The Golden Yoyo Award

The GoldenYo-Yo Awards were presented by the fanzine Ambrov Zeor over the years.


Aharon Cagle for doing over and over and OVER, until he produced the video we showed at Worldcon


Jean Lorrah

Bev Erlebacher for her editing and posting of the Cooperative Fiction section. (Electrum Yo-Yo)


Patric Michael

Laurraine Tuttihasi


Ronnie Bob Whitaker

Karen MacLeod (Platinum yoyo)

Patric Michael (Platinum yoyo)


our loyal hard working Reviewers.


Eric Foss who has been working and working on the Kraith site

Karen Macleod for proofing

Ronnie Bob for scanning Kraith, and the original novels.

Jean and JL for their explaining over and over and over stuff to writing students


Marge Robbins and Patric Michael for "persistence in the face of repeated failures or strange occurrences!"


Captain Button for creation and distribution of the flyers for WorldCon, and for bringing the tee shirts.

Kaas Baichtal for producing the Sime~Gen tee shirts and the Awards Shelf web site.


Somebody won at least one Golden Yo-Yo in 1996; if anybody remembers who this was, and for what, please write.