Unto Zeor, Forever 

 Jacqueline Lichtenberg
a Sime~Gen Novel 
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Chapter One  Chapter One: Berserker

Digen Farris utters some famous-last-words that echo down the annals of Sime History.    

"I have a nearly perfect Donor waiting for me in Westfield," said Digen.  "Just get me there sane, and reasonable stable, and all my troubles will be over."  

Chapter Two

Chapter Two: A Choice

When the train pulled into the outskirts of Westfield, it slowed for the urban traffic.  Before long, a Gen came swinging along the car and stopped beside Digen.

"Respect, Sectuib," said the Gen.  "I am Imrahan, companion, House of Imil.  Sorelton wired ahead that your escort had been diverted.  May I help?"  

Chapter Three

Chapter Three: A Gen Roommate

In a waiting room Digen picks up a Medical Journal:

.... It was the latest issue of The Surgeon's Society Journal.  The lead article headlined on the cover was: SIME GRADUATES LASSER; an evaluation.  He  flipped to the pge and began reading.  It seemed to be a fair article, not shrill or hysterical, but in the end the author turned bitterly against Westfield for accepting Digen as an intern: "When the foremost surgical service in the country accepts such an intern, how can the rest of the hospitals turn any of them down?"  


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