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The Women's Scrolls

in two versions

The Interactive 2-hour version

Rebecca, Jezebel, and Miriam are in God's mansion, sitting around on luxurious ottomans, fanning themselves with peacock feathers, and re-enacting their lives with the costumes from God's dress-up chest.  Today is the Day of Forgiveness and their task is to forgive their lives by sundown.


the hour-and-a-half monologue version

Around the end of the 20th century a pair of female archeology students in Israel went camping at the Dead Sea. While exploring the caves they came across some scrolls, so well preserved that at first the young women thought the writings were of modern origin. In keeping with this expectations, the students made their translations in modern vernacular. But the contents, and subsequent carbon dating of the materials, show them to be truly ancient. Whether these manuscripts are what they purport to be is anybody's guess, but their contents shed new light on how women participated in Old Testament times, and how they thought and felt about the great adventure with God.

Three scrolls exist:
Rebeccaís Story
Jezebelís Story
Miriamís Story

These three monologues are designed as a Biblical Triptych in storyteller mode.   All three characters are on stage at the same time reacting to and participating in each otherís stories.  We envision Jezebel as a sexy fiftyish woman, while Rebecca and Miriam are about 100 years old. As with all other Grippy and Cormo Idea Plays, permission is granted to perform these at no charge if you are not charging admission. If you will be charging admission, please contact us for other arrangements.