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February 2002


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* Jacqueline completes her move
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***** Feature Articles *****
** Jacqueline completes her move She and her husband left the New York City suburbs in the first half of January. After they reached the Phoenix area, they had planned on a few days before the movers delivered their goods to fix up their new house. Because of a death in the family of the moving truck driver, the few days stretched out. Following are excerpts from her report.

"It is a good thing we had a few extra days before the furniture arrives. Mon-Fri has been spent in a whirlwind of frantic activity racing the clock -- and spending ridiculous amounts of money.

"Monday all the installers came except Cox Cable. My husband has spent hours upon hours on the phone fighting with Cox and other companies that don't show up in the appointed interval.

"We still have the telephone (Qwest) company to come on Tuesday and install some vital phone jacks -- strange the places the builders didn't put phone jacks in the mid-nineties.

"The furniture is supposed to come on Sunday -- I believe I reported to you about the delay due to the driver having lost a sister on the East Coast and staying there until Tuesday.

"Meanwhile we've used the time well. ... I now have three bookshelf units in the house, and two in the garage. Not anywhere near enough, but a beginning.

"... I have one of the metal shelf units that was for the garage fitted into the laundry room -- turned out the front loading washer is just that much smaller than a top-loader that I could fit that shelf in there nicely.

"So I am hoping I'll have enough space for all the 'dead-storage' boxes when they come off the truck.

"I also have scoured the town and denuded the stores of extension cords. These houses are so poorly designed there is no place to put anything except in front of an electric plug, a window, a phone tap, or a cable connection -- or maybe block a doorway. I have scheduled furniture to be placed where it will cut a doorway size by half. My own extension cords are so old they were getting brittle so I decided not to burn down my nice new house and to spring for a set of new cords so we can access the plugs that end up behind furniture.

"I did make a round of grocery shopping to stock my refrigerator (love that thing -- it really does keep stuff better than my year old one, and the tag says it only costs about $52/year to run!).

"And I've haunted Home Depot and Lowe's and Wal-Mart and Sam's Club gathering stuff like desk chair pads to protect carpeting, and a computer desk for my husband. It's even the same wood-tone as the rest of the furniture that will go near it!

"I've replaced many of my aerosols and spray cleaners and hazardous materials that couldn't go on the van -- such as matches.

"I have a gas stove but it's 'ignition' with a safety to prevent you from lighting it if the electricity is out -- not even with a match. This will pose a series of problems, and I'm working on solutions.
"What little time I've had to sit down has been spent reading appliance manuals. (Love that self-cleaning oven!) Have not conquered programming the Rain Bird watering system.

"We also had to buy a folding table and chairs in desperation when the van didn't come -- so sometime during this past week I actually made and served us a dinner in our new home. It was a fiasco -- I didn't have the knack of that new oven and had to use a frying pan to finish cooking some salmon. (I'm spoiled -- can't work a kitchen without a microwave to defrost stuff.) The freezer on the new 'fridge keeps stuff lots colder (on its middle setting) than my old one did on its max setting. I think I can keep ice cream in it here even in the summer - it's THAT cold.

"I've also spent a good deal of time with a tape measure and the list of measurements of my furniture jig sawing it all into this house .... I've put labels on the rooms and inside the rooms on the baseboards where the furniture goes to match the labels I put on the furniture. With luck, if my labels stay long enough (they fall off easily) I'll have saved some unpacking time.

"I've got a placement for every piece on my list -- but I know there are many small pieces that have no place assigned and I can't see a square inch left anywhere. I'm planning to have the movers leave all my Passover stuff on the back patio (in Rubbermaid tubs) because there's no space for them until I can get to Home Depot and buy some more cabinets.
"As it stands now, I have cable TV plugs working and an internet cable plug working. The top priority after getting the kitchen operational and bed made is to unpack and install the computers (if we can find them). I packed the modem and router myself, in one of four boxes labeled OPEN THIS FIRST -- so I should be able to find them.

"Oh, and next week we have to change the registration on the cars (presuming my husband's arrives intact) and to get an estimate on my car's repairs .... And our driver's licenses. They don't allow much time for that here.

"My husband is still learning the way around this town, and so am I -- spent a considerable amount of time hunting for stores I know are in this or that shopping center SOMEWHERE. They have 1-mile square grid-pattern streets here, with shopping centers on all four corners of almost every intersection -- sometimes one corner has apartments. I STILL am not sure which of the four corners my new bank is on, since I've had to hunt each time I went there.
"Oh, and the sunrises and sunsets really are as beautiful as the pictures in ARIZONA HIGHWAYS ...."


by Marguerite Krause

Called back from exile to a beleaguered court, the seer Phillipe foresees bloodshed and destruction, unless he can guide the young duke onto an alternate path. The duchy's only hope lies with the Lady Zuli -- who refuses to believe a word Phillipe says. Phillipe makes one perilous psychic journey after another, as Zuli sets her own desperate, opposing plans into motion. "...a well-written and detailed historical novel of intrigue and romance." SFSite . Read the first three chapters at

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***** News *****
** Founding 400
Founding 400 total HARDBOUND -- 380

** Updated pages
Bruce Gray redid the actors and actresses page. I never even knew about these. The easiest way to find them is to enter "actors" in the search engine.

If anyone has any favorite actors to be added to the list, please notify Bruce at

The same if anyone has favorite shows to add to the TV list.

** Market
NovelBooks, Inc., is looking for books that feature large and/or mature women in any genre (Yes! Even Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, or a combination of them all!) for our new line: "REAL WOMEN/REAL ROMANCE"

Do you have a story where the heroine is slightly "fluffy" and proud of it? Is your book centered around an older H/H with a story that just has to be told? Maybe your hero is a little more "real" than the usual romance hero. NovelBooks, Inc., is looking for these manuscripts for our new line, "REAL WOMEN/REAL ROMANCE" We want books that are out of the box, that speak to the regular reader in ways that model perfect heroines just can't. NBI is interested in all genres of books, except erotica. Visit our web site and read the submissions guidelines. Then submit your book and be sure to put in the subject line "REAL WOMEN/REAL ROMANCE"

Penny Hussey, President & CEO
NovelBooks, Inc.

** Anthology
"Vampire's Friend" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is available in HEAVEN AND HELL, an anthology of humorous stories, paper published by Speculation Press, Nov. 2001.

The publisher's site says the book was available on 23 January and should be stocked by major bookstores. However, as of 13 February 2002, I was unable to find it at,, and Powell's. You can purchase it direct.


"BLOOD WILL TELL shakes up everything you thought you knew about vampires, reconstructing legends into a fresh story that keeps your mind fully engaged. It is great to see a writer dare to change long established fictional canons in such a pleasing way. Both hero and heroine are strongly principled and have great strength of character. Small town life is well portrayed, and fans of Ms. Lorrah's past books may see an inside joke or two." Reviewed by Amanda Killgore for TRCC. 4 STARS

BLOOD WILL TELL by Jean Lorrah . Read the first chapter and download a *FREE SHORT STORY* .

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