House of Zeor, 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
a Sime~Gen Novel 
From Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc. 
Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy
Published by Meisha Merlin
And Borgo Press paper and e-book

Chapter One  Hugh Valleroy meets Klyd Farris ambrov Zeor for the first time and sets out to rescue the woman he loves, Aisha Rauf.  
Chapter Two Valleroy discovers what a Householding is and attends a Changeover party.  Klyd discovers Valleroy is an artist.    
Chapter Three Zeor's spies search for the missing woman while Valleroy creates a new fabric design for the Arensti Competition and frets.  Klyd arranges for Valleroy to travel with him as his Companion, and they set out to rescue Aisha Rauf.  

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