It is both a time of peace and a time of war in this quadrant of the galaxy, depending on where you live -- and which leaders you follow.

Earth had once been the political center of a far-flung Federation, made up of many human and non-human races. But now it is a police state, its weak totalitarian regime barely able to control a few neighboring star systems. Almost four centuries ago, many of the colonies and most of the alien races broke away from the Federation's deep-seated bigotry and in-fighting. They formed a better political entity called

The Galactic League

Now a forum of a hundred worlds (and growing), the Galactic League is a major political, economic and military force in this quadrant. Its most basic law:

"Peace Among the Galactic League Worlds is Paramount"

Aboard the Legion megacruiser GLV Windfall II, the League Council holds monthly meetings to discuss legal matters, commerce, military operations and political matters of importance.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, the Galactic League is an organization of fiction and non-fiction writers, artists, costume-makers and roleplayers centered in Chicago. The League has contributing members in several other states and countries, all involved in helping each other realize their artistic dreams in a universe of our own creation.

In the past, League members have banded together to create award-winning costume presentations at regional and international science fiction convention masquerades. Currently, we publish AlterNations and Mulimi, science fiction fanzines of high literary quality. Some issues include stories by League members who are professionally-published writers.

In the near future, we will be producing professionally-published Galactic League novels.

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