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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter

March 2001

EBOOK revolution is here! With a handheld reader or a PDA, reading has never been THIS fun! Our inventory of fine ebooks expands each month. Take a trip over to see our books -- We publish romance, sci-fi, paranormals, mainstream, Inspirationals, the ByteMe teen line, and a little bit of non-fiction. You can count on Awe-Struck to deliver high quality electronic formats and great stories you can 'connect' to...Awe-Struck

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***** Feature Articles *****

** Early Mary Lou Mendum stories featured in CZ#9

Scroll down to CZ #9 for the direct links to the stories.



Article "Dinner with Jacqueline Lichtenberg" in CZ 6, focuses on the way that cover art for novels is chosen using memos from an editor to trace the process.

** A Non-Market

There's a new webzine that's been spamming and trolling for authors:

1000 Delights.

Before you submit to this market, please read their contract very carefully. It has several problems.

They charge their lawyer's time to you if you attempt to negotiate the contract. This skates on the border of unethical.

They charge you, the author, $75 to replace a payment check that's somehow "lost in the mail."

They don't have a reversion clause. They don't have a required publication clause.

They attempt to disclaim the authorship of their own contract.

The indemnity clause prevents you from suing them for any reason, and provides you no protection against anyone who sues you.

The payment, at $0.03/word, is the very bottom end of professional.

Please take warning.

** Introducing Gina

I'm Gina and I just volunteered to take over the Contests section at Sime~Gen. Currently I am working on an outline for contests, sponsors and prizes. I hope to have the first contest up and running by May or June. I'm thinking of monthly, quarterly and yearly contests.

I'm thirty-nine years old and live in Connecticut. I'm married with three children, ranging in age from eighteen to seven. I have two cats and two dogs. The cats are just regular old house cats (Ashley and Simba). The dogs are a Spaniel Mix named Scruffy and an itty bitty, teeny-weeny, cutie patooty Rat Terrier puppy named Venus. (Can you tell which is my favorite pet?). I'm an aspiring romance novelist and also love reading romance novels. As a matter of fact, I will also be reviewing novels on Sime~Gen. Some of my hobbies include travelling to New York City to see Broadway shows (or just seeing them locally), crafts, building web pages and making graphics, surfing the web, reading and writing (obviously), and Native American (North East Woodland in particular) history.




***** News *****

* Vampire novel sale

Margaret Carter reports that Dark Star Publications (which is going to publish her vampire novel SEALED IN BLOOD later this year) has just accepted CRIMSON DREAMS, another vampire romance, for 2002 release.

* Monique Mucia Vampire Author Spotlight

Carol Castellanos announces that Monique Mucia's author spotlight is up. She is in the vampire section and the first-time-published section of the romance site.

More spotlights and authors for chats will be added soon.

* Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed

February and March Recipients: Karen McLeod and Tracey Palmer.

March donations:

"Assassins!" by Joyce and Jim Lavene. A woman has spent her entire adult life training and hunting to kill the man who killed her father. Tonight's the night!

Part 3 of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's "Hero" In which Indiw accepts the undesired reward and tries to decide what to do with the rest of his life. The Hyos are back in greater strength.

Parts 1 and 2 are still available.

The art donations are:

"Bubble in Time" by Celia Ann Leaman. It's one of her Arthurian pieces.

"Eagle 2" by Michael Cox. An eagle, a lake, a mountain.

"Cracked Wagon" by Tracey Palmer. A photo designed to evoke a mood.

February offerings:

Celia Ann Leaman's "West Coast Peach." She has written Mary's Child, available from Awe-Struck.  Her web site is: Download her art for $2.00, paid to Karen MacLeod.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg's story, "Hero" is the first of four instalments of the novel ONE PEOPLE'S HERO IS ANOTHER PEOPLE'S HORROR. In this instalment, sapient beings from two species do battle together and visit each other's space ships. This is a big file. Please be patient. Download it for $2.00 paid to Karen MacLeod.

Hero Part 2: Further adventures in cultural confusion as different species try to reward each other and avoid unintended insults. We also get a glimpse of Ardr mating protocols. Yes, it's another big file. Download it for $2.00 paid to Karen MacLeod.

Jayge Carr's stories have been popular in ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION, and her novels have been chosen by the Science Fiction Book Club. In "The Price of Lightning" she explores a fantasy world in which almost everything can be bought or sold, except good government and true love. Download the story for $2.00 paid to Tracey Palmer Laird.

Michael Cox has a web site showing off his many styles and interests. Visit: Download "Bathed in Silence" for your desktop for a $2 donation paid to Tracey Palmer Laird.

Tracey Palmer Laird's "Sweetly Sublime" is an artwork of turtles swimming happily. Download it for $2.00 paid to Tracey Palmer Laird.

Thank you for supporting Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed, and helping these recipients through a time of temporary need.

Don't forget to download your gift: "Rooster under the Table": PDF version or HTML version

If you have any questions, would like to recommend a recipient, or donate art or stories, please contact

* Contemporary Romance Author Spotlight

Contemporary Romance author Shirley Hailstock is the latest author to be spotlighted.

* All Time High

Jacqueline reports that we topped the 100,000 page hit level for the first time during the week of 26 February. This milestone calls for a celebration!

* Writer's Workshop

New Posting in the Writer's Workshop: "How to write a newspaper story to advance the plot of your novel" by our professional journalist, Anne Phyllis Pinzow. Go to Writer's Workshop. Just click on CHOOSE A TEACHER on your left, to find indexes, and then choose Anne's name to find all her articles. The item you want is "Rules of Good Reporting" -- and it's about how a reporter goes about gathering the news.

* WorldCrafters Guild

New article in WorldCrafters Guild School of Philosophy — "Religion in Speculative Fiction" by Elizabeth Barrette.

* New Reviews

New reviews on "Realm of the Vampires" ( -- SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE SEEKS SAME, an anthology; and IN SEARCH OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, by Raymond McNally and Radu Florescu.




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