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Grippy and Cormo's Idea Plays- 9.8 K


The Plays


About the Plays


Grippy’s Idea Plays are available for royalty-free performance, if you are charging no admission fee. These plays are copyrighted by Gripper Products. If you perform any of them, please send email to:

We look forward to hearing from you.


Order of the Virgin Mothers

Order of the Virgin Mothers is a dark comedy about abortion and faith. Told with no villains, this play explores the story of women who set out the save all the aborted fetuses by growing them to terms in their own bodies.  This play was recently performed at Trustus Theater in South Carolina.


If you would like to download an ASCII formatted zipped copy of the script, click (25K zip file)


Peace at the Dinner Table

At the beginning of the women’s movement in the early 70’s, someone asked, “How can we ever have world peace if we can’t have peace at the dinner table?” In this family, each generation of women tries to make life better for her daughter, and each daughter thinks her mother did it all wrong.  The question continues.

Grippy and Cormo and the Bathtub

Grippy and Cormo and the Bathtub is an audience participation science drama featuring Grandma Grippy, the opossum, Cormo, the question mark, and Riddles, the magician who gives away all his secrets because science is for sharing.
If you would like to download a zipped Word Perfect 5.1 formatted copy of this script, click (9K zip file)
If you would like to download an ASCII formatted zipped copy of the script, click (7.5K zip file)


The Women's Scrolls

Now available in two versions.  

The combined version in 3 acts:

 Rebecca, Jezebel and Miriam are in God's mansion on the Day of Forgiveness.  Their task is to forgive their lives, particularly the famous men in their lives, by sundown.


The monologue version:

Around the end of the 20th century a pair of female archeology students in Israel went camping at the Dead Sea. While exploring the caves they came across some scrolls, so well preserved that at first the young women thought the writings were of modern origin. In keeping with this expectations, the students made their translations in modern vernacular. But the contents, and subsequent carbon dating of the materials, show them to be truly ancient. Whether these manuscripts are what they purport to be is anybody's guess, but their contents shed new light on how women participated in Old Testament times, and how they thought and felt about the great adventure with God.

Three scrolls exist:
Rebecca’s Story
Jezebel’s Story
Miriam’s Story

These three monologues are designed as a Biblical Triptych in storyteller mode.   All three characters are on stage at the same time reacting to and participating in each other’s stories.  We envision Jezebel as a sexy fiftyish woman, while Rebecca and Miriam are about 100 years old. As with all other Grippy and Cormo Idea Plays, permission is granted to perform these at no charge if you are not charging admission. If you will be charging admission, please contact us for other arrangements.

Medea in Athens

Medea didn’t kill her children. That’s all a propaganda campaign by Creon, the man who really killed them. Medea never killed anyone under eighteen! Click Medea in Athens. if you would like to see the script.
If you would like to download an ASCII formatted zipped copy of the script, click (20K zip file)
If you would like some of the mythological background to this story, click myth. Or you can download (3.9k zip file)



Mugged is a play about Philadelphia’s so-called justice system.