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5th Energizing Exercise


1.)     The following exercise may be familiar to you. Alternating contraction and opening of the front and backlines, it stimulates the draining and flooding of the core muscles in front of and behind the spine.

2.)     Inhale when the chest is open and lengthened. Exhale when the chest is closed.

3.)     Start with your hands by either side of your shoulders as if ready to do a push-up. Feet will be comfortably apart. This is the last time your torso will be in contact with the floor.

4.)     Now move into the alternate position. Lift the buttocks skyward, exhale and let the head release forward. Try to get the heels of the feet as close to being on the floor as possible.

5.)     Once this alternating movement becomes easy, tense all the muscles in the body for a moment at the fullest point of each position before moving into the alternate position.

Repeat 6 - 21 times

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