Risa Tigue Award

The Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Award

"...it doesn't make good economic sense to use a Gen only once." -- Risa Tigue, AMBROV KEON

Sime/Gen fandom operated primarily via snail mail for almost 20 years before going online in the fall of 1996. Many longtime fans, including some of the fanzine editors, were essentially cut off from mainstream fandom by the shift.

This award honors Sime/Gen fans who have given their old computer systems to further the cause of other Sime/Gen fans' gaining email and Web access, and also the recipients of those computers for giving email and the Web a game try and, well, for just being themselves!

The following people have won Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Awards:


Seanara Farris


Karen MacLeod


Lois Wickstrom


Bruce Gray


Kaas Baichtal for lending the twice-recycled 486 laptop to Karen Litman.


Karen Litman for the gift of the much-used IBM P/S-2 system to Donell Meadows

Mike Giroux for the gift of a fine IBM system to Karen Litman

Kaas Baichtal for the gift of a 486 laptop and printer to Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer


Karen Litman, for lending the use of her old Tandy 1000-EX to Jay Schiff

Naomi Gail Lichtenberg for the gift of a Kaypro computer to Beth Phillips

Katie Filipowicz-Steinhoff and Jacqueline Lichtenberg, who conspired to give Katie's old IBM P/S-2 system to Karen Litman