Every year awards are given to fans who have helped Sime~Gen during the preceding 12 months.

The Silver Yo-Yo Awards were presented by the fanzine "A Companion in Zeor" for heroic actions performed on behalf of the zine. See the recipients ...

The Golden Yo-Yo Awards were presented by the fanzine "Ambrov Zeor" for help and assistace to the zine. See the recipients ...

The Digen Farris Memorial Meritorious Service Award - awarded for outstanding service on behalf of Sime~Gen. See the recipients ...

The Risa Tigue Reusable Award: Gen fandom operated primarily via snail mail for almost 20 years before going online in the fall of 1996. Many longtime fans, including some of the fanzine editors, were essentially cut off from mainstream fandom by the shift.

This award honors Sime/Gen fans who have given their old computer systems to further the cause of other Sime/Gen fans' gaining email and Web access, and also the recipients of those computers for giving email and the Web a game try and, well, for just being themselves!See the recipients ...

The Tech-ton Award was invented by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in 1997, this award goes to people who have benefitted Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and online tools. See the recipients ...

The Nager Awardis given to those who have given emotional support to others, guiding them through rough times or just generally "being there" when needed. See the recipients ...

While there are six "set" awards sometimes new awards are made up on the fly when it is realized that someone has done something particularly special that no award already in existence covers.

Karen Award

Created in 2002, this award for Creating Foundations is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~gen fan universe or, who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Fan section of the Simegen domain.


Jacqueline Lichtenberg


Margaret Carr

The Borderlands Writers - Beverly Erlebacher, John Cowan, Mary Lou Mendum, M. Alexis Pakulak, and recently added Flora Raynor


Alice Klein for adding to the domain with her new Mysteries Column.


Karen MacLeod

Jenn and Dancer Vesperman

Marge Robbins - who made me my first home page, and helped Jenn and Dancer Vesperman launch

Robyn King-Nitschke - For making TECTON CENTRAL to index all the pages.

Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley - for getting me (JL) online -- if it weren't for her there would be No Online S~G Fandom.

Leigh Kimmel - for her first listserve created for our fandom.


Karen MacLeod

Jenn and Dancer Vesperman

Marge Robbins

Robyn King-Nitschke

Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley

Leigh Kimmel

Out Territory Awards

This award is given to those whose non-Simegen related sites bring visitors to the domain.




Harriet Klausner for adding 142 reviews last year



Rochelle Campbell


Bygone Days

Sime Center (Lois, Jean, and Kaires)

Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc

BenBella Books


Bygone Days (Url to follow)

Bruce Gray for Key books

Moveable feast Award

Every Year!

Kaires, for the amazing work she does at the parties at Cons where she is the Hostess with the Mostess!

Arensti Award

This award has only been given to two artists over the years. However it should have been given to every artist who has created any Sime~Gen art. This being the case I will not be mentioning those artists individually, but giving this award to ALL artist in the Sime~Gen family. Their art can be seen throughout the Wiki, the Concordance, and on the website, in the Arensti Gallery