Sime~Gen Fiction
Listed alphabetically by author

Airey, Jean

    Legend of the Distect Isles         Lady Mairose         Lord of the North    

    Tentacles of Doom    

Alton, Andrea

    Icy Nager         Belling the Cat         Partners    

Cowan, John

    Alarms of Struggle and Flight    

Farris, Zoe

    The Creeping Need    

Dabinett, D.

    A New Beginning         Part II: One step Forward         Part III: Grasp the Nettle    
    Part IV: To Thine Own Self Be True        Part V: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained    
    Part VI: Journey to a Wild Place    

Filipowicz, Katie

    Dream Tower    

Kohinoor, Susann & Smith, Paula

    The Hows of Zero    

Lichtenberg, Jacqueline

    To Strike a Spark, To Light a Fire         Lortuen         Sime Surgeon    
    Operation High Time         House Binding    

    The Channel's Exemption         As Easy as Hop, Skip and Jump    

Lorrah, Jean

    Donation         Committment         First Transfer    
    Summer Afternoon, America 1980    

Mendum, Mary Lou

    The Problem of the Pilfered Pen         The Mystery of the Malachite Mouse    
    The Dilemma of the Doubtful Document   

    A Change of Mind and Heart         A Legacy of Trust         A Shift of Means    
    Test of Courage    

    A Tale of Trinroses    
    A Choice Gen    

Munoz, Cherri

    My Life is My Own    

Nustaedters, Kier

    Pagar el Precio    

Pinzow, Anne

    First Companion    

Robbins, Marge

   Stories about Householding Chanel, daughter house to Zeor.
    Shining Star         Step After Step        Be Not Afraid         Worst Way to Die    

Robbins, Marge & Jacqueline Lichtenberg

    Light of Zeor    

Robbins, Marge & Schaefer, Kerry

    Controller's Dilemma    

Rylien, Katherine


Schaefer, Kerry L. & Lichtenberg, Jacqueline

    The Only Good Sime    

Schaefer, Kerry L.

   Stories about Frevven, the last disjunct Channel
    My Life, My Trust         A Time For Letting Go         To Find a Place    
    The Way to Zeor         Not Into Temptation         And My Children    

Vesperman, Jenn

    The Old Killroom         My Big Sister Has Tentacles    

Winged Wolf

    A Mother's choice

Wolverton, Cheryl

    What must I do?         Dream Chaser         A Companions Heart    

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