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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter

July 2001


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·      Introducing Anita York


·      Short Story Contest

·      Novel Writing Competition

·      New Reviews

·      New Author Spotlights

·      New Story in COMPANION IN ZEOR

·      Mystery Story Contest

·      Work in Progress Grants

·      National Fantasy Fan Federation




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*****  Feature Articles *****

** Introducing Anita York

Hello to everyone.  It's time for me to introduce myself.  I'm the new Gatemaster for both the Fantasy and Science Fiction Author Spotlights pages.


I've actually been a member of Sime~Gen for a year or so but wasn't sure where I could help out until now.


I wear many different "hats" (don't we all), the most important being that of wife, mother to four homeschoolers, and romance writer wannabe.  In addition to the above, I read manuscripts for one publisher, and edit for another.  I am also the promotions manager for the NovelAdvice site.


My first Fantasy spotlight is posted, an interview with Megan Sybil Baker, author of WINTERTIDE.  Take a look and see what you think.


I'm really looking forward to getting to know more of you who work on this wonderful resource site for writers.  I'm going to have so much fun interviewing authors of my two favorite genres, SF and Fantasy.



*****  News  *****

** Short Story Contest, brought to our attention by Karen MacLeod


1st Annual Novel Romance Short Story Contest Sponsored by NovelBooks, Inc.  Entries Close October 1, 2001


Short Stories of romance, any genre or sub-genre.  Entries accepted starting July 1, 2001.  Must have something Novel (i.e., unusual) about them -- unusual H/H or setting, or plot twist, etc.  Up to 4,000 words.


$20.00 Entry Fee [payable to: NovelBooks, Inc.]  Entries close on NBI's launch day -- October 1, 2001.  All entries will receive a critique by a member of NBI's Editorial Staff.  Top 13 entries will be published in a Romance Anthology -- both Electronic and Trade Paperback formats.  Release date February 1, 2002


First Place Winner -- $100

Title of Anthology named after the winning Short Story, example:  Hayley's Guy and Other Stories.  Royalty of 15% for all Anthologies sold.


Second Place Winner -- $50.  Published in the Romance Anthology.  Royalty of 13% for all Anthologies sold.


Third Place Winner -- $25

Published in the Romance Anthology.  Royalty of 8% for all Anthologies sold.


10 Honorable Mention

Published in the Romance Anthology.  Certificate of Merit.  5% of all profits will go to charity (to be decided)


In Rich Text Format (rtf), 12pt, Times New Roman, single-spaced.  If you use a MAC, be sure to convert your file to a PC compatible rtf file.  Send your story as one attachment via email to  Make sure that your submission (and not just your email cover letter) includes your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and genre (Contemporary/Romance; Fantasy/Romance; Historical/Romance, etc.)  Send your Entry Form and Fee to:  Novel Romance Contest, NovelBooks, Inc., P.O. Box 661, Douglas, MA 01516.  Your story will not be sent to a judge until the Entry Form and Fee have been received.  It will be held, awaiting the Entry Form.


** Novel Writing Competition

Karen also brings to our attention the following:

Gardenia Press

P. O. Box 18612

Milwaukee, WI 53218-0612



1. FirstNovel Writing Competition 2001 is open to fiction manuscripts between 45,000 and 175,000 words.  Entries which do not meet our liberal word guidelines will be disqualified.  Insure the word count is indicated on your cover letter.


2. The entrance fee is $40 per manuscript.  There is no limit on the number of submissions.  Confirmation of receipt of each manuscript will be provided via email.  (If you have no email access, you may include a stamped postcard for receipt confirmation only.  The manuscripts cannot be returned).



(1) GRAND PRIZE:  Guaranteed publication by Gardenia Press.

(1) FIRST PLACE PRIZE:   Latest model Compaq PC

(2) SECOND PLACE PRIZES: $200 gift certificate from a national-chain office supply store.

(3) THIRD PLACE PRIZES: Comprehensive, full-service manuscript critique on a manuscript of the author's choice ($175 value).  This critique submission must reach Gardenia Press within one year of award presentation.


Gardenia Press reserves the right to publish Grand Prize winning entry as per the Gardenia Press standard contractual agreement.


3. All entries must be original and written by authors who have never had this entry or any other work published for fee or royalty (not to exceed $500) within the last five years, and entry manuscripts must not be submitted to any other publisher until after the winners are announced on October 27, 2001.


4. Entries may be submitted to FirstNovel Writing Competition 2001 beginning February 1, 2001.  All entries must be postmarked no later than midnight, August 17, 2001.


** New Reviews

Charlotte Boyett-Compo's WINDHEALER


** New Author Spotlights

Denise Agnew


P. N. Elrod



Katherine Rylien's contribution to COMPANION IN ZEOR is a story titled "Vocation:  Heat, Wind, Ice & Rain” "Vocation:  Heat, Wind, Ice & Rain” .  It is the first part of what we hope to be a continuing series.


** Mystery Story Contest (another from Karen)

The 2001 Orchard Press Short Mystery Story Contest.  This is your chance to get published and win prizes.  Send us a great story.  Only one entry per person.  The contest is open to all writers, but your story must be original and unpublished.  Contest void where prohibited by law.


AWARDS:  1st Prize - $250 plus publication of your story on our Web site.

2nd Prize - $100 plus publication on our Web site.

Honorable Mentions - $25 plus publication on our Web site.  Honorable Mentions to be awarded at our discretion.


Guidelines:  Fiction only -- Crime, mystery, suspense, and detective stories, including capers.  Setting may be anywhere; try something different.  We take a dim view of excessive violence, gore, or obscenity, and do not want pornography or horror stories.  Length:  2,000 to 5,000 words, in the English language.  Number of Entries:  One entry only, so send us your best story.


Format:  Stories must be typed single spaced, left justification, with no headers or footers or page numbers.  Type the name of the story at the top of the first page (without your name) and type "THE END" at the conclusion of your story and follow it with a cover page listing your name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, title, and approximate word count; you may also include a short bio if you wish, not to exceed 50 words.  If using a pen name please state both actual and pen names.  Stories should be typed in either MS Word or Word Perfect -- Windows Only (No DOS).  You are responsible for maintaining backup copies of your story.


All stories must be submitted by e-mail.  Do not include your story in the body of an e-mail; it must be sent as an e-mail attachment.  For the "Subject" of your e-mail, type "2001 CONTEST" followed by the title of your story.  Check your stories for spelling and grammar.


E-mail submissions will not be read until we receive a completed and signed Application Form, sent by fax no later than July 31.  You may print a copy of the Application Form from the Web site.  The Application Form contains rights granted, copyright, and authorship credit and other matters applicable to winning writers.  There is no reading fee for this year's 2001 Short Mystery Story Contest.


** Work in Progress Grants

Society of Children's Book Writers


$1000 work in progress grants with $500 runner up grants for contemporary novel for young people.  Previous publication not a requirement.  Awards to unpublished author, general work in progress, and a nonfiction research project.



Ellen Datlow, Fiction Editor

48 Eighth Avenue, PMB 405

New York, NY 10014.


SCIFICTION is looking for literate, strongly plotted  science fiction and fantasy stories between 2,000 and 17,500 words--on a variety of subjects and themes.  We want to intrigue our readers with mind-broadening, thought-provoking stories.  Characterization is crucial.  Stories must be written in clear, understandable prose.  Payment is 20 cents a word up to $3,500. Originals only; no reprints.


It is impossible for us to judge a story's quality without seeing the complete manuscript.  If you have a story you think fits our requirements, submit it for consideration.  But please do not send more than one story at a time; wait for a response on one before submitting another.


Note:  we do not publish sword-and-sorcery or space opera.  And we do not accept unsolicited poetry or simultaneous submissions.  We will consider a self-contained story that is part of a novel, or may later be developed into one.


** National Fantasy Fan Federation is now home to the N3F, a worldwide club that has operated by mail and now adds the Internet to its capabilities.  The N3F is ideal for introducing new fans to the world of fandom.  Through its fanzine and other activities, it is easy for a fan to meet others of like mind. 



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