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NEWS: 2009: Romantic Times Award Winning Dushau Trilogy, Dushau, Farfetch & Outreach by Jacqueline Lichtenberg now available on Amazon Kindle.  Read Free Chapters.  The Dushau blog is ready for comments. 

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Unsold Novel partials 

Sime~Gen fiction and other  non-fiction .  

 Short Stories and Reprinted Titles

Dorian St. James Saga

Chapters & Outlines of Novels
  • Feral Vampire - a companion novel to Those of My Blood and Dreamspy from St. Martin's Press.  (see Jacqueline Lichtenberg's bibliography)
  • Vampire Bound
    A novel Partial including 2 short story reprints
    "Vampire's Fast" and "True Death" with leading into a novel outline that will likely never be written quite like this.  





Numerous essays in the WorldCrafter's Guild -- Writer's Workshop.

Sime~Gen Universe works:

  • Operation High Time (Jacqueline Lichtenberg's first sale)
  • Sime Surgeon -- an early draft of the second Sime~Gen novel published, Unto Zeor, Forever, winner of the Galaxy Award.
  • Numerous other Sime~Gen items, several novel collaborations, available in Rimon's Library .  click authors.  

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