Sime~Gen Householding Registery



Ahlvastin Cygnus Imil Nelaryn Trin Oren
Alger Danar Invor Norvall Truth
Arrandle Dar Karan Oren Turan
Ashar Dragonhyrst Kelin Phoenix V'lar
Astreon Frihil Keon Rotle Yllasar
Carre Glen Eyrie Mitar Shaeldor Yorren
Chanel Halwyn Morning Star Starfire Vyta
Clarassa Idar Naros Takear Zaen
Tien Zeor


Household Name: Ahlvastin (Overlooking)

  • Parent Householding: Takear
  • Colors: Purple, silver, gray - Head of house: Royal purple
  • Web site: Ahlvastin.
  • Virtue: Perspective
  • Motto: Make it happen!
  • Business or Speciality: Writing/game design/synthesis of ideas
  • Head of Householding: Sectuib Gabriel ambrov Ahlvastin
  • Membership: Open
  • Symbol: Quill
  • Classification: Can be "written" only with permission. Contact Kennet Gencks. Local and non-local fans
Ahlvastin Quill

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Household Name: Alger

  • Parent Householding: Chanel
  • Colors: Cinnamon, orange
  • Virtue: First, respect yourself
  • Business or Speciality: Building musical instruments; visual arts
  • Head of Householding: Sectuib Keogo ambrov Alger
  • Classification: Fiction only
  • Links to stories mentioning Alger: "Be Not Afraid" mentions a Companion from Alger.
  • Links to artwork set in Alger: HCI art gallery

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Household Name: Arrandle

  • Colors: Dark navy blue, sun gold, blood red
  • Virtue: Veracity
  • Motto: Truth is unconquerable
  • Business or Specialty: Mass media/communications
  • Head of householding: Sectuib ambrov Arrandle
  • Membership: Open
  • Classification: Inactive; may be reactivated with permission

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Household Name: Ashar

  • Colors: Peach, dark green, gold
  • Motto: We stand, so none need stand alone
  • Business or Specialty: S~G Welcommittee
  • Head of householding: Beth Ann Wempe
  • Membership: Welcommittee Staff
  • Classification: Local and non-local fans
  • Information last updated: 3/86

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Household Name: Astreon (As-tree-own)

  • Colors: Dark green, light blue, gold
  • Virtue: Hope
  • Motto: To help the physically challenged in all ways
  • Business or Specialty: Life Skills Center and Rehabilitation Services
  • Founding: The House was started in Digen Farris's time, to help those Simes and Gens that had become disabled, such as the Sectuib in Zeor.
  • Head of householding: Sectuib William Long
  • Membership: Open, need not be disabled to join
  • Symbol: Wheelchair
  • Classification: Local and non-local fans

Astreon Symbol

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Household Name: Carre

  • Colors: Blue, silver
  • Motto: Unity Through Peace
  • Classification: Can be written only with permission; contact Jean Lorrah (Nothing established in fan fiction is to be taken as definite. This Gulf Territory householding will be used in the negotiations about the Tecton. Carre will support Keon against Zeor's overprotective attitude.)

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Household name: Chanel

  • Parent householding: Zeor
  • Website: Chanel
  • Colors: Red, gold, brown
  • Virtue: Service
  • Motto: He rises highest who helps others up
  • Business or Specialty: Psychology; fancy beadwork
  • Head of householding: Marge Robbins, Sosectu with Karen MacLeod, Second in Chanel.
  • Membership: Open on a limited basis; any who wish to use Chanel as a basis for their writings are welcomed.
  • Classification: Fiction use only
  • Symbol: The name means "Born to Serve." Red letter C with a gold lamp inside. The lamp inside is gold with a yellow flame as symbolizes light and truth, the advancement of knowledge, and progression of the human race.
  • Pledge of Householding: Unto the House of Chanel, I pledge my life, my hopes and dreams, my substance and my children. And unto the Sosectu in Chanel, I pledge my love, my trust, my undying loyalty, as I serve the House by serving others. Unto Chanel, Forever.
  • Sectuib's response: Unto (name) ambrov Chanel, I pledge my trust, my substance, and the love of our House, as from darkness to light we walk together. Unto Chanel, Forever.

Chanel Symbol

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Household Name: Clarassa

  • Parent householding: Chanel
  • Colors: Crimson, white,blue
  • Virtue: Stubborness
  • Motto: Many tentacles make light work
  • Speciality: Rescue work
  • Founding: Householding Clarassa fulfills in the early Tecton some of the same functions the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies did in the days of the ancients. The name Clarassa is a corruption of Clara, the legendary head of the ancient Red Cross.  The symbol is drawn from the same source. Clarassa is unique in that it is believed to be the first Householding to be successfully run by a renSime.
  • Head of householding: Tuib Marge Robbins, with Karen MacLeod, Second in Clarassa.
  • Symbol: A blue crescent surrounding a red cross with a large star of David in the middle.
  • Membership: Closed
  • Classification: Fan use only with permission

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