Zelerod's Doom 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg 
Jean Lorrah

From Meisha Merlin™ Publishing Inc. 
Sime~Gen™: The Unity Trilogy

And separately from Borgo Press & in E-book

Chapter One 

Map that was published in the DAW edition of Zelerod's Doom

Klyd Farris ambrov Zeor and Hugh ambrov Rior arrive at the House of Keon, run by Risa Tigue ambrov Keon  and Sergi ambrov Keon in the midst of a trade fair where Simes and Gens mix too freely for Klyd's peace of mind.  Hardly have they met the Keon leadership than Keon is attached by Freeband Raiders
Klyd told Valleroy, "No kills--not even any murders."
Valleroy breathed a sigh of relief. "You took a terrible risk. but I'm glad you won, Sectuib Keon."
Risa said, "Not so much of a risk. You see, when Gens trust Simes and cooperate, there don't have to be any deaths. We'll put the Raiders in the Pen for the time being--"
"I'm impressed," admitted Klyd.
Chapter Two  But the Freebanders are being chased by the Gen Army and Risa's declared victory too soon.  
This time, the defense configuration was reversed--Simes out front to meet the charge, Gens behind them. "Has she got channels on her point?" asked Valleroy, scandalized.
"I'm afraid so," replied Klyd.
Valleroy sensed the conflict in his friend. It was hard for a man like Klyd to avoid physical danger, allowing others to bear the brunt of attack. But only the Householding that protected its channels and Companions survived. Valleroy knew from personal experience that Klyd was no coward.
Chapter Three In the aftermath of the battle, Klyd and Hugh are separated - and Keon learns a lot about Farrises - not enough though.  Risa says: 
"... Whatever else he may be, Klyd's no fool. He wouldn't have concluded a tricky deal while in such condition. Therefore he didn't feel he was giving anything up to get what he wanted." She zlinned his nager, too tired to shift her gaze.
Sergi hitched one knee over the arm of her chair and put an arm around her protectively.
She answered his unspoken question. "No, I won't have to try to manipulate him much longer--as soon as he sees our interests are in accord."


The Outline that sold this novel to DAW books for its first paperback printing.   ... Nivet Territory is much larger now than it was in the days of Rimon Farris (FIRST CHANNEL). Over the centuries it has expanded (we saw the first such step in CHANNEL'S DESTINY) across Gen Territories, to join with other Sime Territories into one huge unit. The most recent such expansion closed the Gen corridor down the middle of the continent, now the only such Gen-held corridor east of the far western mountains (on whose slopes FIRST CHANNEL took place) lies a few miles on either side of the Mizipi river. Thus the raiders who were caught on the east side of the river found it easier to try to duck into Gulf Territory for safety than to ride for home. ... 


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