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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter
November 2001


NEW Ebooks for Fall Reading: POWERFUL MEDICINE by Gwynn Morgan, WELCOME TO NASH'S by Mary Taffs, DAVID'S PROMISE by Polly Bolack, NOBLE SAVAGE by Judith B. Glad. More on the way... Any format you need -- new releases on sale! Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.

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… CZ Face Lift
… SimeCenter Special Edition
… New Web Personnel
… Volunteer Spotlight
… New Material on Bygone Days
… New Reviews
… Anthology available
… Short Story Contest
… New Spotlights
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***** Feature Articles *****
** CZ Face Lift

The site for A COMPANION IN ZEOR has recently finished remodeling. The first installment of "Retrospectives", a new column that looks back five years to some of the most interesting material from the simegen-L list, has been posted. Much of this is timeless. For those who go back that far it will be a trip down memory lane. For the newer people, it will offer a chance to catch up on some material you may have missed the first time around.

A COMPANION IN ZEOR is also delighted to announce the posting of D. Dabinett's "A New Beginning Part 6: Journey to a Wild Place."

For any who may not know, the Zine can be found at: A COMPANION IN ZEOR .

As always, comments are welcome! Write to:

** Jean Lorrah's BLOOD WILL TELL

At last, her dark fantasy mystery police procedural vampire romance, BLOOD WILL TELL, is available for all who have waited so long for it. You can read the first chapter on her website , and then if you want the rest, you can find it at Awe-Struck E-books .

Awe-Struck is one of the best independent E-book publishers on the Internet. Their editing is superb, they are growing, and they have an excellent reputation. You can download BLOOD WILL TELL in a variety of formats, or you can order a copy on disk.

The trade paperback version of BLOOD WILL TELL, originally scheduled for December, has been moved forward to November!

** SimeCenter Special Edition

A "Special Edition" of the SimeCenter: Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed page has been posted. The 'Special Edition' directs donations to charities working on recovery efforts from the September 11th tragedy.

- The Red Cross
- WTC Farmers Market
- Uniformed Firefighters Association

Please take the time to visit their pages, and donate to these worthy organizations, by way of thanking them for their efforts...and in return for reading a good story or enjoying the wonderful artwork that has been donated.

Our featured artist this month, T. L. Palmer, sent us a set of beautiful and moving art works, commemorating the tragic events. Three of these inspiring images are posted now:

- "Let Freedom Ring"
- "Freedom Fliers"
- "Moment of Silence"

We also have three stories, from three of our most faithful contributors:

Jayge Carr has provided another engaging story, this one called "The Price of Lightning." The timing is good, with HARRY POTTER and LORD OF THE RINGS coming to theaters, because this tale also bears a warning about the incautious use of magic.

Lois June Wickstrom's new contribution is the gentle "Spirit Catcher."

Did you ever wonder what happened to the imaginary playmates you knew as a child?

Ardath Mayhar sent us "A Most Genteel Pursuit." The title is apt...and reveals nothing. It's about one individual's unique way of putting personal demons to rest.

Please visit SimeCenter to enjoy these offerings, and make donations to our 'Special Edition' recipients.


by Marguerite Krause

Called back from exile to a beleaguered court, the seer Phillipe foresees bloodshed and destruction, unless he can guide the young duke onto an alternate path. The duchy's only hope lies with the Lady Zuli -- who refuses to believe a word Phillipe says. Phillipe makes one perilous psychic journey after another, as Zuli sets her own desperate, opposing plans into motion. "...a well-written and detailed historical novel of intrigue and romance." SFSite . Read the first three chapters at

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***** News *****
** New Web Personnel

Carol Castellanos informs us that we have a new Main Romance site gatemaster as well as a new Romance spotlights gatemaster. Anita York will be taking over both these areas.

Also Linda Nelson has been helping her catch up on some spotlights by doing the preliminary work. Linda is now also a reviewer for Romance as well as other areas.

Kavita Dhabalia is Patric Michael's new assistant, learning how to do administrative functions. Kavita has impressive credentials. She is from India, where she received an engineering degree. For the last ten years she has been working in the computer field. Her experience includes working with hardware and networking. She is familiar with Novell, Windows-NT, and UNIX. She also has experience with database administration, C, C++, HTML, XML, Oracle, PHP, My-sql, JavaScript, ASP, VB, jsp, Servlets, etc.

** Volunteer Spotlight

Elizabeth Caldwell is in the process of setting up the Volunteer's Spotlight page. The page is being created, so that all of Sime~Gen's volunteers can be spotlighted for their work and contributions to Sime~Gen.

** New Material on Bygone Days

Bygone Days has added a couple of new stories and an article.

THE SEANCE by Catherine Karp

CORPOS SANTOS ISLAND (or the Island of the Lights) by Jack Trammell

BY THE SWORD by K.A. Corlett

** New Reviews


** Anthology available

Margaret Carter mentions that she has a few copies of the anthology NORTHERN HEARTS for sale. It contains a story she wrote, which is a contemporary romance involving an elf. Contact her at to check availability.

** Short Story Contest

Jean Lorrah alerts us to a short story contest at Fish Publishing .


Sponsored by Durrus, Bantry, County Cork, Ireland. First Prize: $1,200. Top 18 stories published in Fish's 2002 anthology, and will be read by literary agents. For information, go to Fish Publishing .

Entries may be e-mailed. Entry fee is $12.00.

** New Spotlights

Carol Castellanos announces that the spotlight of Sharon Jarvis has been posted .

Also an Author Spotlight of Dorice Nelson has been posted .


"BLOOD WILL TELL shakes up everything you thought you knew about vampires, reconstructing legends into a fresh story that keeps your mind fully engaged. It is great to see a writer dare to change long established fictional canons in such a pleasing way. Both hero and heroine are strongly principled and have great strength of character. Small town life is well portrayed, and fans of Ms. Lorrah's past books may see an inside joke or two." Reviewed by Amanda Killgore for TRCC. 4 STARS

BLOOD WILL TELL by Jean Lorrah . Read the first chapter and download a *FREE SHORT STORY* .

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