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May 2001

EBOOK revolution is here! With a handheld reader or a PDA, reading has never been THIS fun! Our inventory of fine ebooks expands each month. Take a trip over to see our books -- We publish romance, sci-fi, paranormals, mainstream, Inspirationals, the ByteMe teen line, and a little bit of non-fiction. You can count on Awe-Struck to deliver high quality electronic formats and great stories you can 'connect' to...<>

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***** Feature Articles *****

** Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed **

SimeCenter is pleased to announce three new stories and three new artworks to support our recipients during May 2001.

"Event at Holiday Rock" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is the tale of a musician working with both new technology and alien designs.

"Spoils of Victory" by Jayge Carr recounts the adventures of a Moonhorse and its riders.

"Winter Stalk" by Ardath Mayhar chills the bone with murder and revenge on a winter night.

"Widecombe" by Celia Ann Leaman is her artistic impression of an old village.

"Dolphin Playground" by Michael Cox -- dolphins playing in a clean clear lake.

"View from a Cliff" by Tracey Palmer is a photo she took near her home in New Mexico.

Please stop by to visit. As always, you can see these works before you decide which ones you want to download to your hard drive.

** Warning **

Author's Guild Criticizes E-Book Contracts

The Author's Guild has issued a strong warning to its 8,000 members cautioning them against the contract being offered by iPublish, the digital publishing arm of TimeWarner Books. The Guild believes the publisher demands too broad a list of rights, far exceeding what is necessary.

Read the article: Wired News.

Further reading on CNET The tangled legal Web of e-publishing.

Jean Lorrah says be sure to read the rest of the article "below the fold" and on the next page -- that's where the really scary details are.



***** News *****

** Chat Transcript **

For those of you who missed the chat with Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah about NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE, it is posted at NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE.

** Book by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer **

Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer’s book WALLS OF ANCIENT STONE is online at The price is $4.50, which is about average for ebooks. It can be read on a regular computer, or a dedicated ebook reader.

** Record Week **

The last week in April, had 115785 hits, our highest number ever, topping our highest previous number by a whopping 15%!

** New School Staff Member **

Meet Gerry (Geraldine M. Tancreda), who will be taking over administration of (the WorldCrafters Guild Student Showcase).

** Award **

The Sime~Gen favourite web site award went to the "Mozart's Wife" site - the web site for a novel by Juliet Waldron.



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