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January 2004

See also Oct. 2003 for comments on Seven Seasons of Buffy.  
"The Art of the Survivor"

Angel - Season One (1999)

List Price:   $59.98

Shop here to see today's discount.



Angel - Season Two (2000)

List Price:   $59.98

But sometimes they offer a 2-fer with Season 1 and a big discount, free shipping!  


Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show
by Glenn Yeffeth (Editor), Jennifer Crusie (Contributor), Lawrence Watt-Evans (Contributor), Drew Goddard (Foreword)

List Price:   $15.95

Watch for discounts!  This one is selling fast.





Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology: The Professional Manual
by Noel Tyl

Out of print, but you can find used copies sometimes.






Dark Ages: Ravnos (Da Clan, 6)
by Sarah Roark

List Price:   $6.99


Angel Created by Joss Whedon, Syndicated on WB network now 2 seasons on DVD

Never watched AngelRead the synopses of the episodes written by fans who love this show.  Dig a little and you'll find transcriptions of the episodes word for word also posted there.  A labor of love.  











Seven Seasons of Buffy, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show, Glenn Yeffeth ed. BenBella Books, Oct. 2003 -- companion volume about Angel to be released in 2004


I've reviewed this one in Oct 2003 -- both Jean Lorrah and I have articles in here.  You can find a list of the contributors with excerpts from their articles here.  






Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, The Professional Manual by Noel Tyl, Llewellyn 1994

I've discussed Noel Tyl and his astrological textbooks in previous columns.  His primary degree is in psychology and he approaches astrology as the means to organizing an understanding of how the mind works -- and why.  

This is not a book you just read cover to cover -- it's one you nibble at over years and then go back and re-read sections going Oh!  




Dark Ages: Ravnos by Sarah Roark, White Wolf Publishing, June 2003

There's a big problem with this book.  The type face is very thin, and printed very very small on paper that isn't white enough -- the result is a real squint of a read.  

This is a vampire novel but not the sort I generally review.  It is very dark.  But stands in stark contrast to the TV series Angel. 

February 2004 "Superman's Problem Part I" 


 Smallville - The Complete First Season (2001)

List Price:$64.92

But check out the really nice discount today.  

Second season is also available on DVD (with a 2-fer deal most of the time), and the episode discussed here is from the third season.  

Reading the Bones

by Sheila Finch

List Price:   $14.95


Discount and Supersaver pricing -- a bargain even though this is a  short novel.  


Body of Intuition
by Claire Daniels

List Price:   $6.99





Strangled Intuition

by Claire Daniels

List Price:   $6.99



Murder Most Mellow
by Jaqueline Girdner, Jacqueline Girdner





Murder on the Astral Plane

by Jacqueline Girdner, Jaqueline Girdner




Smallville: "Slumber" episode written by Drew Greenberg, WB network, Oct. 22, 2003

See for a wonderful episode guide you can contribute to for your favorite show.    





Reading the Bones by Sheila Finch, Tachyon Publications, Sept. 2003.

This is the novelization of the Nebula Award winning novella by Sheila Finch.  It's in her archeolinguists series, the Lingsters and is about the development of language among nonhumans.  

If you liked Molter Brother and City of a Million Legends, check out this book.  This one has little or no esoteric science in it, but it focuses on the magic of language.  


Body of Intuition
A Karma Crime Series Novel by Claire Daniels, Berkley Prime Crime, Dec 2002.  

More and more we're seeing mixed-genre books like the novels Jean Lorrah and I have been writing for years.  SF and Romance led the way -- vampire romance, time travel romance, paranormal romance, etc. -- now the Mystery genre is getting the same treatment.  Books published as mystery may have occult or sf elements as does Jean Lorrah's Blood Will Tell.  


Strangled Intuition
A Karma Crime Series novel by Claire Daniels, Berkley Prime Crime, Jan. 2004.  

The Karma Crime Series could well appeal to the same readers who like Sime~Gen for the psychic-healing and karmic elements.  



Murder Most Mellow
, a Kate Jasper Mystery by Jaqueline Girdner, Diamond Books, June 1992. (out of print in 2004 but you can find it used)  Note she spells Jaqueline without a c.  

The Kate Jasper Mysteries likewise have a strong psychic element used to solve the mysteries.  These are good.  See my Oct '93 column.  




Murder on the Astral Plane
, a Kate Jasper Mystery, by Jaqueline Girdner, Berkley Prime Crime Mystery, pb, March 2000


And there are a number of other titles by Jaqueline Girdner very much worth checking out, but don't let amazon's new search confuse you.  Go here and put Jaqueline Girdner into the space where it says Author.  Be sure to leave out the c in Jaqueline.  
March 2004 "Superman's Problem Part II"


Aphrodite's Kiss
by Julie Kenner

List Price:   $5.99



Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)
by Jim Butcher

List Price:   $6.99





Death Masks
(The Dresden Files, Book 5)

by Jim Butcher

List Price:   $6.99




Guilty Pleasures
by Laurell K. Hamilton
Average Customer Review: 4.3 
out of 5 stars
Publication Date: July 1995
Out of Print--Limited Availability





Aphrodite’s Kiss by Julie Kenner, Love Spell contemporary Romance, April 2001

Also see Aphrodite's Secret and Aphrodite's Passion.   which I haven't read but would like to.  




Summer Knight
, Book 4 of The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, RoC Fantasy pb, Sept. 2002

I haven't read books 1-3 -- but this one fills in enough of the background that it was a smooth, complete and satisfying pure-action read.  

The cover of SUMMER KNIGHT quotes "The Midwest Book Review" -- "Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Tanya Huff will love this series."  

In this column I compare The Dresden Files to Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake novels.  (see below)



Death Masks,
Book 5 of The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, RoC Fantasy Aug. 2003

This is a direct sequel to book 4 and continues the breathless action pace with more problems than any one detective can handle.  





Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 11 book series reviewed here Jan ’94, June ’95, Aug ’97, Nov. ’98, Feb ’99, July ’00, Jan. 02, Aug 03





Angel, the television show on the WB network – all episodes.  

Also see 


April 2004 "The Power To Curse Effectively"

Kushiel's Dart
by Jacqueline Carey

List Price:   $7.99





Kushiel's Chosen

by Jacqueline Carey (Author)

List Price:   $7.99




Kushiel's Avatar
by Jacqueline Carey (Author)

List Price:   $7.99





Devlin's Honor (Sword of Change, Book 2)
by Patricia Bray

List Price:   $5.99







Devlin's Justice
by Patricia Bray
(The Sword of Change, Book 3)
by Patricia Bray 

List Price:   $6.50

Discounts abound.  Look for 2-fer offers on amazon.  



Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey, Tor Fantasy, pb June 2001

In this series a sex-slave buys freedom by using the valuables given as tips for their services to have a tattoo placed on their back.  



Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey, Tor Fantasy pb March 2003






Kushiel’s Avatar
by Jacqueline Carely, Tor Fantasy pb March 2004








Devlin’s Honor by Patricia Bray, Bantam Spectra Fantasy, pb June 2003


This is book 2 in this series.  I reviewed book 1 Devlin's Luck here in May 2003.  







Devlin’s Justice by Patricia Bray, Bantam Spectra Fantasy, pb March 2004



May 2004 "Informed Consent"


Midnight Harvest
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

List Price:   $24.95




There was a paperback edition but it's out of print.  

Double Image

by Jaye Roycraft

List Price:   $13.75



Shadow Image
by Jaye Roycraft

List Price:   $13.75



by Jaye Roycraft

Availability: THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE on amazon -- check the publisher's site.  

Star Trek: Enterprise: TV Series episode, "Impulse" written by Jonathan Fernandez first aired Oct 8, 2003 (   )

Midnight Harvest From the Chronicles of Saint-Germain, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Warner Aspect HC, Sept 2003


This is set in the 1930's and goes from Spain's civil war to Prohibition in California.  Loved St. Germain driving a car!  

Sweeter Than Wine by Michaela August published at  Spring 2003

This is a terrific novel, gloriously well written but a historical romance that has no apparent connection with the usual topics of this column.  In this case though, it is right on the button.  






Double Image
by Jaye Roycraft, ImaJinn Books, 2001


See reviews of previous novels in this series in 2003 columns.  

These are Vampire Romances and extremely well plotted adventures with great psychology and solidly developed relationships.  


Shadow Image
by Jaye Roycraft, ImaJinn Books, 2002





Rainscape by Jaye Roycraft, ImaJinn Books, 2001

Read the reviews on amazon, then look for used copies.  This one is worth chasing around the web looking for it.  

Or it is still available on the publisher's site in 2003.  

Imajinn Books has made a name for itself lately, especially with the Roycraft titles.  


May 2004 sees the first e-book publication of any Sime~Gen story with a novel by Jean Lorrah titled Sime~Gen: To Kiss Or To Kill.  

June 2004

The Monthly Aspectarian publication dates drifted out of sync with this website in April 2003 because they accidentally skipped "10 of Wands, Pluto and the Right Hand Path Part I" in April  2003

This reprint brings us back into sync. as they have published Part I in May 2004.

Reprint of "10 of Wands, Pluto and the Right Hand Path Part II" FROM  May 2003. 

Confused? Find a chart of the Monthly Aspectarian publication dates vs. this website here.   


See index for columns in 2003.  



July 2004


"Receiving Divine Messages" Part I.  


Joan of Arcadia  CBS primetime series


With Alex By My Side by Joel Davis, Toad Hall Press, July 2000

List Price:   $14.95


Children of the Rock Duology
: Nov. & Dec 2003 Tekno Books


Moons' Dreaming (Children of the Rock Duology, 1)
by Marguerite Krause, Susan Sizemore

List Price:   $13.95


Moons' Dancing: The Children of the Rock (Krause, Marguerite. Children of the Rock, V. 2.)
by Marguerite Krause, Susan Sizemore

List Price:   $25.95



Justice Hall
by Laurie R. King, Bantam pb., Feb 2003

List Price:   $6.99

Watch for great discounts



The Game

List Price:   $23.95

This is the HC from March 2004.  Watch for the PB, or look for great discounts.  

First new Sime~Gen in decades, Sime~Gen: To Kiss Or To Kill, includes 2 novels and a short story.  HC and TP.  

House of Zeor by Jacqueline Lichtenberg available in e-book formats.  This is the first novel in Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy.  

Joan of Arcadia  CBS primetime series

With Alex By My Side by Joel Davis, Toad Hall Press, July 2000








Children of the Rock Duology: Nov. & Dec 2003 Tekno Books

Moons’ Dreaming
by Marguerite Krause and Susan Sizemore,

CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE: Susan Sizemore wrote a fantastic introduction to the trade pb edition of my novel, Dreamspy which came out in April 2004.  

Moons’ Dancing
by Marguerite Krause and Susan Sizemore








Justice Hall
by Laurie R. King, Bantam pb., Feb 2003







The Game by Laurie R. King, Bantam hc, March 2004

If you like Sherlock Holmes spinoffs, check this series out.  Very probably you'll want to collect all the books in the series because they do form a story-arc of the developing relationship between Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes who takes her on as an apprentice and eventually marries her.  They still work in the field after that marriage and things get even more interesting.  


August 2004 "Receiving Divine Messages: Part II, Initiation


Awe-Struck E-Books cover, Healing Magick, fantasy romance ebook, Mary Taffs

E-book from Awe-Struck E-Books.  

3rd in a series that's still available
Read 3 free Chapters online.  





List Price:   $15.95



See Oct. 2003 column and Jan 2004 for other mentions of Seven Seasons of Buffy.  Here in August, focus is on the Initiations of Buffy and Willow as discussed in the article by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.  

Thief of Lives
by Barb Hendee, J. C. Hendee, J.C. Hendee

List Price:   $6.99



Way of the Wolf (The Vampire Earth)
by E. E. Knight

List Price:   $6.50



Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Susan SizemoreIntroduction

List Price:   $14.95




I Thirst for You

by Susan Sizemore (Author)

List Price:   $6.99




Healing Magick by Mary Taffs, Awe-Struck E-Books May 2004


Note: in May 2004, Mary Taffs died unexpectedly.  At this time it is not known if the planned final book in this series will be published.  





Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show
, edited by Glenn Yeffeth, BenBella Books Oct. 2003 

2009 - scheduled to be available on Amazon Kindle program

Thief of Lives
by Barb and J. C. Hendee, Roc pb., Jan 2004



Thief of Lives is the sequel to Dhampir reviewed here in the Oct 2003 column.  

Every book reviewed in this column is 5-star - highly recommended and re-readable.  

Book One of The Vampire Earth: Way of the Wolf
by E. E. Knight, Roc SF, Sept. 2003


by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, BenBella Books, TP 2004


OK, it's a conflict of interests.  I wrote this book.  If you want to know more about the book itself, you can read free chapters here.  

The way I look at it, a reviewer has to write their own books so the other writers they take pot-shots at can get back at them.  

Turns out Susan Sizemore likes my writing, and I like hers.  So here's a new one of hers you should read: 

I Thirst For You
by Susan Sizemore, Pocket Star Books, June 2004.

September 2004 "Receiving Divine Messages: Part III, The Structure of the Universe"


Shivering World (TYERS, KATHY)
by Kathy Tyers

List Price:   $12.99



Contact Imminent
by Kristine Smith (Author)

List Price: $7.50




Gabriel's Ghost
by Megan Sybil Baker

List Price:   $22.99

Plus a much cheaper e-book format!  


Star Commandos 11
  --  Pariah

by P. M. Griffin
ISBN159507015Xstarcommandostobedeleted.jpg (227350 bytes)
List Price:   $27.99





Shivering World by Kathy Tyers, Bethany House, TP, 2004






Contact Imminent
by Kristine Smith, Eos, November 2003

 Kristine Smith explores the plight of Jani Killian in this 4th in the series I have reviewed here in the June 2001, and August 2002 columns, Code of Conduct, Rules of Conflict, Law of Survival, and now Contact Imminent.

You don't have to read them in order, but there is a story-arc so it does help.  The backgrounding is there though if you haven't read the previous books -- and it's not at all heavy handed.  

Gabriel’s Ghost
by Megan Sybil Baker, LTDBooks, TP &E,

The Trade Paperback is actually worth the price.  The packaging is good, and the print is small enough that for the 314 pages you get a lot of reading.  



Star Commandos: Pariah
by P. M. Griffin, ArcheBooks, Dec. 2003

 Good clear print, heavy paper, solid hc binding -- that's why it's so expensive.  But I don't know if there will be a cheaper edition.  If you have the rest of the series (this is #11) I'd say invest in this volume -- #12 is slated to be the final volume in the series.  

(Oct 2004 - I just read the 12th volume -- it's one long denoument for the series, wraps everything up neatly and shows the characters growing up and out of their action-action lifestyle, now planning for the future.)  

October 2004 Receiving Divine Messages - Part 4
The Soul 

Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire
by Glenn Yeffeth (Editor)

List Price:   $17.95





Single White Vampire
by Lynsay Sands

List Price:   $6.99




Dead to the World

by Charlaine Harris

List Price:   $19.95



Laws of the Blood
by Susan Sizemore

List Price:   $6.50



Different Blood:The Vampire As Alien
  by Margaret L. Carter

List Price: 








Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire Glenn Yeffeth, ed., BenBella Books Oct. 2004

I have an article in this one.  






Single White Vampire by Lyndsay Sands, Lovespell, Sept. 2003





Dead to the World
by Charlaine Harris, Ace Books, May 2004








Laws of the Blood: Companions
, by Susan Sizemore, Ace Books, October 2001

Different Blood, The Vampire as Alien
by Margaret L. Carter, Amber Quill Press, 2004

 This slender little non-fiction volume has small print and very long paragraphs.  It's as much a scholarly work as a key to the field of the vampire archetype blended with the sf/f vision of the non-human.  

If you shop regularly for vampire novels, you should have this book on your shelf.  

Note Margaret L. Carter, one of the resident professional writers at, has written many vampire, werewolf and supernatural novels.  

November 2004 

Time and Dimension Travel 


In the Face of Death: An Historical Horror Novel (Count Saint Germain)
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

List Price:   $14.95


Watch the discounts!  And there's an ebook that's cheaper.  


Hôtel Transylvania
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

List Price:   $6.99





List Price:   $5.99


Night Fires
  by KAREN HARBAUGH (Author)

List Price:   $5.99



by C. J. Barry

List Price:   $5.99






Secrets of Lost Arrow (Enderle, Dotti, Fortune Tellers Club, 4.)
by Dotti Enderle, Matthew Archambault (Illustrator)

List Price:


Children's book which gets the Magick right! 


Dream Quest: Nine Spellbinding Paranormal Romances
by J. C. Wilder (Editor), Linnea Sinclair (Editor)

List Price:   $21.99








In The Face Of Death by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, BenBella Books Trade PB April 2004

Yes, this is a St. Germain, and no it's not HORROR though it's billed that way.  It's about Madelaine de Montalia's trip to the US during the Civil War to study and record the culture of the American Indians before it became spoiled.  It focuses on the Indian view of the war, and General William Tecumseh Sherman.  




Hotel Transylvania
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, pb, Warner Books, Sept. 2002


This was the first of the St. Germain novels and details how Madelaine de Montalia became a vampire.  






Dark Enchantment by Karen Harbaugh, Dell Romance Jan 2004

Night Fires by Karen Harbaugh, Dell Romance, Dec 2003

by C. J. Barry, Lovespell Futuristic Romance, May 2003

Fortune Tellers Club: Secrets of the Lost Arrow
by Dotti Enderle, Llewellyn 2004

Dream Quest, J. C. Wilder and Linnea Sinclair, eds., ebook & TP.LTD Books 2003

December 2004 Zen and the Art of Golf

Five Seasons Of Angel: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire (Smart Pop Series)
by Glenn Yeffeth

List Price:$17.95

Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg and 26 other sf/f writers have contributions in this book.  



Trekkies 2

List Price: $19.99

Vaughn Armstrong
Richard Arnold
Robert Meyer Burnett
Casey Biggs
John Billingsley
Brannon Braga
Lolita Fatjo
Leslie Fish
Michael Forest
David A. Goodman
Richard Herd
Dominic Keating
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Cirroc Lofton
Phil Morris
Ethan Phillips
Tracey Scoggins
Connor Trinneer
Nana Visitor
Joanie Winston
Ben Yalow 


TV Series on Sci-Fi channel: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda.





Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire Glenn Yeffeth, ed., BenBella Books, October 2004




TV Series: Star Trek: Enterprise, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel



Trekkies2 – award winning feature film.   




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