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Sign up for WorldCrafters-l the NEWSLETTER of the Guild -- You must subscribe to this Newsletter to participate fully in course work but the Workshop here is open for your use without subscribing to anything or even registering as a student.  

If you can't sub to a NL, monitor this Workshop page, the Writers Page, and the School page.  If you have Web browsing capability, you can get the WorldCrafters-L back issues from the archives at http://www.simegen.com/archives so you can follow the directions given to those who have taken the courses and posted work at  http://www.simegen.com/school/studentshowcase/ .  At Student Showcase, you can study the teacher's comments on their work.  

If you want hands-on analysis of your own work, post it to Editing Circle.  

These are separate from the Guild Bulletin Boards which are open to all students for posting.

Sign up for Writers-l the Listserv for students to talk to each other and join our community.  

Check out the Beginner's section of this Workshop.  

Teachers just joining us:  Suggestion.  Read the posts under the topics listed at the left of this table, and create a response to be posted under your own name beside that topic.  Email it as html or WinWord attached to simegen@simegen.com  -- it may also be posted to the WorldCrafters-L newsletter.  You may cross-post to the writers-l listserv if you like.  Alternatively, you can write the first post in an empty topic line -- or create a new topic line.  Or answer this question: What exercises have you found most useful in mastering (name a structural element - plot, theme, conflict, etc) and how many times did you do the exercise before you felt secure in the skill?  See the Teacher's Handbook for more about setting up a course here.  

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