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Energizing Exercises


        Karen Golden, a wonderful massage therapist in Tampa Florida, gave me these exercises when I was in my 30ís. They didnít do much for me then. But I recently dug them out of my files and tried them again. Wow! I had more energy after doing them than before. No wonder she calls them energizing exercises.

         Some of these exercises may be hard at first. If you canít do straight leg lifts, then bend your knees to make it easier. It isnít necessary to do them just like the pictures. Trying is what counts. Trying will bring you the benefits. If you really canít do one of them skip it until you are stronger. Other than that, do the exercises in the order given. I donít know why, but they work better that way.

         Karen says these exercises originated in Tibet. Wherever they came from, Iím impressed enough with them to recommend them. All of the exercises come with the instruction to do them 6 to 21 times. If you canít do 6, just do what you can. You will get stronger. On average it takes less than ten minutes to do all five exercises. At the end of the 5 exercises, Iíll put some links to exercise pages on the web.

        All of the exercises included don't require any type of equipment. Just your own body. An exercise machine isn't needed as these exercises naturally energize your body by different movements.

        Best, Lois June Wickstrom

Energy Exercise 1

Energy Exercise 2   

Energy Exercise 3

Energy Exercise 4

Energy Exercise 5

Energy Links