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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter

January 2001

Cold-curl up-and-read-a-book-nights are coming. Fireplace, hot tea, coverlet, Rocketreader or Palm or the new eBookman -- and good Science Fiction or Romance ... nothin' better. Have you bought an ebook yet? We have over fifty titles to check out and release four titles each month. Regencies, Inspirational romance, teen reading, paranormal...something for everyone at Awe-Struck! <>

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Todd Cowing, Owner/Editor

4019 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR 97214

Tel: 503/233-1144

Fax: 503/232-2702

E-mail (subs & info):



My wife and I believe that our stories represent the heart of what it means to be human. It is through sharing stories that we come to know our neighbors and come to know ourselves. Our cultures, our religions, our passions, our tragedies, and our beauty are all wrapped up in our stories. Of course, not all stories are so highbrow; some of the best I have ever heard made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. If you would like to submit art, a story, a letter, an article, or really anything you think might be suitable for publication with our coffee service, you've come to the right place. Hopefully, this page will give you a pretty good idea of what we're looking for. We have an immediate need for opinion pieces, political essays, religious pieces (any religion), and various non-fiction pieces. If you are interested in a quick publishing of your material, please submit something in these areas.

The Kind of Material We Want:

Stories of all kinds: We especially like stories with humor, truth, or beauty. We would like to run a mystery series in the near future if we get any good submissions. We prefer to run our stories over several weeks of delivery (coffee is delivered once a week). This means that you should plan for chapter or section breaks at around 1,000 words.

Poetry: Anything goes here.

Debate: If you have a response to a past story or a new issue to debate, we want to hear it. It really doesn't matter what the topic is as long as it is interesting and challenging. We look forward to reading essays on issues you feel passionate about. All essays must be a minimum of 1,000 words. If they are longer, they must have logical breaks at around every 1,000 words.

Academic pieces: Do you have an old paper from college advocating an existential philosophy or describing the mating habits of wolf spiders? Are you currently working on research that you can write about for the general population? We want to read it. Please keep in mind that our audience is the general public, and papers may have to be edited to remove jargon or references to which they might not be familiar.

Graphic art: We can print in full color, but we have a size restriction. See below for the various label sizes. Currently we are also collecting good answers to the question below. You must answer it in only ONE sentence. Try to keep the semicolons under control, please! (We don't pay for this one, though.)

What is the most important thing you have ever done or seen? Surprise us: Anything else creative that you can fit on our labels.

Money Matters and The Basic Deal: The basic idea is you get $25 for about 1,000 words. For poetry and graphic art, it's a little more flexible. We usually have to negotiate a price after seeing the piece. We try to figure out about how much space they'll fill - in comparison to a 1,000-word story or essay. Frequently poetry has special formatting needs or is very short so we have to play with the actual pieces a little to see how they'll fit on our labels and pay accordingly. For most submissions, we will pay you within 30 days of our receipt of a signed contract. Some submissions, however, we will accept but only pay upon actual publication on a label. This applies when we like your piece but at the moment have no appropriate opening on our labels to publish it in. This is always detailed in the contract. We will send you one can of coffee as well as three copies of any label with your work on it, upon publication. We reserve the right to make editorial suggestions and changes to your submissions, but we won't publish until we come to an agreement on any changes. We reserve the right to reprint anything of yours we used on future labels or Story House publications. However, we don't want absolute rights to your work. You retain the copyright and the right to re-publish your work in any other forum you so choose. Please feel free to read our standard License Agreement.

How Should I Submit My Work: It's best if you just attach your submission to an e-mail message. Please put the word submission in the subject line of your e-mail message. If you need to snail-mail it, our address is at the bottom of this page. Listed below, in order of preference, are the file types that you can submit your work in:

Windows MS-Word 95, 97, or 2000: This is our favorite because we use Office 2000. Word 2000 also has a great feature that tracks all our editorial changes and lets you easily see what suggestions we have made.

Corel WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows or greater

HTML files

MS-Word for Mac 5.0/5.1

Text files/e-mail messages

If you are submitting graphic art, we prefer these file types in order of preference:

JPEG: Unless you feel like your art can't stand to lose some resolution, use this file type. Please scan it in at no greater than 300 DPI for our initial inspection. If we like it, we will have you re-scan it at a higher resolution. Otherwise, the files sizes get too big and frequently can't be sent through e-mail.

TIFF Uncompressed: Use this file type if you feel your art will suffer unduly if subjected to any compression scheme. If the file size is greater than 5MB, let us know and we will give you a password to our FTP server so you can upload it.

Our Comments & Feedback: All authors must agree to submit to an editorial process. Usually, the process goes something like this: You submit something to us. We look it over and if we want to use it, we will tell you so and send along editorial changes we want to make, if any. You consider our suggestions and, if you agree, you make the changes. If you don't agree, then tell us why. We agree to consider your arguments and respond in kind. This continues back and forth until we are both satisfied. Nothing will be published until we have reached consensus.

We will make every attempt to respond to you about your submission in a timely manner. We always tell you what we like about your work. If we do not accept your work, we will typically say just that and provide a few short reasons. If you would like specifics on why we reject a certain piece or editorial suggestions, please say so explicitly along with your submission letter; we are happy to provide them. We also encourage you to respond if you think we have misunderstood your work. Tell us why. You are welcome to tell us if you think we are full of crap. :)

That's it. If that deal seems fair to you then send us your submission; of course, we are always open to negotiate if you think you have something better to offer. Any written work can be e-mailed to in the e-mail itself or as an attachment. Otherwise, you can snail-mail to the address at the bottom of this page. Unless you send us a return envelope and postage, we can't return any physically submitted works. Be sure to include your real name, your address, and a phone number where we can reach you with any submission. We cannot consider any work without these pieces of information.



Timothy A. Cooper, Editor

E-mail (No subs, info only ::OR:: subs & info):


SPECULON Guidelines

SPECULON SF is an online magazine of science fiction and fantasy. SPECULON publishes science fiction, fantasy, and cross-genre short stories. I don't want horror or exceptionally dark fantasy. I am particularly susceptible to stories of cyberpunk, industrial fantasy, golden-age style "gadget" stories, and oddball premises of all sorts. Still, any well-written genre story has a very good chance. Beginning with issue 3, SPECULON is paying 5 (five) cents per word for stories up to 3000 words, and $150 flat rate for stories between 3000 and 5000 words, paid on acceptance. Stories including gratuitous or excessive violence, gore of any amount, graphic depictions of sex or violence, or hateful or defamatory content will be rejected immediately, due to the conditions of my web host, Non-fiction articles are generally produced in-house. If you have an idea you think particularly interesting to me, feel free to query. I ask for one-year web publication rights with a six-week exclusive. Reprints will be considered only if a) the story has never been printed in a North American magazine, and the story has never been available on the internet, or b) the story has not previously been published in English. Authors of accepted stories may include any reasonable promotional material for publication. All correspondence will be by e-mail. Submissions should be addressed to: Submissions should be included in the body of the email, or attached in a format readable in Microsoft Word 97. All submissions should include the word submission, or sub:, in their subject line. Thank you for supporting SPECULON.


** What’s New

Don’t forget to check the web site for what’s new.

Recent items have included the following:

Part 4 of D. Dabinett's long novel, A NEW BEGINNING posted Dec 24, 2000

Part 3 of D. Dabinett's long novel, A NEW BEGINNING posted.

New December 2000 items posted in WorldCrafters Guild Writing

Workshop -- look for label on Jacqueline Lichtenberg's index page.

New December 2000 items posted in our Editing Circle, Project Circle.




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* Recent Reviews

Vampire reviews posted at The first three of The Shadow Dweller series and quite a few others.

Romance at WINDKEEPER, book one of the Windlegends Saga, and WINDSEEKER, book two of the Windlegends Saga, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo; Patricia Rasey's FAÇADE; SHADOWS IN THE MIST by Maureen McMahon.


* First Chapter Contest

Here is a contest, brought to our attention by Jean Lorrah, for unpublished romance writers:


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Jean Lorrah alerts us to this handy newsletter that lets writers keep up with e-publishing.

EPIC JOURNEY is the official newsletter of Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC), a group of authors published electronically and/or traditionally. The newsletter will feature monthly columns about the industry, news, contests, EPIC member new releases and appearances as well as spotlighting two members each issue. The newsletter will be published bimonthly. For more information, visit EPIC's web site <>.

The first issue will go out, hopefully in both HTML and plain text, on February 1. ALL EPIC MEMBERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SUBSCRIBED TO THE NEWSLETTER, so if you're an EPIC member, you don't need to do anything to subscribe. If you're not a member of EPIC and you'd like to subscribe, information about the group can be found at: <>. To subscribe, send an e-mail to:



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