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April 2001

EBOOK revolution is here! With a handheld reader or a PDA, reading has never been THIS fun! Our inventory of fine ebooks expands each month. Take a trip over to see our books -- We publish romance, sci-fi, paranormals, mainstream, Inspirationals, the ByteMe teen line, and a little bit of non-fiction. You can count on Awe-Struck to deliver high quality electronic formats and great stories you can 'connect' to...Awe-Struck

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***** Feature Articles *****

** Reader's Choice Awards

Sime~Gen, Inc. will be awarding biannual awards in the following categories: Favorite E-Book, Favorite Paper Book, Favorite Publisher Web Site, Favorite Author Web Site, Gatemaster's Favorite Book, and Favorite Sime~Gen Reviewer.

** Interesting Market

Frequency audio anthologies - Jeremy Bloom, PO Box 2711, Venice CA 90294 (electronic submissions preferred: in ASCII, RTF, doc). Frequency is looking for literate, strongly plotted, original stories, primarily in the Science Fiction genre but we will also look at fantasy and horror (but no more "thing in the basement" stories!). Also, NO: novel excerpts, swords & sorcery, media tie-ins, parody. We are primarily looking for NEW material - reprints will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Best bet for length: around 2,000 words. Will consider up to 5,000. Short-shorts are especially needed.

Frequency publishes six times a year in audio format on CD. 3 cents/word for first audio rights. Detailed submission info on the website: FrequencyPublishing

Frequency is now available! Pop it in your CD player and hear great new Science Fiction by Jerry Oltion, Bruce Holland Rogers, Cory Doctorow, Stanley Schmidt, and more! Visit us on the web at FrequencyPublishing. Frequency makes a great gift for your favorite SF fan...

** How Mark Twain Might Write On-line

Jean Lorrah found this very interesting serious article about adapting Mark Twain's speaking techniques for on-line communication.

How Mark Twain Might Write Online



***** News *****

** NESSIE wins Independent E-book Award!

NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah was named best children's book at the Independent E-book Awards on Saturday, March 24, 2001. Lois was on hand to receive the award, which was presented in conjunction with the University of Virginia Festival of the Book.

Judges for the Award included editors from Publishers Weekly, Foreword Magazine, Random House, and Writer's Digest, several best-selling authors, and the founder of the New York Review of Books.

Find out more about the Independent E-book Awards.

See also the web site Lois has built both to promote the Nessie books and to provide information on lake monsters in general.

** Read a Good Story and Do A Good Deed

Part 4 of the novel HERO by Daniel R. Kerns (aka Jacqueline Lichtenberg), a rare novel once published by Ace, is now available in the Sime Center. In May, Event at Holiday Rock, a very rare short story by Jacqueline Lichtenberg will be posted.

Ardath Mayhar has contributed a long story to the Sime Center to appear in May.

** New Section of Writer's Workshop

New section of the writer's workshop launched titled Guild Hall. Read writing lessons by Jean Lorrah.

** in Top 6% of Internet Sites

In August 2000, a new web service opened called Web's Most Linked, which measures the popularity of web sites by how many other sites are linked to them. opened in the top 8%--an astonishing debut for what we are (and what we are not: most of the sites in the top 10% are big Internet companies, web portals, search engines, universities, hugely popular services like Cooltext, financial services, sites like Ebay and, etc.).

Early in 2001, climbed into the top 7%--that means that as Web's Most Linked searched more and more sites, they consistently found more sites that are linked to than sites that are not.

And then on April 16, 2001, we climbed solidly into the top 6%! This is a huge success story for our hard-working staff, who provide so much entertainment and so many services that people all over the Internet recommend us by putting links to us on their web sites. Those are the BEST recommendations any site can have, better than search engine rankings, better than any advertising we could buy.

A big THANK YOU to the staff of for all their hard work. If you would like to join our all-volunteer staff, please visit Volunteers for details.

Check the ranking of your site or others at

** New Beginning Part 5 Posted

New Beginning Part 5 is noted on WHAT'S NEW top page, and linked to the CZ index at the top in the "what's new" box, and under CZ15's spot on the CZ top page.



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