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4th Energizing Exercise


1.)     This exercise opens theEnergy4.jpg shoulder joints and lengthens the frontline.

2.)     As in the previous exercise, inhale in the lift position, exhale in the rest position.

3.)     Place your hands on either side of the hips and begin, fingers forward. Feet wirr be comfortably hip-width apart.

4.)     Inhale as you lift the abdomen and thighs skyward, releasing the head back as much as possible. The ultimate goal is tabletop flatness.

5.)     Tense all your muscles for a moment, then release and come back to the rest position as you exhale and let the head release forward, chin dropped to the chest.

Repeat 6 - 21 times.

Some points to remember:

a.)     Always release the head fully towards the chin when in the rest position in exercises 3, 4, and 5.

b.)     Always inhale when the front of the body is lengthened or expanded. Exhale when the front is closed or compressed.

c.)     Remember never to do any of these exercises more than 21 times.

d.)     These are definitely energy reviving exercises. If you practice them after sundown you may find yourself too energized to sleep. I recommend doing them first thing in the morning (or second if you meditate.)

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