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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter

June 2001


EBOOK revolution is here!  With a handheld reader or a PDA, reading has never been THIS fun!  Our inventory of fine ebooks expands each month.  Take a trip over to see our books -- We publish romance, sci-fi, paranormals, mainstream, Inspirationals, the ByteMe teen line, and a little bit of non-fiction.  You can count on Awe-Struck to deliver high quality electronic formats and great stories you can 'connect' to...<awe-struck>


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·      E-zine

·      Writing Contest



·      New Volunteer

·      New Spotlights Section

·      New Job Openings

·      New Children's Book Market




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*****  Feature Articles *****

** E-zine

Jean Lorrah sends this with a caveat.

She suggests you read the contract carefully


To Whom It May Concern,


I thought your membership might be interested to know about this.  I am producing a new look in Ezine publishing.  My horror/scifi/fantasy/adventure Ezine, the Wildclown Chronicle, prepared for launch June 1st needs writers for the next issue.  It's worth a look!  Authors are paid with exposure and lead-in net animations designed specifically for their short-stories.  Ground-breaking Ezine design will entice involvement.  Full back ground and submission guidelines can be found at wildclown, or email me questions to me at



G. Wells Taylor

Editor & Designer

The Wildclown Chronicle


** Writing Contest

Jean Lorrah also send the following.  This contest has an entry fee, but the prize money is high.  If they only take the number they claim, it's not a rip-off.


Writers of Westerns, Young Adult novels, and religious fiction are invited to enter a competition celebrating all three categories.  Prizes totaling $24,000 are offered, $8,000 in each category.  Deadline for the 250-word submissions, August 1, 2001.  Entries are limited to 500 in each section, so contestants are advised to enter early before contests are filled.  Rules, entry fees, and topics are available at Writing Contest.  Or, send a legal-size SASE to:  Showcase Rules, 652 Treece Gulch, Stevensville, MT 59870.  This contest is sponsored by A Rocky Mountain Fiction Showcase, a project of C o l l a b o r a t i o n s Press, Stevensville, Montana.


Contest entry blanks may be downloaded at the contest website, Writing Contest.  Or I can send you copies by snail mail.


The autumn Showcase will feature expanded categories and will be announced later this summer.


Fair winds,


Jim Cotton, Publisher




The June art and stories at SimeCenter are as described below:

"Short Quarter" by Jean Lorrah offers one crew's solution to poor sales, cancelled orders, and new responsibilities.  This story is a sequel to "Change of Command," which appeared in this same program in the summer of 2000.


"Second Coming" by Megan Powell.  An unusual visitor causes a moral dilemma for a young man and his parish priest.



Celia Ann Leaman's "Forest" depicts a fairy tale place of enchantment.


Michael Cox's "Cavern" holds deep mysteries.


Tracy Palmer's "North Star" is a sweet arctic scene featuring an otter.


Enjoy, donate, tell your email buddies about this site.



*****  News  *****

** New Volunteers

Soon we will have a new head for the school, Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley.

Gerry Tancreda has volunteered to take over managing the Student Showcase section, and Jacqueline has started a project with her in the Open Circle.


** New Spotlights Section

Carol Castellanos, Vampire Book Reviews Columnist announces “A Time To Shine,” the new expanded author spotlights section.  It has been expanded to fit all genres.  We will be posting quite a few spotlights within the coming days -- many that have had to wait months due to the new expansion.  Please check with us often to see our new sections and pages.  If you are an author and would like a spotlight please contact Carol at  Please look at spotlights.


We will be hosting our author chats again in the upcoming months.  We have many new areas opening and many new things to come so please check with us often for an author in your favorite genre.  In addition we have quite a few newsletters you can subscribe to in order to be kept up on all the new happenings at Sime~Gen.


A new author spotlight of Sherry Gottlieb Vampire Author has been posted at Sherry Gottlieb.


** New Job Openings

We have some entry-level openings at Sime~Gen Inc. with much room for rapid advancement.


We need people with html skills at what we term "web worker" level.  That is, you make web pages without really knowing any HTML.  You just need to know how to use your word processor, notepad and cut-n-paste, and some keyboarding.  The other software you need is listed in the Webworker's Handbook.  (an html editing program and an FTP program -- both free, links provided).


To see what is involved, go to Web Worker's Handbook


We need these skills in two departments --


Reviews needs people to proof read and post reviews.  Our reputation has spread so far so fast that we are producing reviews far faster than we can post them.  This position could lead to a full gate master position with wider responsibilities which would gain you name-recognition in the professional writing community.


spotlights/, a new section launching soon needs 2 sub-gate masters to work under Carol Castellanos conducting author-interviews and posting (web work) the resulting material as a spotlight page featuring that author.  The two spotlights areas that are open are Horror and Mainstream Young Adult.  Go to the top spotlights page and click the logo for Horror or Mainstream.


The Reviews department position is a behind-the-scenes position with no contact with authors, publishers or editors required.  It is perfect for a beginner who doesn't feel ready to present themselves yet.  If you feel you would like such a position but do not want to work in the reviews department, contact us anyway -- we have need of basic web working skills in every department here.  (there's an opening in the Keybooks Bookstore for shelf-stocking clerks -- Keybooks Bookstore)


The Spotlights position is for someone who wants to network like crazy, and get name-recognition for themselves in the professional arena.  It is a very public position.


All of the openings require you to sign the Gatemaster's Agreement which will gain you access to FTP passwords for your working area.  You will become a Staff member and be authorized to join our internal mailing list for staff only.  Here is the link to our Gatemaster's Agreement.


To apply, email with what position you would prefer and a description of your current skills and interests.  If you are a Registered Student, include the email address you Registered under and your Guild byline.  If not, give us a brief biography of yourself and what you would hope to learn or teach here.


** New Children's Book Market

The World Almanac has announced the launch of a line of educational books for children, The World Almanac Library, starting with 18 titles this fall, building to 50 new titles next year, 75 the next year, and so on.  The first group includes three distinct lines:  Trailblazers of the Modern World (important people from the 20th century); 21st Century Science; and Great Explorers.  Other program will include individual books about every single state, a Library of the Civil War, and Great Moments in Sports.


World Almanac release

World Almanac




*****  Sites to Remember  *****

Author spotlights: Vampires



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Romance articles: Romance Articles


Reviews: Reviews


Shopping: keybooks



Sound files of Jacqueline Lichtenberg pronouncing Sime~Gen vocabulary words can be found at pronunciation.


To sign up for classes, go to Classes.


To volunteer, go to helpwanted for the latest openings.




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