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Contains 3 reprinted novels

Unto Zeor Forever
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Mahogany Trinrose  
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
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by Jacqueline Lichtenberg 


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Meisha Merlin Hardcover Edition
July 2005

Meisha Merlin 
Trade Paperback Edition  
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See Cover images of various editions - the easiest way to know if you've read a novel is to view the cover.  You may be surprised to discover an old favorite here. Ronnie Bob's Summary From Meisha Merlin
Reviews -- some of these comments may jog your memory.   New Cover - we can hardly wait to see it ourselves  From 
Meet the Characters - 
  • read a very early draft of Unto Zeor, Forever
  • read the first story ever sold in the Sime~Gen Universe - "Operation High Time" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg that was first published in IF MAGAZINE OF SCIENCE FICTION edited by Fred Pohl.
  • discover the connection between Star Trek and  "Operation High Time"   
  • Channel's Exemption, a Sime~Gen short story by Jacqueline Lichtenberg set in the Space Age, reprinted from its original magazine publication in Galileo #4.  


Additional Material 
New Afterword
New Forward 

Additional short story to be included with this volume.  

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Publishing Histories

Unto Zeor, Forever.

Doubleday, 1978. hardcover

Playboy, l980. pb (2 print.)

Berkley, 1985. pb

Meisha Merlin, 2007, in Digen Farris ambrov Zeor hc and pb


Moewig Verlag, 1986 Ger., pb

Mahogany Trinrose.

Doubleday, l98l. hardcover

Playboy, l982. paperback

Berkley, 1986 paperback

Meisha Merlin, 2007, in Digen Farris ambrov Zeor


Moewig Verlag, 1988? Ger., pb


Doubleday, l984. hardcover

DAW, 1984. paperback

Meisha Merlin, 2007, in Digen Farris ambrov Zeor


These books are printed on acid free paper with sturdy bindings.  


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