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2nd Energizing Exercise

energy2.jpg The following are four calesthenics which should be performed in order. They are intended to follow the spinnig exercise as a complete set of exercises for both strengthening and lenthening the core. They are also believed to have a stimulating effect on the chakras (bodily centers of energy.)

1.)     This exercise lengthens the backline while developing the front line, without shortening it.

2.)     Practice this on a carpeted floor or bed.

3.)     Inhale in the starting position, exhale in the legs up position.

4.)     It may help to lift your head first, and then your legs. When lifting the legs, attempt to keep the knees as straight as possible and bring the chin to the chest. Remember -- itís okay to modify this exercise by bending your knees if you need to. With practice, you will become stronger.

Repeat 6 - 21 times.

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