilization in New Washington Territory. Finally, Senator Tsibola and his nephew Craig try to work out their differences, and wind up trying to get some very unusual help from two unexpected sources.

We also have the usual sidebars the Sat'htine sewing circle, some tourists from out-T get help from a homeboy, a Gen with an unusual profession visits the HFSC, plus a two-parter about PPling, the poet/barista from the Moonbean Cafe.

Any other readers out there are welcome to comment by e-mail to us. We're planning to take a new turn, soon, and would like to hear from our readers about who they'd like to see more of and what kinds of situations they like us to present.



In the Service of Samurai - YA/Adult Japanese Fantasy
"Last Samurai Meets Pirates of the Caribbean"
Vassal of EL - YA/Adult Fantasy Mystery
"Winged men, murder, a past that comes back to haunt him"
Gloria Oliver - Unveiling the Fantastic

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HUNTING WITH THE WOLF by Romona Hilliger

ONE FOOT FORWARD by Rose Middleton

WHITE LIGHTNING ROAD by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.

BANGKOK LAWS by Jim Michael Hansen

OLD TOWN by Bill Vernon



EGYPTIAN DAYS by Jennifer Mueller



Anyone shopping Amazon who wants to contribute to without it costing them a cent, please start by using any of the Amazon Search boxes on our pages. Our top page has three really handy ones near the bottom.

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ReReadable Books Column Updated to November

04-29-2007 -You can now find the books to be reviewed for ReReadable Books all the way through November 2007. is the index for 2007.

Columns will be posted after publication in The Monthly Aspectarian both on paper and on their website, You may stay informed on updates by subscribing to at .


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The spotlights section of currently needs interviewers, spotlight posting personnel, an assistant spotlights gatemaster, and a keygifts store manager. We are also requesting an Assistant Reviews Co-coordinator - duties include covering when other staff are unable to perform tasks. We are almost finished revamping our reviews section and expect activity to be at a constant high level. We're looking for a versatile quick learner able to put in some time daily. Pluses are: A good command of the English language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, in that order), some computer experience or ability to learn, and an interest in books. Direct all inquiries to

Individuals to take over, or assist with the SIMECENTER Site -- It isn't at all hard, but a bit time-consuming...and very rewarding ("meeting" these marvelous authors and artists, if only via EMail and their websites). Please write me, Kaires Tevesu if you are interested.



We have had to withdraw the entire Sime~Gen project from Meisha Merlin for a wide range of reasons. They missed several deadlines for publication of TO KISS OR TO KILL and showed no signs of intention to get it out any time in the foreseeable future. That stalled everything else. It was very disappointing.

So we are now actively in search of another publisher.

THE UNITY TRILOGY should continue to be available for some time -- they have the right to dispose of all stock in the Meisha Merlin warehouse.



~ the Omnibus reprint of Jean Lorrah's SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING -- is #1 in the reprint program.

~ Trade Paperback edition of DREAMSPY from BenBella Books and you can order on Amazon and some other places.

Read the comments here.

~ SAVAGE EMPIRE: PROPHECIES is #2 in Jean Lorrah's and Winston Howlett's omnibus reprint of the Savage Empire series.

Still Available in Trade Paperback, SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY


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