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MAY 2004

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Jacqueline shared the following, when learning of Linda's passing: "Folks: Linda Whitten worked on Sime~Gen Welcommittee, and contributed some of the best humorous drawings to our 'zines. Her spirit will remain with us always."

Karen MacLeod submitted the following about long time friend, Sime~Gen staff member, and Sime~Gen fan Linda Whitten, who lost a four year battle with breast cancer in May. Karen wrote ---

During the past two or three years, I often mailed items to Linda Whitten that made her life easier. Linda had suffered from breast cancer for some four years, which later spread throughout her body.

She never complained about her failing health, and was always giving the world a positive face. Linda delighted in the special care her caregiver provided -- he often did cat chores and other little individualized touches that a "home health aide" wouldn't consider part of their conventional duties. She praised this man every time we communicated.

Linda was also one who kept us all in contact. In 1989 she was the head of our Sime~Gen Welcommittee. She prepared many a newsletter that was snail mailed. Linda also helped see that CZ 9 was published, when we couldn't arrange for reasonable printing prices. There was more to Linda's contributions than just her cartoons.

When our History pages were first put up on the web by Marge Robbins (Kaires now oversees them) there were photos posted of various FAITH DAY ceremonies which were held at the Darkover Grand Council in Maryland, Thanksgiving weekend.

Linda may have hidden her illness, her pain, and whatever else. Her face to the world was one of acceptance and she never let on how ill she really was of late. Linda's health was failing, both she and I knew it from her talking with me. 17 years of friendship -- sometimes you can "see" what someone won't say. She spoke of plans to move to Washington State in October, to be closer to her Mother. Whether that was just wistful thinking or not, I'll never know.

Some of Linda's cartoons are in A COMPANION IN ZEOR already

Linda also wrote "An Overview of Sime~Gen".

A tribute page in A COMPANION IN ZEOR, for Linda, is in progress. Additions for that page will be welcomed.



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The Consequences of a Job Well done (Or, How I Had To Stand Up and Defend My Work- Giving A Deposition)

This article details the reasons a reporter must do meticulous research and keep their background notes.

Anne Phyllis Pinzow, one of our resident professional writers in the WorldCrafters Guild of Professional Writing has provided another Writing Workshop article about her adventures in Journalism. Her ninth article is where she tells of defending her series of expose articles on a toxic waste dump in court.



Captive Stallion by Kate Hill Coming Soon From Ellora's Cave

Susana and Moor have always buried their attraction to one another, then they experience the legendary dream sharing that binds a Horseman to his destined mate. With Moor's help, Susana overcomes her fear of flying to ride her lover in the most famous endurance race in the world. When Moor is enslaved in the Vertue Mountains, Susana must risk everything to save him.

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The first volume of the reissue of all of Jean Lorrah and Winston Howlett's Savage Empire books has been newly released. SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING contains the first three volumes of the series, the story of Lenardo, the Master Reader (telepath), who must venture into the land of the savages who can cause fires, move mountains--and very easily stop human hearts. There he meets Aradia, Lady Adept. Love, war, and politics become inextricably combined. May be ordered at .



2004 conventions are now scheduled. Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg will be on hand at most of the conventions throughout the year. For more information please reference the links provided or contact WESTERCON WORLDCON WRITERCON LEPRECON

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Jaqueline Lichtenbergıs bibliography now includes 2 e-book editions of Sime~Gen titles, plus her contribution to a new book on the television show "Angel" tentatively slated for Oct. 2004. Jean Lorrah, primary author of one e-book edition and likewise has a contribution to the anthology on the television show "Angel."

The Sime~Gen site has also been updated with some contents to forthcoming Sime~Gen volumes. Much more content to come.



New material has been posted in A COMPANION IN ZEOR. Please supply feedback to us by using the comment form.

The main Zhag Tonyo page that's to track the development of the characters in the Sime~Gen Universe, has been updated. Check out the new CZ page at .

Check out the longer version of "Alien Intimate Adventure" the commentary piece by M. Alexis (Lexie) Pakulak --- and a fantastic Sime~Gen story that Lexie also crafted: A COMPANION'S DUTY.

Katherine X. Rylien coded and posted the 8th installment of A NEW BEGINNING by Doreen DaBinett.



SEVEN SEASONS OF BUFFY: SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS DISCUSS THEIR FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOW ed. by Glenn Yeffeth has articles on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER by the following writers: David Brin, Sarah Zettel, Lawrence Watt-Eva ns, Laura Resnick, JACQUELINE LICHTENBERG, JEAN LORRAH, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Nancy Kilpatrick, Peg Aloi, MARGARET CARTER, Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, Christie Golden, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Marguerite Krause, Justine Larbalestier, Carla Montgomery, Michelle West, and Scott Westerfield.

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Jacqueline Lichtenberg's ReReadable Books Column has been posted for Feb, March, April and May 2004 at

This column is originally published on paper in the New Age Magazine, The Monthly Aspectarian, then posted to their website, and finally archived at .

You will find the June and July columns contents indexed in advance of the column publication. Some people following this column prefer to read the books first then try to predict what the column will be about. To find out why, look over the previous ten years of monthly columns posted.



THOSE OF MY BLOOD by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is a vampire-romance-intrigue novel available for the first time in a new affordable trade paperback edition in October 2003. Read free chapters at or find it on amazonoften at a good discount.

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In addition to availability direct from the publisher, Sime~Gen: TO KISS OR TO KILL will soon be available for order on ~ trade paperback ~hard cover edition .

Pre-order your copy of DREAMSPY in trade paperback.

DREAMSPY has three free chapters available to view. Check them out at:


SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY is still available in a trade paperback edition.



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Nessie and the Living Stone is still on the best seller list at fictionwise.

Nessie and the Viking Gold is available at .

Jean and Lois are getting near the final work on the third book in the Nessie's Grotto series: Nessie and the Celtic Maze .



Check out our EVER-GROWING E-BOOK collection. New titles in romance, SF, and everything in-between! Introducing PAPERBACKS -- of our popular titles with more on the way...

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Meisha Merlin and Embiid are releasing the ebook version of SIME~GEN: TO KISS OR TO KILL, coming soon, and a stand-alone House of Zeor e-book in JULY.

Now available~ the Omnibus reprint of Jean Lorrah's SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING is #1 in the reprint program


Now available~ the new Trade Paperback edition of DREAMSPY from BenBella Books and you can order on amazon and some other places. Read the comments here.

COMING SOON -- Sime~Gen: TO KISS OR KILL will be $4.99 in ebook version. It'll be in Windows and Palm formats only.

JULY -- In July the print HC and TP editions of SIME~GEN: TO KISS OR TO KILL is scheduled for release which you can pre-order on amazon and elsewhere.

This volume of all new, original Sime~Gen contains a long novel by Jean Lorrah, a short Novel by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and the first Zhag/Tonyo story by Jean Lorrah to see print. You can already pre-order it on amazon and elsewhere. On you can read a short excerpt from Jean's novel.

An ebook of HOUSE OF ZEOR also due out in July in Windows and Palm formats only.

AND --- SAVAGE EMPIRE: PROPHECIES is #2 in Jean's omnibus reprint of the Savage Empire series.

Still Available in Trade Paperback, SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY



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The Competition is a worldwide essay competition with the theme "The Power of Purpose."

Expanding Humanity's Vision of Purpose
The Power of Purpose
Worldwide Essay Competition
Total Prize Awards $5000,00 US Dollars
One Grand Prize of US $100,000
Four Awards of US $50,000
Four Awards of US $25,000
Ten Awards of US $10,000

Details to be found at .

Deadline for Entries: May 31, 2004
Winners Announced: September 2004



The spotlights section of currently needs interviewers, spotlight posting personnel, an assistant spotlights gatemaster, and a keygifts store manager. We are also requesting an Assistant Reviews Co-coordinator - duties include covering when other staff are unable to perform tasks. We are almost finished revamping our reviews section and expect activity to be at a constant high level. We're looking for a versatile quick learner able to put in some time daily. Pluses are good command of the English language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, in that order,) some computer experience or ability to learn, and an interest in books. Direct all inquiries to


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