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What is a Sime?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah have written many novels in a universe they created, which Jacqueline named Sime~Gen. The name refers to a mutation, similar to gender, that creates people Sime and Gen. They are as different as men and women, and need each other just as much to survive. The Gens make a biologic energy called Selyn which they don't need for their own health. The Simes need this  energy. They can take it by force, often killing the Gen, or a Gen can freely give it and enhance his or her own health. For the Simes, this need is a permanent condition.
At the Sime Center, we are making the analogy that sometimes humans, male and female need something that can be provided by others. For humans this is a temporary need.The Sime Center expects the humans we help to get on their own feet within a year. What we give to them are our stories (professional writers) our art (professional artists) and our money -- the Selyn of our universe.
Our Simes are the people who have fallen through the cracks in our existing systems of charity.People whose health problems are not insured, whose homes are not covered for flood damage, who are left in the lurch by abusive spouses, any number of reasons. Through Sime Center, the Gens of our culture, who make more stories, or art, or money than they need, can give some to the temporary Simes and enable themselves as well as the Simes to live healthier lives.



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