Fan History

How to sum up the history of Sime~Gen fandom? You would expect that there are pages and pages of information. In a way, there is - in the form of fan fiction, fanzines, fan art, letters to and from fans...

But an actual chronology of Sime~Gen fandom is sorely lacking.

You see, no one thought "I should write this down with the date because in 40 years time they are going to need it for a page on the Internet." How could they? How could they know, over 20 years before the Internet was even thought of, that such a thing could exist? That fans would be looking at these pages from all over the world?

I think it's enough to say it this way...

Many years ago Sime~Gen was written. Fans developed. From the fans, fanzines came to life. These fanzines contained some pretty wonderful fan fiction.

Round Robins were started - snail mail letters sent from fan to author to another fan - growing at each posting.

People met at conventions. They had parties, got to meet each other face to face and created Householdings together.

The Internet was created, and it wasn't long before fans started to communicate via mailing lists.

IRC came along, and the New Year Chats started (that, at least, I can give a date too. The earliest logs come from 1999) was started and went through many different designs.

Fans who were keen on writing kept doing so, and now shared their stories on-line.

The fanzines and fanart were put on-line as well.

This is all very cut and dried - but most of the - all of the - *interesting* stuff is in the links on these pages.

You just have to click them and you will see what I mean.