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  •   How To Get Autographed Copies of the old editions.   Check the complete publishing histories in Jacqueline Lichtenberg's bibliography, or Jean Lorrah's bibliography.  

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  • House of Zeor by Jacqueline Lichtenberg  (sf - Action Adventure)   Plot.

  • Unto Zeor, Forever by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (A "Doctor Novel") An early draft of this novel, Sime Surgeon, is posted in Rimon's LibraryPlot.

  • First Channel by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg (The Origin of a Cultural Myth)Plot.

  • Mahogany Trinrose by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (Young Adult novel with an Occult twist) Plot

  • Channel's Destiny by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg ( Juvenile Coming-of-Age story) plot.

  • RenSime by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (Hard Science Fiction with an Occult twist) Plot.

  • Zelerod's Doom by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah (Military SF with a Relationshp twist) Plot.

  • Ambrov Keon by Jean Lorrah (Heroic Fiction with a Love Story) Plot

  •  The Farris Channel -- a new novel by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.  Story of Founding of House of Zeor.

  • To Kiss Or To Kill Book 11 by Jean Lorrah - a new novel, a genuine Romance set  around the time of Unity.  

  • Personal Recognizance Book 11 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  • The Story Untold Book 10 by Jean Lorrah

  • The Farris Channel Sime~Gen Book 12 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  • Fear and Courage: Fourteen Writers Explore Sime~Gen  Sime~Gen Book 13, Jacqueline Lichtenberg ed.

  • A Change of Tactics: A Sime~Gen Novel: Clear Spring Chronicles #1  Sime~Gen Book 14
    by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (Author), Mary Lou Mendum (Author), Jean Lorrah (Author)
  • Watch for additional titles.  

Professionally published short stories set in the Sime~Gen Universe:

"Operation High Time" - originally published in IF MAGAZINE OF SCIENCE FICTION in Jan 1969, currently available on Rimon's Library.

"Channel's Exemption" - posted on Rimon's Library originally published in Galileo Magazine

Unpublished: "Shybel's Need" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, which is the basis of the feature film script currently (1999) being marketed, "The Need." by Anne Phyllis Pinzow

Additional Screenplays available on request.




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