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Jacqueline Lichtenberg

A Very Early Draft of the Doubleday novel Unto Zeor, Forever

copyright © 1978 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, 1999 by Sime~Gen Inc. 
all rights reserved.

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Introduction to the Web Edition, 1997

This novel was published in Ambrov Zeor, serialized, in issues #7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 at about the time the Doubleday hardcover edition was on the shelves.
Even after all these years, I'm still proud of Unto Zeor, Forever, my first Award Winning novel, and though this early draft (actually it's a fourth draft I think, though #2 and #3 were only partially completed) seems to me at this time embarrassingly bad, it is nevertheless filled with great enjoyment for the fan of this series. Most particularly, this version contains a great deal more of the technical background of transfer mechanics and the social problems derived from these difficulties.
But here's the real reason I'm putting this up on the Sime~Gen website. I just got this file by email attachment from Ronnie Bob Whitaker (who has scanned in and ocr'd and corrected so much of our material and it is to him you owe your thanks and much virtual chocolate) and started formatting it for the Web, and my eye lit on the first paragraph - and I was caught.
I wanted to sit down and just read it again, enthralled, transfixed. Therefore, I think there are many of you who will enjoy this draft, even if (or especially if) you've read Unto Zeor, Forever. I do know that many - an incredible number of fans - have found this version of the story "better" than the published version just as I do. For me, this is the version that's "real" history, and the published version is the way the history books of the Sime~Gen universe record these events (in expose biographies that is. No reputable scholarly journal would get this sexy.)
A formating note: I've left this typed the way it appeared in the original fanzine edition - with underlines instead of italics and with paragraphing styled like a fanzine instead of like a book. I've also left the page breaks and notations where illos might go (except we're not posting the illos right now - anyone wants to make new electronic form illos for us drop an email to
Sime Surgeon is a "Doctor Novel" with the plot-structure of that subgenre of Romance. It does not even vaguely resemble the commercial genre known as science fiction in structure, though it has a pure science fiction content. The juxtaposition of these two elements makes this an "unpublishable" novel. So regard it as a fan novel and have fun reading.

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