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Parody Contest Rules, & Eligibility 2000
"T'was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . "



Buffy Parody Contest - Just for fun!

Show your love for your favorite characters.


Make it funny, hilarious, even embarrassing.  Show us the silly side of your favorite characters, and the undeserved plight of all those whose efforts to save the world are unsung and unrewarded.  Make it ridiculous, make it stupid, make it absurd, make fun of Buffy, tease her gang, make us squirm, stake us through the heart, but make your POINT.  You may even use cliche if you must. 

To be "good" a pun must be atrocious, and a parody must be grossly exaggerated but somehow more true than the original, more revealing, more naked, more stark.  We're not looking for a "portrait" here, but rather a "caricature" -- singling out specific traits of the Buffy episodes to exaggerate, those traits which most richly characterize both the best and the worst in these people and this LA Suburb's underlying (ahem) culture.  

Examples of Parodies
(Do NOT copy anything for your entry.  Copying other people's words will disqualify your entry.  Everything in your entry must be original - something you wrote out of your own imagination.  Use these examples to jolt your imagination.)

A Parody of The Blair Witch Project which has won acclaim.


Star Trek: Voyager 's on-air parody of 1940's Movie Serials such as Flash Gordon is recreated in print form, with a whole episode of Captain Proton!   This parody will double you over with howls of glee if you were ever a devotee of Flash Gordon and maybe even if you weren't. 


Jacqueline Lichtenberg's first novel, House of Zeor, is aptly and succinctly parodied in Hows of Zero -- both posted for free reading. 

Remember the wacky but very sharp parodies of movies and television shows in Mad Magazine. 

Some may remember the classic parody of Gone With the Wind done by Carol Burnett, while Saturday Night Live carries on the tradition today.


This contest is not directed at pre-teens.  If you're not 13 or older, you MUST obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian to enter and they must provide S~G Inc. with verifiable parental consent as required by the FCC Independent Contractors developing are not eligible to enter. 
How to Enter

No entry fee.
One entry per person. 
Once you post your parody, NO REVISIONS of it may be posted.  Be absolutely certain you have spellchecked and fixed all capitalization and paragraphing errors, and every word is polished and complete.

You must put your email address and byline on the top of your entry. 

No entry longer than 2,000 words. 

ONLY Parody will be accepted for this contest.  With Parody, shorter is better.  Note the relative length of House of Zeor and its parody, Hows of Zero. 

ONLY TV- PG 14 rated language and situations (as seen on the TV show itself) in this parody. 

Any entry violating TV-PG14 rule will be  deleted. 

All entries must be posted to the contest Bulletin Board
Contest opens at 12:01am, January 15, 2000 EST.   No entries will be accepted before that date and time.
Contest closes at 12:00 midnight March 31, 2000 EST.  No entries will be accepted after that date and time.
Judging is by popular vote in our  voting booth on March 31, 2000 and anyone who has read the entries will be able to vote for one favorite piece.  For notification of any changes in dates, times, URLs, or clarification of the rules subscribe to the contest newsletter.  Subscribers will also be notified of future contests here at . 
First prize is a new Buffy related item such as a book, tape, or CD. The  title will be chosen from the March publications.  Watch this space and the contest newsletter for the choice.  It will not be worth more than $25 total. 
Runners up receive Certificates of Honorable Mention.
Winner and runners up are permanently posted in the Sime~Gen Inc. Winners Circle. You will find the link at    Please read our WINNER'S AGREEMENT for the terms.
Entry in the contest constitutes agreement with these rules and permission for the entry  to be posted on for the duration of the contest, including the time between the end of the entry period and the announcement of the winners.
Each piece will bear the author's copyright notice.   Entries remain the property of the author.   The author warrants the material is entirely original and licenses Sime~Gen Inc. to display the piece  as per these rules.

If you post under a pen name, the copyright will be under that pen name. Such copyright gives complete protection as long as you can prove that you are the person writing under that pen name.  The safest way to do that, for any work you feel is worth the effort to protect it, is to register your copyright with the Library of Congress at .  If you are using your real name, there is no need to register to prove that you are the author.

To see other contestants' entries and your own entry when it is posted, go to and click on "Contest"

To be notified that new entries have been posted for this contest, when winners are announced, and when new writing contests begin, sign up for our Contest Newsletter.

This contest is sponsored by the WorldCrafters Guild School of Professional Writing, a division of Sime~Gen Inc.   

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