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Special Edition for
Late September 2001


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** Special Alert

Jacqueline was interviewed for the ST special AMERICA LOVES STAR TREK scheduled to air on TNN Monday, October 1. According to my TV GUIDE, it will be on at 7 pm Eastern and Pacific time.

There is no guarantee that her segment will be used, but you may want to check it out.


BLIND VISION by Marguerite Krause

Called back from exile to a beleaguered court, the seer Phillipe foresees bloodshed and destruction, unless he can guide the young duke onto an alternate path. The duchess's only hope lies with the Lady Zuli -- who refuses to believe a word Phillipe says. Phillipe makes one perilous psychic journey after another, as Zuli sets her own desperate, opposing plans into motion. "...a well-written and detailed historical novel of intrigue and romance." SFSite . Read the first three chapters at .

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** Market
Steve Miller and Sharon Lee are looking for submissions to an anthology.

The working title is LOWPORT. For the purposes of this anthology, LowPort is that section of the harbor, the spaceport, the city or the space station where the scraping-by folk live; not the star captains in their glittery trade ships, or the merchants in their silks, but the people who work on the docks, or who steal, or whore, or who dream of getting out. This is *not* a shared Liaden Universe anthology -- each author runs what he brings. If you regularly work in your own universe, feel free to submit a story that fits there.... We're open to fantasy, science fiction, and related cross-genre stories -- but not splatter punk.

Payment will be 5-8 cents/word on final acceptance (don't expect any final acceptance before May 2002) and royalties will be distributed on a prorated based on the number of stories in the book rather than word count. Looking for 3,000 to 10,000 words -- but that's got some flex.

We'll be reading through July 15, 2002, with projected publication date Worldcon 2003 (Sept). Please, no electronic submissions, though we will ask for an RTF file of anything we accept. Note: this is an open anthology.

Send stories to:
Low Port
c/o Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
PO Box 179
Unity, ME 04988-0179


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